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Great New Rug Doctor Coupon + Savings Club Offer!

2012 12:45 pm

Are your carpets in need of a good shampooing? If so there’s a great Rug Doctor coupon available to print! Renting a Rug Doctor is a great option if you don’t have a carpet cleaner of your own or don’t want to hire a service, and it only costs $29.99 at Kroger.

$10.00/1 Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Solution with a Rug Doctor Machine Rental

To go along with that, if you join the Savings Club you will also have access to another great coupon for a FREE Rug Doctor Cleaner (up to $14.99) when you rent a Rug Doctor Machine! Plus, right now you can join the Savings Club FREE for a whole year ($30 value)! For more information you can check out this post.

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