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Kroger Catalinas: Questions Answered

Kroger Catalinas


What is a Catalina?

  • A Catalina (Cat) is a reward you receive for purchasing participating items. It will print in the form of a coupon at checkout and you can use it like cash for your next shopping trip. For example, Buy (3) boxes of cereal to receive a $1 coupon good on your next order (OYNO).
  • Some Catalinas are just coupons that print based on customer behavior.
  • Some are advertisements for current or upcoming promotions.

Here are some examples:

On Your Next Order (OYNO) – printed because I purchased qualifying items. Store Coupon that can be used on ANY subsequent order, just like cash. Once in a while you will see one that can only be redeemed for specific items, but most of the time they are good on any order.

Manufacturer’s Coupon I received based on my shopping behavior. Many times these print when you purchase the competitors brand, sometimes these will be for a product you frequently purchase. Other times it’s just random.

Advertisement for a current or upcoming Catalina – This will give you all the information you need to know in order to receive your Catalina Reward including dates, participating items/sizes and how much you have to buy. If you get one of these, let us know and it will help keep my list current. :)

By Invitation ONLY – Some offers are designed to only be distributed to specific targeted customers based on your shopping behavior. This is also an advertisement of sorts, but is meant for YOU only. You must scan YOUR shopper’s card in order to receive the reward.  I try not to include these in my Catalinas Master List because so few will receive them.

How many Catalina deals can I do in one transaction?

You can do multiple Catalina deals in the same transaction as long as they are DIFFERENT offers. If you want to do multiples of the SAME Catalina offer you MUST separate your transactions because only 1 “like” Catalina will print per order.

The exception to this is if it is a STORE promo (the Catalina will print as “STORE” rather than “Manufacturer” coupon), in which case there is typically no set limit.

Is there an overall limit to how many “Like” Catalina deals I can do?

No, there is typically no limit to how many “like” Catalina offers you can take advantage of. Again, just be sure to separate your transactions.

Do Kroger Catalinas “Roll”?

Another way to ask this question is: Can I take a Catalina that I just EARNED and turn around and use it to pay for a duplicate order and still receive another Catalina? This is called “rolling” and the answer is YES, you CAN! :) Just be sure to separate your transactions!

What do I do if I was expecting a Catalina to print and it didn’t?

Catalinas are not affiliated with Kroger stores…they are a separate company. If you do NOT receive a Catalina, here are a couple contact options:

Fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction

Any other questions you have? Leave them in the comments below!

I update my Kroger Catalinas Master List throughout the week, so be sure to check back often for new deals!

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  1. I was wondering when the printable coupons refresh once you’ve reached your limit for printing thsm. I seems it’s been a few weeks since I’ve printed the digital coupons and it still won’t let me print anymore. Please help! Thanks!

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  3. Can you use the Cat @ different stores?

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  5. Yes Sandy, that is correct! You cannot use the Catalina until your next order, but Katie factors that off your current purchase price on the website. good luck!

  6. Please help, I feel so dumb, but my question is….when you say “use this coupon, combined with the sale price and with the catalina that prints…your total cost is (example) $.49 cents…..but you can’t use the catalina until your next purchase – right? so, for this shopping trip, your actual total cost is higher, you are factoring in the total price as if you used that catalina this time…….am I understanding this correctly? I’ve just recently started checking out this site, started purchasing my Sunday papers for coupons and trying to “get ready” for a big savings shopping trip and just trying to be fully “in the know”….please reply – thank you so much. PS – LOVE THIS SITE, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  7. I had 2 $1 off 1 coupons for Campbell’s Go Soups. There is a Catalina offer buy 2 and get $1.50 Catalina OYNO. My store had the soup at 2/$5. I used my 2 coupons and was expecting to get the $1.50 Catalina but it didn’t come out. I was referred to the customer service desk. I explained the problem to the person there and she gave me a cash refund of $1.50. Later when I got home, I looked closer at my receipt and noticed one soup rang up as Campbell Go Soup, the other was listed as just Campbell. Obviously a programming flaw and the Catalina program couldn’t identify the 2nd item as a qualified purchase so no coupon came out. I didn’t mention this to my store because I didn’t notice it until after I got home. So, that’s a way to help identify a problem if you don’t get your Catalina. Look closely at your receipt before you leave the store. Bring a flaw like that to the attention of the store head cashier or manager. They will take steps to get it corrected.

