Organize Those Coupons! (vlog)

With the popularity of coupons on the rise, I thought it fitting to start writing more about how to get started. Hopefully this video will give you visual learners a better understanding of how to organize your coupons effectively.  Enjoy!

The number one reason why so many coupons go unused is because many (with good intentions) clip them, only to forget they have them when it comes time to purchase the item. Some people like to clip every coupon and file it right away, some people like to keep their coupon inserts in tact, file them by date and clip them before they go to the store.  If you are the former, what do you do with all of those coupons once they’re clipped? For starters, get yourself a small accordian style coupon organizer (usually only a couple dollars at Walmart). When you find yourself with too many coupons to fit, it’s time to graduate to the coupon binder.

As I stated in my video, you can purchase the baseball card inserts at Walmart (near the checkout) or Amazon. Everything else you need can be found at basically any store that sells office type supplies.

And please leave your comments below if you have anything to add on the subject of coupon organization!

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  1. I have the same binder and organize it with what each isle was ending each page with what is on the end cap selves. coupon policy are at the back of the binder. I use the folding file on the inside of the binder if I am doing more then one order to divide my coupons. the thirty one bags are great because of the side pockets to can put your different coupon orders in them as well plus the fit great in the sit of the buggy and help level up your binder and keep it in place. I really love the large utility tote made by thirty one as well. I have bought the add on side pocket for them. if I am shopping where I do not know the cashier they are great to put the items in coupons in the side pocket. the cashier rings up the stuff in the bag then the coupons for what in in each bag is in the pocket of the bag so if they have a question in stead of trying to look thru all the bags they just look in that bag. this saves time and their bags plus you can get more in one buggy because they fit in the buggy great you can put two or three high and when it is time to unload your buggy you just put the whole bad put on the counter giving you more time making sure every thing rings up right

  2. Thank you so much! I am a new couponer, and I ended up organizing my coupons in a binder with photo album pages. I also organized mine by the Kroger aisles too. I was watching your video to figure out if I should clip every coupon. It does take all week, since I get inserts from many people throughout the week. I buy three papers and then clip them together, but then I get random inserts from people and then I am clipping and organizing the same coupons over and over. It seems like a lot of time. So your suggestion to keep the extra inserts in an accordion folder will be helpful.

  3. Melissa says:

    Found my binder at the goodwill like you suggested and got my inserts at a hobby store for cheap!! 12cents/peice. Call me boring, but i’m all about couponing tonight!! Even if it is a Friday! :)

  4. I use baseball card sleeves and for the bigger coupons I use money currency holders which works really well:)

  5. Here’s a link my friend shared with me if u want to send off those expired coups.

  6. anyone know where to send them if you want to send them to the troops families?

  7. Amy- Keep in mind if you do not use them or they expire you can send them to the troops and they can use them in the px’s on base for up to 6 months after they expire

  8. thanks so much….I have been torn with the whole dont clip every coupon but didnt want to throw away the ones I may need so I like that you use the two methods…..I will be starting an insert method soon !!

  9. My tip: You will have to fold your coupons to fit into the baseball card sleeves. I try to fold mine so as not to wrinkle the bar code.

  10. Thank you Katarina!! I appreciate the visual aid assistance… Well done and look forward to your next video… Thanks!

  11. I actually have “boycotted” the coupon binder…I just can’t bring myself to it. Here’s a blog post on how I organize…

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