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Shop the Thirty-One Gifts Outlet Sale (plus a Giveaway)!!

2012 9:00 am

This giveaway is closed.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that I’m a huge fan of Thirty-One gifts! If you’re not familiar with Thirty-One, they make the cutest bags (and more) – one of my favorites being the “organizing utility tote” which is perfect for your coupon binders! The organizing utility tote houses my binder and everything else in a convenient and fashionable way!  Now, I know how Coupon Katarina readers love a sale, so I am excited to invite you to the Thirty-One Outlet Sale that begins TODAY, Wednesday, April 18, 2012 and lasts through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 20. While supplies last, you’ll find outlet discounts on retired products and prints. This is one awesome sale to shop, but it’s only open for a few days at a time -so don’t miss out!!

You want in? You can only order from the outlet sale by invitation by going to (between April 18-20).


A freshly squeezed way to help you grow your own Thirty-One business for FREE! New consultants who join Alicia’s team anytime between April 16 and May 31, 2012 can earn a $99 rebate on their Enrollment Kit when they submit $1,000 in Personal Volume in their first 30 days (that would mean $250 in commissions!). Please visit Alicia’s Website if you’re interested in joining her team.


Spend $31, get 1/2 off a purse (****OUTLET SALE ORDERS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD MONTHLY SPECIALS****)


If you’d like to host a Thirty-One gifts party for your friends, contact Alicia. Let her know Coupon Katarina sent you and the first 10 readers will also save $25 off a future $50 purchase when you schedule!


(2) Coupon Katarina Readers will win a Thirty-One Gifts Thermal Lunch Tote in the winner’s pattern of choice: Painted Snakeskin, Papparazi Dot (shown above), Cupcake or Black

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you will use Thirty-One products on the Go or on Vacation this summer!

This giveaway will end on April 23rd at 11 pm (EST) and winners will be announced on the blog and also contacted via email. Winners have 48 hours to reply or prize will be forfeited.

***This giveaway is being provided by Alicia Elie of Thirty-One Gifts. All opinions remain my own.  disclosure policy

(2) Coupon Katarina Readers will win a Thirty-One Gifts Thermal Lunch Tote

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  1. I plan to take it to the zoo.

  2. I would use a large tote to take to the beach filled with bottled water and tons of snacks!! We love thirty one!

  3. I would use the adorable thermal tote to pack snacks for the long days spent at the baseball field. Plus its cute!

  4. I would use it to take on the plane to California this summer!

  5. I love thirty one!!! I would use it for trips to the waterpark with my daughters!

  6. Allison Bowyer says:

    I would use this for trips to the zoo to keep our drinks cold and for trips to the pool for the same. Love 31

  7. I would use these to keep snacks in for pool time!

  8. I would take it to the zoo and to the beach with my family.

  9. I would use mine for pool time! Nice way to keep things cool but also in style!

  10. Heather Waganfeald says:

    I would use mine on our play dates this summer, on our trip home to MI to visit family in July, and on our trip to TN in October for our wedding! Love 31 bags!

  11. Lily Kwan says:

    I will use Thirty-One products to carry around snacks.

  12. I have never heard of this product but with 3 girls I am always trying to find cute sturdy lunch totes. From the time I leave work until the time I get all 3 girls picked up from daycare and school we are in the car for an hour, this bag would be great for after school snacks!!

  13. Love 31! Perfect for snacks at the beach this summer! =)

  14. Meredith says:

    I love my large utility tote. Great for hauling towels and toys to the beach!

  15. Delilah Advey says:

    My family would use it for trips to the zoo! 🙂 We always get a membership and go several times during the summer.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I would pack my son’s juice boxes and snacks for when we go to the park. He LOVES the park.

  17. I would use this tote on a road trip with my girlfriend to Chi-town 🙂 31 has classy totes.

  18. Isabel Acosta says:

    I would use this on our day trips

  19. I would use the bag for the many games of T-ball for the kids coming up and the softball games for the adults. Juice boxes by day. Wine coolers by night. 🙂

  20. Amy Brown says:

    We aren’t able to go on a vacation this summer but we would take this tote along when we go to the pool or when we go visit our family who live a couple hours away.

  21. I would use this for my daughter’s lunch that I pack each day for daycare.

  22. I would love give it to my mom as a thank you for waching my 3 kids before and after school. I may have to order an additional bag for myself. I have 6 year old twins and an 8 year old, I am always needing a tote for running errands, z
    oo trips,days at the beach…you name it!

  23. I would love to use this lunchbox for my internship this summer! I’ll be working at Kohls, so a cute lunchbox would be great! 🙂

  24. I am new to thirty one and just attended my first ever party. I love all the products and all the different options.

  25. I love thirtyone! I would def use this one on vacation. OR everyday for my craft supplies!

  26. Sherri Sandifer says:

    I would use it for my diabetes. I have to carry both snacks and medicine. I love the thirty-one products, but don’t own any. I would love to have one of these!