  8. No catalina today in velveta ;( ……?.?

  9. Now that the Coupon Network is no longer operating, who is the contact when a catalina doesn’t print? I’m also curious, why doesn’t Kroger know what catalina’s should be printing?

  10. Hi! I did the Velveeta cup deal tonight (bought 6 @ .49) and now have a $3 Catalina. My question is- if i do that deal again and pay with the $3 Catalina will another $3 Catalina generate or will it cancel it out?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  11. hello, I have posted and sent a message but not received any answers. I purchased the $40 worth of huggies a few days back and given the scenarios in here I should have received a $10 off catilina from Kroger for the $40 baby isle purchase and a $10 off 30 from huggies. I did not receive one from huggies and am just wanting some feedback as to what might have happened.
    Thanks for all the insight!

  12. Can I use multiple earned OYNO catalina’s to pay for next order. Example Earn a $10 OYNY and a $3OYNO, so on my next order can I give them both to take $13 off my total? Or just can use one at a time?
    Thank you!

  13. I tried multiple catalinas and no luck. I tried the Kleenex, scrubbing bubbles, Campbell’s, and Aveeno shave. The green light was on the machine. I have had luck before with these but very frustrating to walk away with none of them. I went to a Kroger in Columbus, OH. I made sure not to buy healthy request for the Campbell’s chunky. I think I’m going to fill out the contact information that you linked above.

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  15. Is there any way to check what catalinas are available in my area? The coupon network is no longer available. It seems like every time I try to do a catalina deal at Kroger I don’t get my catalina. When I contact the catalina support they tell me it is not available in my area!!

    • Are you making sure you are in the Kroger area, there are 6 different areas. Krazy Coupon Lady divides it into these areas for coupons and Catalinas just for reassurance. There are also red hang tags on the products in the store that you buy 2 and get $2.00 back. Also sometimes on the product’s website. Hope this helps.

  16. How do i sign up for catalina coupons through Kroger? I have the Kroger plus card and use it daily and usually spend in excess of $500-$1000 a month there and i do not get the catalina coupons EVER. Please help!!!

  17. how do you get catainas? we shop at dillions(Kroger) a lot but we never receive them

  18. I just had this to happen so I went to customer service and explained that I did not get my catalina and they gave me a gift card.

    • I have done the same thing, gone to the service desk to see what can be done when a Catalina didn’t print. Every time (3 or 4 times) I was given a handwritten OYNO on a rain check form that I used like cash. This is at Fry’s in Phoenix.

  19. When it says buy $8 in pro-health or 3D white is that subtotal? Can I include coupons in that? or is it just $8 after coupons?

  20. Hi,
    I have received a Catalina that says save $12 on your next purchase of $160. Is this pre-coupon subtotal or post-coupon subtotal? Thanks for your help!!

    • I am in Columbus Ohio and they are all pre-coupon here. I even received 2 of them at once and was able to use them both. $12 off $120 as an e-coupon and then $14 off $140 by mail. I made sure I reached the $140 and with all my coupons I think I ended up paying like $50. but a $50 well spent. The only time I have ever had any issues is with duplicate catalina coupon. When they tried to scan the second identical catalina it said it had already been used. I just kept it for the next time.

      • Laura, I’m in Reynoldsburg. H
        Do you have a system for organizing coupons? I’m ADD and it’s completely overwhelming so I can’t, literally Can’t, get started. If there’s some way to meet at a local restaurant for coffee and you could actually show me I’d really appreciate it.

  21. Donna Moore says:

    I never receive the Catalina deals and wanted to see if there is anything tg a t I can do? Thanks I have Falken in l I very with your Web page since a friend and the coupon class recommended it. Love my couponing:-)

  22. Juanita says:

    Is The minimum purchase amount required to receive a Catalina calculated by regular price or by sale or close out price?

