Reach Floss Coupon Reset = $3 Moneymaker at Kroger!!

The Reach Floss coupon just reset!! I was only able to print 1 more copy, but that will at least score me more for FREE!

1/28-2/24 | Reach Floss
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO

Deal Scenario:
Buy (4) Reach Floss – $0.45 each (wyb 10 participating items)
Use (2) $1/2 Reach Floss Product printable – RESET!!
Or $1/2 Reach Floss Product printable
$1/2 Reach Floss Product printable
$1/2 Reach Floss or Access Product from 01/06 SS (exp 2/6)
Pay NOTHING! Get back $3.00 OYNO
Final cost is 4 for FREE + $3 Moneymaker!

If your store is out of these, get a rain check!!

Reach Access Flossers are just $0.49 with the mega sale, but I’m not sure if they will generate the Catalina. These have also been confirmed by several of you to also be generating the Catalina!!

Reach Access Flosser – $0.49 (wyb 10 participating items)
Buy 2, Use $1/2 Reach Floss Product printable – RESET!!
Or $1/2 Reach Floss Product printable
$1/2 Reach Floss Product printable
$1/2 Reach Floss or Access Product from 01/06 SS (exp 2/6)
Pay NOTHING! Get back $3.00 OYNO
Final cost is 4 for FREE + $3 Moneymaker!

(thanks Debbie!)

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  1. Sarah the rain check is the store honoring a product that was sold is separate from the Catalina Network.. You will get the catalina without the raincheck as long you buy the Reach Floss within the promotion period running till 2/24– that is if they keep to it that date..unfortunately from what I understand at my Kroger they are having a hard getting this product..according to the manager every time they place this order it gets scratch by headquarter.. i am thinking due to the sales price and the catalina promotion going on..hth..

  2. I am having the same luck with no floss!! I hit three stores on my way home from work and all were out. I was offered a rain check, but the woman couldn’t tell me if it would still print out the catalina, and if I could still use my coupons on it, does anyone know?

    The other thing I thought about is: even if you don’t have coupons it is still a money maker! (.45X4= $1.80, you still are making $1.20 on the floss with out the coupons which I think is pretty great). That is if the catalina prints out with a rain check?

  3. Anon you are not required to get a raincheck for 10 floss to get the $0.45 price. Rain checks are for when they run out of products and they have to honor that price regardless of how many you want. This is what I was told by my store manager.. I would encourage you to talk to a manager and get the raincheck at the $0.45 price with the quantity you need.. Most of the rain check I got just states the item at what price and the quantity..because lets face it. sometimes when you go redeem the rain checks the store do not have all the quantity.. i get what is available at the time and come back later for more.
    I plan to get a rain check for 3 hungry jack potatoes @$1.05 and 10 floss and 12 tooth brush @$0.45 if they do not restock them by next Wednesday. Those are the mega sale price.. All of them are going to the donation bin :)

  4. Hi my store they are $0.99 with the mega sale..i bought 16 coupons for $1/2, so making them about ~$0.50 each..which is a steal to me..i got tired of running out of marinade and paying the full price for i am going to stock up!

  5. I had a very rude customer service lady tell me that she would write a raincheck for me, but that I have to buy 10 flosses to get the mega sale price of $.45 each! Is this correct?!?

  6. When I got the rain check I asked if I’d be able to get the mega-sale price, and she said yes, as long as I purchased 10 items (and she marked this on my rain check). This was in the Cary, NC, Kroger. Since my coupons don’t expire for a few weeks yet, I’m hoping they’ll restock before the Catalina deal runs out. :-)

  7. katherine says:

    I went to several Kroger stores this week and they are all out of Reach Floss, Access Flossers, and Toothbrushes. The DRUG GM told me the warehouse is out, so they can’t replenish the stores. They are giving Rain Checks for the sale price. They have no idea when they will get anymore in. Boo:(

  8. Claudette says:

    What’s the deal on the Lawry marinades? Love this brand too.

  9. Claudette says:

    I don’t know how many times I went to the store to get me some free floss but they are always out…I even tried the other closest store but still no floss. Can I prre order them? My coupons are about to expire too, I think 2-06-13. Thanks.

  10. Thanks Rose!!!!

  11. Robbie, I think that will depend on your store..Last year the max that I ever had a rain check for was 30 bottles of Ice Mountain 3L.. This week I plan to get 30 bottles of the Lawry marinade–i love to grill.. They always run out of my favorite flavor and I am still waiting on my Lawry coupons to come. hth..

  12. How many would be ok to get a rain check for?

  13. Thanks..only limit 1 print :(

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