  27. shalin shultz says:

    If I win I will use these bags to tote all my kids crap when we go on summer outings.

  28. k coffin says:

    I’ve got 5 kids. The possiblities are endless. 🙂

  29. Kim Howell says:

    I deliver mail every day and this would be great to have a cold drink on a hot summer day.

  30. laura newman says:

    I would use it to bring homemade snacks on our trips to save money as opposed to stopping aling the way and buying lunch and expensive snacks from convenient stores 🙂

  31. I would love to win this!! It would be great to take along on trips to the ballgame!!

  32. I love thirty-one products! One of my favorites for vacations is the organizing utility tote to carry toys and snacks in the car 🙂 and the thermal tote would be great for juice and drinks while on the road.

  33. Let me take a pic of my newly one (I hope!) bag in front of the Capitol in DC! Would love to take it to work w/me!

  34. Kandace R says:

    I would use this to give to my fiance’s mother, who just started working again 🙂 it would be a cute way to brighten her day

  35. We would use it for going to the park, and out to Cumberland Falls! We love the Moonbow!


  36. Stephanie says:

    I would use it to take my lunch while I work on Fridays after the school district is out.

  37. If I win I will use it 2 carry my lunch 2 work. I do computerized embroidery & while I’ve never owned 31 I have embroidered many pieces 5 customers.

  38. I just recently became a mother of 2 under 2 so I carry around A LOT of stuff. Pacis, nursing cover, burp rags, and a bib for my 4 week old daughter, sippy cup, matchbox cars, and first-aid kit for my 23 month old son, and plenty of diapers and wipe for both of them. Another bag would be SO useful!!

  39. Savannah says:

    I love the Thirty-One thermal totes!! We always use ours for picnics!

  40. Lauren B. says:

    I would love to win this!! We would use it for trips to the pool and zoo this summer!!

  41. Danielle M says:

    Oh how I love thirty one!!! I would use lunch tote on the many kayaking trips we have planned for this summer! It would be perfect for snacks and drinks and small enough to behind my seat!

  42. I will use the thermal tote to pack a healthy lunch to carry to work on hot summer days!

  43. wendy pahl says:

    would love to use the products…havent tried them before

  44. I would use this cute lunch tote to carry drinks and snacks to the park this summer. I would also use to to take lunch to work. It probably wouldn’t get much of a break!!

  45. I would use them for our trip back to Los Angeles.

  46. I will use mine for taking lunch with us out on the boat!! I could float all day out on the water, so it would be nice to have a thermal tote to keep a few sandwiches cool!!

  47. I will use it as a catch all in the Tahoe when we go on trips!

  48. I would use it for our beach trip!

  49. Amy Thomas says:

    I would use it to keep drinks cold while fishing and also while watching my nieces play soccer. I would probably use it for lunches at work too! There’s a million things you can do with it!

  50. Kristina Day says:

    I would use the products to take my kids to soccer almost every night!

  51. I would use it when I go on trips thanks

  52. I would pack snacks for my kiddos on trips

  53. Definitely will be using this at the beach for cold drinks!

  54. Sandy Thornton says:

    I can definitely use the thirty-one products during the summer time at the pool.

  55. VictoriaD says:

    The 31 thermal tote would be perfect for bringing my lunch to our community garden site! I love that it’s functional and fabulous at the same time.

  56. jamie linn says:

    i would love to use it when we drive to michigan for a weekend and go to a baseball game,it will work great for food and snacks for the ten hour drive!

  57. Melissa Himes says:

    I love my thirtyone purse, would love a tote for our beach trip!

  58. I would use this to take all of my kids snacks in when we are on the go!


  59. This would be great when we go on car trips-for a small lunch to take along

  60. The Thirty-One thermal lunch tote would be awesome to put on snacks and drinks in to take to the beach this summer!!! =)

  61. Thirty-one is perfect for teachers!

  62. Sara Harrington says:

    I use my 31 thermal lunch tote at the grocery store to put small cold things in to keep them fresh until I get home!

  63. Joanne G. says:

    I would love to use these at the beach or poolside!

  64. I love these little bags, will be taking on our beach trip this summer.

  65. I would love to own one of Thirty One’s bags! I have seen them, but was not able to buy them. I would use this bag to take lunch to work, so I would stop eating out so much! It’s all about saving money, right ladies ; )

  66. The utility tote would be great for the pool this summer!

  67. i dont have any thirty one products yet, but i think my daughter would appreciate this lunch tote, its adorable! Great for school lunch, taking to the beach or playground!

  68. I would use it to keep snacks in when we go to the park with the kids!!

  69. I will use them to go to the beach or when I take my nieces to the playground!

  70. Let’s not forget those pet lovers! My dog coco has her own in the outlet sale doggie print!!

  71. Christina says:

    I would love to use these products on our vacation this summer!