  23. Can OYNO Cats be used toward the purchase of retail gift cards that are sold at Kroger?

  24. Christy says:

    FYI I went to Kroger last week and my clear catalinas did not print. I filled out the online catalina form per Katie’s Catalina FAQ instructions and I got them 2 days ago. SUPER FAST! So today and tomorrow when I go to kroger my shopping list will be so cheap thanks to the $14 I have in ONYO offers! Woo hoo!

  25. Katie, can you stack Catalina’s and regular coupons? W/ the buy 4 cereals get a free milk sale going on this week, I’ve got two save $1/2 General Mills Cereals. I also have a 1.50/4 Catalina. Can’t use all three of those can I? That would just be TOO nice lol.

  26. I ordered coupons for huggies diapers to go with Catalina .I went to krogers last night and did not get Catalina’s . Very frustrating when you order coupons just for this and it doesn’t work .A waste of money.

  27. katie .i had a question, can i get a catalina cupon buying only markdown products ????????

    thanks for your time

  28. Kaitlyn Gray says:

    This is very helpful but i have a question. For example if i have a coupon that says $1.50 off of colgate toothpaste how do i know the original price of the item before i go to the store and buy it.

  29. I’m just learning about couponing. And I’m confused do I have to buy all thesame items ive done the deal buy 6 items save 3 dollars but no cCatalina deal what am I doing wrong

  30. Como puedo obtener esos cupones

    • Hola! Puedes obtener cupones digital en Kroger app por el telephono celular. Tienes un telephono celular de Apple? Es muy facil con el Kroger app. Puedes obtener en el App Store. Pero…cual es tu posicion? In los Estados Unidos? En los Estados Unidos tenemos cupones en el periódico del Domingo. Hay somos cupones en el

  31. Susan Wilhite says:

    I had a cat from the farmrich purchase i did at the beginning of February with the buy 6 save $3 mega event. So this time I used that towards my purchase (which had 3 more farmrich) but a cat did not print this time for it. Does it not work again? I’m not sure how it works. I got a cat for my yogurt purchase, but nothing else.

  32. Do you have to purchase all items for a Catalina in one transaction. For example, If I purchase 4 nivea lip care in one transaction. Can I go back later and get the other two to trigger the $3.00 OYNO?

  33. I just tried the nivea deal bought two body washs and 2 lip balm. Nothing printed. Dallas

    • It could be your area or it could also be the way the items are listed in Kroger’s database. I have had issues with a few different stores not printing catalina’s because of they way they are registered by the system.

  34. Morgan Adams says:

    Do we know for sure if the catalina program is going to be discontinued in December, or just the coupon network coupons?

  35. Shari Robbins says:

    I have tried twice at my Kroger stores in Jackson, Tennessee to get the $2 catalina on Cherrios but I never receive one.

  36. Hi, I was so disappointed because there’s no Kroger here in our area, Evanston Il, but we have Food4Less, which is a Kroger family. I just wanna ask if Food4less offers the same deals as kroger’s and do the embrace the same coupon policy? Thanks.

  37. Karissa says:

    when you use the cats on a different order can you only use one? Like, I got 3 today ($4,$4 and $5) can i bundle them on one order or can i only get the money off one at a time?

    • I’ve used multiple OYNO coupons in the same transaction before without a problem ($2, $2, and $4). $8 off my order!

  38. Thank you so much! I love your site!

  39. Hi I was wondering if I could stack Catalinas toward the same transaction? For example say I have 2 different Catalinas for $3 OYNO, can I use both of those at the same time?

    • Denise, yes you should be able to redeem as many of your OYNO Catalinas as you want. Some stores will set limits on this, but there is no written policy on it.

  40. okay, I need help troubleshooting :) I’ve tried the link to request a catalina I didn’t receive in both of my browsers and both say they can’t pull it up…any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!!

