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Coupon Tip | Request Bricks Coupons By Mail!

2011 10:08 am


This is a great tip worth repeating!  Some of you have mentioned requesting your coupons by mail when there has been an issue printing so I thought I would share it with everyone!

If you have trouble printing a coupon, you can click on the Help button in the lower right corner and request that the coupon be mailed to you. You can do this twice and receive 2 copies of the coupon. This isn’t available on every single coupon as some manufacturers don’t consent to it.

This is also great if your store refuses to take printable coupons. The coupons that are mailed to you are printed on a bluish paper and have watermarks on the front and back.  This is also great if you have run out of ink (like I seem to do frequently!) and don’t want to miss out!

 (thanks Couponing To Disney!)

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  1. Looks like is for sale, I didn’t see any links other than a form to fill out to buy the domain name. Know anything about this?

  2. thank you for this great awesome tip!! I so appreciate the info. I am passing it on!!!!

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