  72. Love Thirty-One!

  73. This tote will be great for my volenteer work I do in the summer!!

  74. LeAnn Marlow says:

    I keep the large tote in the truck of my car of everything to stay together

  75. softball games, softball games and more softball games. My husband plays a lot (too much) softball and we always need to pack food for our boys.

  76. I am a single mom going back to school and this would be a GREAT lunchbox for me to pack my lunches in (to save money!) and also great to take to the zoo to keep our snacks cool!

  77. My daughter would snag it from me and use it at the beach all summer long.

  78. Thirty One products would come in handy on our trip to the Tetons this summer!

  79. Jennifer says:

    I will use thirty one products to pack towels, snacks, and other kids’ stuff for the beach and pool.

  80. Ashley C says:

    We will use this to take to the beach. They’re perfect to hold 2 of my sons cups and keep them nice and cold.


  81. Love 31. Would use to take my lunch in. Thanks for the opportuntity to win!

  82. I use the super-cute bags to keep up a stylish look while traveling! This year, I will be using it for the beach.

  83. I would use it to pack my healthy Weight Watchers lunch (lots of fresh fruit and veggies)!

  84. I would use it to pack our lunch,for all the fun day trips, we plan to do this summer.

  85. I would take my lunch to work and keep it nice and cold!

  86. I would use it when going to the pool this summer.

  87. Jessica S says:

    I love Thirty One! The bags are very well made and I love the utility bins. I use them for my children’s toys, my hair stuff and much more. I cant wait to get the new bags and wallet I just ordered.

  88. Just recently heard of 31. Seems like the big craze. I have so many uses for it. We pack our lunches for the pools. My son plays baseball, so my daughter always has to have snacks packed. For some reason she is always hungry at the baseball games. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  89. Kristin Ross says:

    I love how you can personalized everything!!

  90. Brenda Wahl says:

    i have several totes from 31 that i take on shopping trips and Vacation. Would love a thermal lunch tote for keeping beverages cold on car trips

  91. I would love one of these to take to my son’s baseball games.

  92. I will use 31 products for trips to the beach, of course 🙂 That is what the summer is all about for us!

  93. Mindy Ulstad says:

    I love 31’s products. I use them everyday! I will use them to travel and to do charity work this summer!

  94. I love their bags, you can use them for everything. I have a fewcourse so far would love more, of course I use one for coupons!! 🙂

  95. This would be perfect for packing lunch for the zoo this summer! 🙂

  96. I would use this tote to carry my grandkids on a picnic in Pigeon Forge Tn to Caves Cove, I recently had a kidney transplant and I want to spend every moment enjoying my family.

  97. Debbie Austin says:

    I use my Thermal tote when we go tot he kids sports games….and the large utility tote for the beach for all the essentials ….towels….sunscreen….books……:)

  98. Stephanie K says:

    I don’t have any Thirty-One products so I’m a newbie – I’d take my snacks with me on the go this summer.

  99. Debbie Austin says:

    I love Thirty-One….I am always on this site and buying…..cannot get enough of these totes……:)

  100. I love Thirty-One! I will be taking my Large Utility Tote with me to the beach this summer. I love how all our towels and beach toys fit perfectly!

  101. I LOVE thirty one gifts!!!! Alicia is amazing also!!!!

  102. Picnics with my kids! Can hardly wait 🙂

  103. I would LOVE to win the tote 🙂

  104. I love 31!! The totes and thermal bags are perfect for our beach vacations.

  105. Stephanie says:

    Taking the kiddo on her first disney adventure, I’m sure this could come in handy on those hot Florida days!

  106. This will be great for summer or winter trips. I always pack snacks for my daughter so I can throw in some ice packs along with some fruits and drinks and head out the door on our trips. Thank you!

  107. Jennifer Schoffstall says:

    I love Thirty-One Products!!! They are so durable and spacious!! I use mine all the time!!!

  108. Suzanne O'Rourke says:

    Love 31! I would use it for snacks at the pool and swim meets!

  109. Christine c says:

    I hear they are great products – hope to try them out soon!

  110. I would use this when we go on picnics or to the beach

  111. Carla Rapp says:

    I would us the tote for my trip down to florida this June! Hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  112. I would use it to go out to the park with my kids

  113. Love 31 every bag I have is amazing

  114. Lorre Watt says:

    Love 31 products. Use them everyday!!!

  115. I am new to Thirty-One, but I can’t wait to use these on the beach this summer!!

  116. Misty Davis says:

    I would take it on our beach trip 🙂

  117. Misty Davis says:

    Love me some thirty-one 🙂

  118. I would love to use this on our family vacation this summer! These are super cute! Would make packing snacks more fun!