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Yoplait Simplait on Closeout = FREE at Kroger!

2013 11:38 am

Sad day. Looks like most Kroger’s are closing out the Yoplait Simplait. We have quite a few coupons available for these still, so be sure to grab your free cups before they’re gone (my Kroger doesn’t even have them anymore). 🙁

Yoplait Simplait Yogurt (4 oz cup) – $0.50 (on closeout)
Use $0.30/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt printable (doubles up to $0.60)
Or $0.40/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt printable
$0.30/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt printable
$0.40/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt printable
$0.30/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt printable
Final cost cost is as low as FREE!

(thanks Terri!)

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  1. If anyone is still reading this thread, I found some Simplait at Target yesterday. Shelf price showed $.86 but they rang up at $.50, so just $.20 after $.30 coupon.

  2. Nelly, if the deal did not require you to buy nine items, you shouldbe able to just use the raincheck to buy two and use your coupons with it. I always tell the cashier I have a raincheck, and they can usually just enter it with no problem.

  3. Another question, how do rain checks work? I have two coupons for an item that I could not find and i got a rain check for nine! Doesn’t make sense to me. Can you please explain how rain check works. As you can see I’m a newbie at couponing! still learning.


  4. These taste good, but they have 22-26g of sugar in each one. That’s a TON of sugar in such a small container.

  5. They went on closeout at our krogers weeks ago.

    I was really disapointed because I actually really like these. I can’t find them at any local stores now.

  6. Nelly, just to reiterate Roxana’s reply: do NOT EVER copy a coupon…that is a punishable offense.

  7. @Nelly– NLA means no longer available.

  8. SO MAD both my Krogers stopped carrying the Simplait–first of all I would get them free with coupons and also, they were DELISH! WAHHH.

  9. what is NLA stand for?

  10. I printed 8 of these coupons when they were available the beginning of the month and didn’t have any luck finding them at my Kroger….so annoyed that they decided not to carry it! 🙁

  11. You cannot make a photo copy of a printed coupon, that’s fraud. Ant unfortunately there has been people who have missed used coupons and store loose their money.

  12. Thank you. Can I make a copy of a coupon that I printed online and use it?

  13. Hi Nelly, both of those questions you’ll need to ask your local Kroger as every store sets their own policy regarding this. My store doubles up to and including $0.50 coupons every day, but limit them to 2 identical printable and 5 insert coupons per transaction. Others may be different, so just give them a call or go to the customer service desk and find out.

  14. How do I know if my Kroger is doubling on coupons? Is there a particular place I can look for this info. You posted 5 coupons for yoplaits can I use them all in one transaction?


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