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Kroger Cincinnati No Longer Doubling Coupons

2013 10:17 am

I was informed last night that the Kroger Cincinnati/Dayton region (118 stores) will no longer be doubling coupons. At All. This was officially announced this morning and will be taking effect March 1st. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

There are promises of lower pricing to help offset this new policy change.

At this point, ONLY the Cincinnati region has been affected by this change and I will be updating if and when other regions follow suit.

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Official Press Release


The Cincinnati/Dayton Division of Kroger has announced the launch of an exciting new price campaign. On Monday, February 4 Kroger, will lower prices on thousands of items in several commodities including Grocery, Produce, Organics, Natural Foods, and General Merchandise. This venture is a multi-million dollar investment for the company and shoppers will reap the benefits. Since 2008, Kroger has been lowering prices in several categories including packaged meat,produce, health and beauty care and other departments. The savings now will be even better. For example, the price on Kroger 24 pack water will drop 71 cents and the cost of a 3 lb. bag of onions will go down $1.00 and the retail on Soy Milk has been reduced by $1.40.

“We know price continues to be a top, and at times a deciding, factor when it comes to where to grocery shop”, said Sukanya Madlinger, President of Kroger’s Cincinnati/Dayton Division. “The savings shoppers see on items they buy every week are going to be better. Every aisle, every department in the store will contain newly lowered prices on Kroger Private Label and National Brand products.

In addition to the price reductions on groceries and merchandise, Kroger will continue to offer their Fuel Program, where customers can save up to $1.00 off a gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers, their $4 and $10 Prescription Program, weekly specials and themed events. Kroger has also made a 4 million dollar commitment to the 2013 Community Rewards program which benefits more than 2,000 local non-profit groups and organizations.

“This is an exciting time for us at Kroger, “said Scot Hendricks, the Cincinnati/Dayton Division’s
Vice-President of Merchandising. “We’re very committed to offering our customers the products they want, the friendly fast service they deserve at good…no…very good prices.” The coupon policy at the 110 Cincinnati and Dayton area Kroger stores will change effective March 1, 2013. Kroger will discontinue their double coupon, 50 cents or less, program but will continue to redeem paper manufacturer coupons at face value as well as digital and e-coupons. Kroger indicated the investment in the new pricing program is 3 times the expense of doubling coupons.

“Kroger data for our area indicates coupon shopping is changing,” said Rachael Betzler Customer Communications Manager for the Cincinnati/Dayton Division. “In fact, of the coupons available in the January 27, 2013 newspaper 65% had a value of $1.00 or more. That, along with the increased use of digital coupons emphasizes how customers will continue to realize significant savings shopping Kroger.”

Kroger invites shoppers to come see for themselves how much they will save at Kroger.

I also wanted to pass along the information that I received from my Columbus/Great Lakes Region marketing contact:

“While business needs could dictate changes be made at some point we currently do not have plans to make any changes in the coupon policy for Columbus Division Kroger stores.”

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  1. I live in the Dayton area and this will suck comes March 1. I just saw on the news last night about this change. Oh well, better stock up with this mega event while I can. I guess I will be looking for a store with lower prices. Meijer still doubles so I still have one other store to shop at for savings. Not happy!

  2. It will not even be worth buying ink and paper and printing out internet coupons if they are not doubled. Krogers prices on Organic and Natural foods is way too high and I depend on my internet coupons to buy them.

  3. I live in the Houston, Texas area. Our Kroger stores stopped doubling coupons last summer. They gave us the same baloney line about lower prices in exchange for taking away doubling. We are still waiting to see any change in prices. So, unfortunately, my advice is don’t hold your breath on that one. On the plus side, now you can just use your Kroger ads for price matching at Wal Mart. You don’t have to go to two stores anymore! Our local Safeway affiliate has gone back to doubling lower value coupons to pull business away from Kroger & that has been great as well!

  4. I can’t believe they think they can justify stopping the doubling promotion because they lowered other prices. It will probably be like Walmart. They lower prices on some items and try to lure your eye to them with their “rollback” signs. Then they jack up the price on everything else and hope you don’t notice. Many items people used to count on for free, like toothpaste, rice, soup, etc. because of doubles will be a thing of the past. I don’t think their lower price on soy milk will ever begin to make up for that. And their comment about the paper inserts carrying more $1 q’s is also true, but they are increasingly off of two, three, four, or even more of the product so your actual savings on each item is reduced. I’m sorry to hear some of you are losing out, it stinks. I live 45 min. from my closest Kroger & don’t shop their often, but if this goes to all stores I will likely never go back

  5. I live in the Toledo area. The store closest to me does not double but the store about 15 miles away in Rossford does only because there is a Giant Eagle right down the street.

  6. I believe they should stop high doublers first before up to a $1.00

  7. Oh my heart just about stopped. Then I checked the map, and we’re not affected by this. Whew!

  8. I bet you once they get rid of it, they will bring it back from time-to-time as if its a “sale.”

  9. I’m not in that area, but not too far off (Louisville, KY) so I can see how it will probably happen in my area, too (very sad). I actually went to Kroger’s website just now to write them a comment and the server is too busy. I wonder if others are making comments about this, too, and overloading the server? All I can hope for is that they lose enough profit with this idea that they end up putting the double coupon policy back in place.