  41. Thank you so much for this info. I was going crazy because two catalinas did not print. lol…

  42. i have a catalina ($3.00 ),can i use this to a different kroger branch in my area?

  43. Thank you Katarina. That really helps :)

  44. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. There is a catalina coming out for Purina pet products. Spend at least $30 and get $5.00 off your next order. I plan on using several $3.00 coupons to bring the cost down. So to get the catalina is that before or after you use coupons. Thank you.

  45. I never really liked Kroger until I found your blog! I love my Kroger now. I don’t know how much they love me; however I love the mega sales! Thank you for all that you do to make our savings so much easier.

  46. you say you can use a catalina like cash? what if you want to use it on a transaction that is less then the amount of the catalina, do you get change? Just trying to put together something and want to check before I go through with checkout. Also, I boought velveeta cheese and didn’t get a $10 catalina, thinking I would, and realized the velveeta was not the right size!! PAY ATTENTION to size!!!! And when I only got a $5 cat and should’ve gotten a 10, I went to service desk, they couldn”t figure out why I didn’t get the full $10, so they gave me a gift card for 5!!!! Oh, and, I LOVE LOVE this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments!! To answer your question, no you will not get change back if the amount of your order is less than the transaction so be sure to spend the whole amount. :)

  47. I had the same thing happen with the pepper jack kraft singles. I also had it happen with the Velveeta Shells and cheese. This appears to be “Shells and cheese” only. I bought 1 shells and cheese and 3 velveeta rotini and cheese, and it did not work. :( I guess I will finally get it right this week. :)

  48. Jennifer Pickering says:

    I just had to submit a request since I didn’t get a $10 one to print they are very quick about getting those out, I got an email within 24-28 hrs that they were sending it to me in the mail. Katarina, here is the link they sent me when I sent an email to the one you have listed. This take you right to there site to submit the request for the missing catalina.
    To submit a request for Catalina Support please click on the link below

  49. Joyce, don’t feel bad, I did the exact same thing! I purchased one of the 10 oz variety & nothing printed. The manager however was kind enough to make one print for me since I had 9 of the regular & they were all out.

  50. Well no crap!!! I didn’t even look at the ounces on the pepperjack!!! This is the moment that makes me want to cuss!!!! I already have the cheese nice and frozen!!! Ugh. That’s what I get for not paying close enough attention!!!

  51. Wow! Please excuse my IPhone autocorrect! Goodness!

  52. Hi Joycs, my Fiancé and I did the Kraft deal as well and the pepper corn singles were not included because they were slightly under 12oz and were 10.7 oz I believe. The Kraft deal states that it needs to be 12 oz, so in my case I’ve been to two Krogers and have only seen the American Kraft Singles eligible for the Kraft catelina. We rolled it a few times and got the 10.00 every time. If they are all unopened and you have the original reciept you can take it to customer service and just return them and restart. I printed out the eligible Keft products from coupon network and used that. Good luck!

  53. Nope, no 2% milks. All I got were Americans and pepper jacks!! It didn’t make sense to me either. Really bummed me out as my oop was bigger, it was still a good deal, but I want my darn $!!! :) I’ve been couponing big time for years and didn’t know if maybe you had heard of some kind of glitch somewhere. I’ve never had this one happen before, especially 3 times in a row. They owe me $15 somewhere!!!

  54. I just took a trip to krogers and had 3 separate transactions with the kraft foods. I had 10 qualifying items each time–my last 2 transactions were with the kraft singles only. Each time, I only received a $5 onyo???? Any idea why?? I was going to call the company on Monday. Also, I didn’t want to cancel an order because we live so far away from the store and today is the last day of the sale. I saved all my receipts.

  55. hi I did the kraft catalina 2 weeks ago with the cheese singles hot dogs and bologna, I just saw the post with the 10 cheese singles can I do this deal again, or is it a limit of one catalina? Thanks in advance.

    • Great question Amanda! Just added it to the post. No, there is typically no limit to how many “like” Catalina offers you can take advantage of. Again, just be sure to separate your transactions.

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