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*Reminder* “Pop to Save” Kroger Instant Win Game | Win $1, $5, $10 or $15!

2013 10:32 am

Don’t forget to play the new instant win game called Pop To Save! You still have a couple days to instantly win $1, $5, $10 or $15 valid on your next Kroger trip!

  • Go HERE and choose your store
  • Login to your account
  • Click “Build your list”
  • Click 5 items from the list to unlock the game
  • Click “Play Now”
  • Click any balloon to reveal your prize, then claim it
  • Your prize will be loaded to your Shopper Card and will be available on your next trip to the store (amounts come off automatically)

I love that some of you are winning BIG!! If not, keep trying – you can play once per day! Let us know in the comments what your prize is!

Game Period Ends 1/12/13.ย  Official Rules

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  1. Do you have to purchase what you put on the list in the beginning of the game or can you purchase anything in the store?

  2. Oh ok! Well I got charmin double rolls 16 pack and had various coupons so they averaged 5.49 for 16 rolls thats .34 and divided by 2 is .17 per roll!! Plus they had $10 worth of coupons inside! One being $1 off charmin! I’m gonna cut them out and go buy 5 more!!

  3. You said if its a double roll to divide the amount by 2 did you mean multiply it by 2?

    • Sara, here’s an example: Price of Toilet paper = $5.00 for 12 double rolls. My stock up price is $0.25 per SINGLE roll. So, take $5 – divided by 12. That would be $0.42 (rounded up). Then, since they are double rolls, you divide that amount by 2 to get the single roll price of $0.21 each.

  4. Ha ha Thanks Courtney maybe I’ll have to try that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Courtney` says:

    Tris-I usually play around 3 or 4 a.m. Haha, hope that helps! GOOD LUCK!

  6. I won $1 and nothing the next 2 times I did it ๐Ÿ™
    Katarina what would you say is a stock up price for toilet paper and paper towels? I want to stock up on both but idk what is a good price. I thought about getting some from kroger for 4.99 (charmin) with the buy 5 save $5 promo. I have a $1 coupon making it 3.99 for the 12 roll but I don’t know if that’s a stock up price or not.. What would you say is a stock up price per roll??

    • Sara, a good stock up price on toilet paper can be calculated a couple different ways. I try to pay less than $0.25 per single roll โ€“ so if itโ€™s a double roll of toilet paper youโ€™ll want to divide that amount by 2. You can also calculate the square footage. Typically, you donโ€™t want to pay anything more than a penny per square foot. Obviously, it also depends on what brand you like. For example, I would pay a little more for Charmin than I would for Angel Soft. Paper Towels…$0.50 per single roll.

  7. Congrats Courtney! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is awesome! What time of the day do you usually play? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’ve won something every other time that I’ve played for a grand total of $19!!! I think this is my new favorite game. Too bad it ends in two days. Anyone who is having trouble getting the balloons to pop, try using a different browser. Firefox worked for me.

  9. I have not won anything for four days now. Boo! Maybe it only lets us win a certain amount of times. Won $3 total.

  10. THANK YOU!! It works for me again. I didn’t win but it did pop.

  11. I won a buck the first time and then that was all we’ll see how 2moro goes

  12. I won a total of $3 last week but I have not won anything at all this week.

  13. Thanks for the reminder! Finally popped $1 off!

  14. The first time I played, last week, I won $1. Now every day I try to pop the balloons they will not pop. Not sure why it worked the first time and does not work now. ๐Ÿ™

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