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NEW SoftSoap Body Wash Coupon = FREE at Kroger!

2013 8:57 pm

We have a new SoftSoap Body Wash coupon to print tonight that will double for most of us, making it a $1 off just ONE bottle! Many of you are finding these for just $0.88-$1.00 at your Kroger…that’s called FREE! 🙂

$0.50 off one Softsoap Body Wash

Soft Soap Body Wash (7.5 oz) – $0.88-$1.00 (Reg Price)
Use $0.50 off one Softsoap Body Wash printable (doubles to $1.00)
Final cost is FREE!

(thanks Kendra, Karen & everyone else who commented!)

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  1. Courtney B. says:

    At my store (Knoxville, TN), these weren’t in the aisle either-found them on an end cap listed at $1.69-1.89 (can’t remember). This wasn’t a deal I had my heart set on, so I crossed it off. But typically when I see a deal on here that doesn’t match what I find at my store, I have an employee do a price-check on the item. More often than not, the price-check will show that it is on sale. And if you get the right person to do the price-check, they’ll adjust it for you even if it rings up full price. 🙂

  2. Bradley IL. store had them on an end cap marked 10/$10. When I left the store I glanced at my receipt and it was ringing at $1.89. The service desk refunded the difference.

  3. I couldn’t find these anymore 🙁 They used to be on an end cap, but now they are gone.

  4. Drew Russell says:

    These were $1.69 at my store, and my Kroger Marketplace (24 hours) had none of them (or even a place on the shelf for them). Just a heads up to give the store a call before you head out.

  5. Nevermind, I see the size now, thanks Katarina, you take such good care of us!

  6. What size bottles are on sale for .88-1.00? Just want to know if the coupon works with the size before I head to Kroger.

  7. The coupon should work anywhere that accepts manufacturers coupons. It says “Redeemable at Walmart” which is just a shout out and a small advertisement for Walmart. It is still a manufacturers coupon and not a store coupon. If it was only redeemable at Walmart it would say “Redeem only at Walmart”, which some coupons actually say. This is of course a store by store basis but the store would still get paid and shouldn’t throw a fuss.

  8. Coupon will not work anywhere but Walmart. If it does, then kudos.

  9. A HUGE problem at my store!!!!! Ughhhhhhh they say it is a third pary coupon and will not accept them!!! Grrrrrrr

  10. The coupon says Redeemable at Walmart. Will that be a problem?

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