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*Reminder* Load Your FREE Egg Beaters Kroger Digital Offer Today!

2013 6:00 am

Just wanted to remind everyone that TODAY, January 25 ONLY, you can load a Kroger Digital coupon for a FREE 100% Egg Whites Egg Beaters.  Coupon doesn’t expire until 2/9, so you have some time to redeem it as long as it’s loaded up! 

Many of you are asking me if you can use coupons along with this. I am not going to suggest doing that, since the free digital coupon IS coded and attached to the item. Not saying it won’t work, I’m just not going to promote that as a scenario. Also, remember these are part of the mega event, so you can count that towards your 10 items. Most likely you will at least get the $0.50 overage from the mega sale discount as I’m guessing the digital coupon will deduct the pre-mega price of $3.19.

As a reminder, here is the scenario from my matchups: 

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  1. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update Robbie! Good to know.

  3. My coupon said up to $2.50 but the egg beaters were $2.99 at my store and it took off the whole $2.99 🙂

  4. does your digital coupon mention free up to 2.50$?

  5. Thanks so much for the reminder 🙂

  6. i picked mine up when i got off this morning. the coupon did subtract 3.19.

  7. I just load it on my card now and thanks for sweet reminder!

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