  10. So sad… I wonder if they can really change their prices to offset the loss of coupon doubling. To top it all, high value coupons are becoming rare too 🙁 very sad

  11. Forget what I said above, I checked out other sites and even our local news station has reported that this is official:( I simply can’t believe it.

  12. I also called Kroger and they told me that it is true. It will go into effect March 1st in the Cincinnati region.

  13. I thought April 1 was April Fool’s Day, not February 1?

  14. This is a devastating thought. Hope it’s not true, but with other area krogers not doubling anymore it looks like this could be our new reality. Looks I better stockpile while I can.

  15. I called the Kroger # and they told me this was all a rumor for now and that if it did go into effect, it would effect all Krogers and not just this region??? I’m even more confused now and really hope this will blow over, but she said they are making lots of changes in there policy and nothing is set in stone yet. I’m just waiting for Meijer to do this as well. They’re falling like bricks:( My family honestly couldn’t make it without coupons and we’re devasted right now.

  16. Oh boy. Marsh Supermarkets just stopped doubling coupons too. They are mainly an Indiana grocer, but not exclusively. This is NOT good!

  17. Do you have a list of the 118 stores that are affected? It sounds like the Mason, Ohio/ and Westchester/Ohio locations will be included in that 🙁

  18. Last night I was at my Kroger in Memphis and the cashier commented on my coupon savings and that it will be hard to save so much since they aren’t doubling coupons anymore… Since my coupons did double I figured he was misinformed… now I wonder if the cashier last night accidentally let something slip about Memphis… if we are not going to get double coupons anymore…

  19. Tammy, in response to your comment of “I’m not sure what percentage of customers actually use coupons on a regular basis to know if boycotting would even make a difference….”

    I work at Kroger. I am not a cashier, but I am used as a backup from time to time. I’m going to say that maybe 10% off all shoppers use coupons regularly, if that. It amazes me when I’m up there how many people DON’T use coupons. Customers don’t even use coupons that are attached to the front of package that say “SAVE NOW”. I always take them off and point it out to the customers. I get $100 and $200 orders all the time, and will notice items that I know have coupons out there, but then the customer will have none.

    How hard is it really? A Sunday paper costs $1 or $2, and you can get that money back after 1 or 2 coupons. Also, a great website like this one makes it so easy to save. Plus, as we all know, Internet coupons are far more valuable than newspaper ones.

    Guess how many Internet coupons I’ve ever gotten from customers when I am a cashier? The answer is zero.

  20. If Kroger doesn’t change ways, maybe the food companies will. Most places double coupons to 50 cents, but if places don’t double, then perhaps we will start seeing more higher value coupons on Sundays to make up for it.

  21. Maybe they think their customer loyalty base is strong here… maybe it isn’t as strong as they hope.

    I’m not sure what percentage of customers actually use coupons on a regular basis to know if boycotting would even make a difference….

  22. I live 1 1/2 hours away from Cincinnati and my store is still considered a Cincinnati store. I can’t imagine what that will do to our food budget for a family of nine.

  23. I find it interesting that the home of Publix (Florida) doesn’t double Qs, but others do. And now the home of Kroger (Cincinnati if I’m not mistaken) isn’t doubling anymore.

    Hopefully TN doesn’t follow suit 🙂

  24. Kroger in sandusky doesnt double 🙁 then i move to houston and nobody doubles here either. Fail 🙁 lol

  25. Jessica Taylor says:

    Kroger was the only place I shopped, if this is true, I will be headed somewhere else!

  26. I am in Farmville, VA and the Kroger here only doubles to 0.50, whereas a lot of the Kroger stores double to $1.00. Wish they would do that here!

  27. I’m in DFW and Kroger hasn’t doubled since 2011.

  28. WOW!

  29. No no no. I just read an article that this is false! I read that they are ending double coupons in Houston to try a new savings plan. But no where else?

  30. I think Kroger will double think this policy if enough people speak up. Really terrible thing to do especially in this economy. “ByeBye Kroger, Hello Giant Eagle” is all people will need to write on the customer comments cards lol!

  31. jonda shepherd says:

    this stinks I won’t be able to donate as much now. I use to shop at a differnt store might have to go back. I’m so depressed 🙁

  32. James Buck says:

    Bye bye Krogers it was nice shopping there!

  33. Wow, I guess that means less shopping at Kroger for me. Coupons doubling is why I go there so much in the first place. 🙁

  34. I live in Amelia. They are building a huge Krogers about 1 mile away. I am pretty sure it will be inside Amelia not Cincinnati… Cincinnati limits are about 3 miles down 125… anyway to find out if the store is included in the non-doubleing????

  35. Wow, looks like we need to start a protest…. and organize a boycott!

  36. Lower prices will not possibly make up for not doubling coupons.

  37. Oh no! I hope this does not spread to other regions of ohio! Why would they do this? I have a feeling they are going to get A LOT of customer complaints.

  38. wonderful……..I guess I will be driving somewhere else then

  39. this may be a dumb question, but how do I know what region Im in……I go to Tiffins store. Am I considered Great lakes region?

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