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*Reminder* “Pop to Save” Kroger Instant Win Game | Win $1, $5, $10 or $15!

2013 9:30 am

Don’t forget to play the new instant win game called Pop To Save! You can instantly win $1, $5, $10 or $15 valid on your next Kroger trip!

  • Go HERE and choose your store
  • Login to your account
  • Click “Build your list”
  • Click 5 items from the list to unlock the game
  • Click “Play Now”
  • Click any balloon to reveal your prize, then claim it
  • Your prize will be loaded to your Shopper Card and will be available on your next trip to the store (amounts come off automatically)

I love that some of you are winning BIG!! If not, keep trying – you can play once per day! Let us know in the comments what your prize is!

Game Period Ends 1/12/13.  Official Rules

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  1. Emailed them again. The whole game is shut down now.

  2. The game is not working again today. I went to the site and it said something like pop to save game coming soon…check back december 30, 2012! I cant go back in time lol. Anyone else see this error?

  3. I won $1 but when I played to day I didn’t win anything! :/ ill try again tomorrow before I go to kroger. I also had a problem with my $3/$50 and my $1/1 Aussie ecoupon but the cashier checked and was able to put it in manually since I had my phone there to show her the coupon on my phone.

  4. I had a problem with my $3 off $50 purchase not coming off my card. I didn’t realize until after I left so I used the contact form for digital coupons through the Kroger website. They got back to me in about 1 day and put the $3 on my card and it came off when I went back the next day to buy Sunday papers. Very good customer service but it does seem they have trouble with digital coupons working correctly.
    I won $10 two days ago 🙂

  5. genevieve says:

    Thanks for posting this awesome deal! I didn’t know about it!!! So far won a dollar….and a dollar definately is helpful!!! Love your site 🙂

  6. I’ve played four days, won $15 one day and $1 two other days. Yay for $17 worth of free groceries!!

  7. I’ve played for four days so far, and I’ve only won $2, i’m never lucky.

  8. I’ve won $1 twice and today I won $5 and they all came off. Unfortunately, two of my other eCoupons did not. So I ended up having to wait at customer service for a rather long time to get it all straightened out. Not sure what the problem is with that particular service. I did fill out the contact form on the site so perhaps I’ll hear something back this week.

  9. My $12 from Pop to Save game came showed on my receipt today. Retail total $113.54 and after savings and coupons I paid @ $22.39. Whoo Hoo!!

  10. I always doublecheck my receipt before I leave the store, but I’ve never had a problem getting money back from customer service if there’s an error. I even took a receipt back two days after a purchase because my hubby forgot to use 4 $2 off coupons, and they gave me the $8 without any trouble.

  11. I won $15 and it showed up within 24 hours..I was at Kroger’s today and it came off along with the Buy 2 get the 3rd free Pizza coupon…plus $5 off for the Buy 5 sale…Whoo Hoo!! $58 in groceries for $25

  12. Ive only won $1 playing this game but I went to Kroger last night and it did come off. It showed up at the end of my list right before the paper coupons were tallied in. It says “eCpn 1 off”. Howevvvvvvver…my $1 herbal shampoo eCpn did not come off. I double checked my account online to make sure. So it basically cancelled out my winning. 🙁 So yes, similar troubles.

  13. Sherry I had the same problems with the meat and produce digital coupons a while back also. Just take your receipts to customer service showing you met the requirements. Usually they just give you the cash for what should have been deducted to begin with. I find that my husband and I have to watch everything like a hawk when we are couponing at Krogers. Also they want to go thru my pile of coupons so fast and miss some of them that now I only give them one coupon at a time. I just tell them that they are sticking together so they don’t get mad.

  14. I won $1 twice…claimed my prizes then checked my coupons to make sure they showed up however I went to Kroger today and nothing came off my total. They are still showing in my coupons. This happens a lot. The $3 / $10 meat, $2 /$5 produce and $2 / $5 deli that we received a while back are all still there (expiring in a few days) even though I know I met each of those. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

  15. I had no problems playing the game. I’ve won $12 so far.

  16. Joyce, I just had to download Firefox and it worked just fine, although I didn’t win anything. Just search Firefox and get the free download. It really only took like 5 minutes to install and it was done. I was using Internet Explorer and it didn’t work.

  17. Joyce, did you try using a different browser? It wouldn’t work for me on Chrome but when I tried it on Firefox, it worked fine. You could try Explorer, too.

  18. Still won’t let me pop a balloon. I don’t know how to change it to something else.

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