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Littlest Pet Shop Collectibles – $2.50 at Walmart!!

2010 7:54 pm

YAY! I’ve just returned from Walmart where I discovered that Littlest Pet Shop Collectibles are on Rollback for only $5.00! Use the BOGO Free Coupon from to get them for JUST $2.50 each!!

After you print your coupon(s), you’ll notice they have series numbers on them. Make sure whatever pets you choose match those series numbers. On the pets that I got the series numbers are located near where it states “Ages 4+”. Only one of the numbers need to match. It’s basically ONLY the pets that look similar to the one I have pictured here, where you get one or two pets plus maybe a couple accessories.

Kambell is reading with Daddy right now, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to show her what I got for her!! She’ll be so excited!! Or, maybe I’ll save one of them for a near-meltdown moment at the grocery store! I try to be prepared at all times. 😉

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  1. What zip code should I use to get this coupon? What page on did it show up on for you?

    • Hi Lisa! Try 43420. Sort by Toys & Games…it’s the only one in that category. In fact, it just reset for me…kinda….I was able to print just one more for some reason.

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