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Reminder! FREE Ten Soda Sample at Kroger Today!

2013 7:30 am

Today, Friday March 8th, Kroger is going to be giving away FREE soda samples between 4 and 8 pm! So if you plan on making a trip to Kroger today be on the lookout for this nice little freebie.

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  1. I found the free samples at my store, they gave eavh customer a can of soda of which ever flavor they chose. And they were also handing out coupons for .75 off a 2 liter, making them only .25 this week!

  2. I went and didn’t find the free samples and my Kroger had no idea about what I was talking about either.

  3. my opinion says:

    Once again I am dissappointed by Kroger in NC. Went to 2 stores and asked after I didnt find a display in the store and neither customer service had a clue as to what I was talking about, even though they were running an overhead commercial throughout the store via speakers. UGGGGHHHH our kroger stores are absolutely the worst.

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