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Kroger Mid-Atlantic Region | No More Double Coupons Starting May 12th

2013 11:00 am


Well, the rumors are true. I have been bombarded this week with comments and emails that your Mid-Atlantic Kroger stores were no longer doubling coupons (thanks to Kroger employees spilling the beans). Bill with Coupons in the News also contacted me last night that he received an official statement confirming this.  I was going to wait for the official release from Kroger, but since it’s basically front page news at this point, I wanted to confirm that this is true.

For those of you in the Mid-Atlantic region (which encompasses stores in North Carolina, Virginia, most of West Virginia, and tiny adjacent slivers of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio) – this policy change will be taking effect May 12th. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

There are promises of lower pricing to help offset this new policy change.


At this point, ONLY the Mid-Atlantic region (Cincinnati region and Texas regions have already seen this policy take effect) has been affected by this change and I will be updating if and when other regions follow suit.

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I will update with the official press release when I receive it.

I also wanted to pass along the information that I received from my Columbus/Great Lakes Region marketing contact:

“While business needs could dictate changes be made at some point we currently do not have plans to make any changes in the coupon policy for Columbus Division Kroger stores.”

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  3. Thanks for finally talking about >Kroger Mid-Atlantic Region | No
    More Double Coupons Starting May 12th – Kroger Krazy <Loved it!

  4. Add Jackson, TN to the list now. Our “new lower prices” are bologna here. They have been steadily increasing for months only to be “lowered” to a previously high price. The packaging sizes have decreased tremendously, too. No more Kroger for me.

  5. I have been a loyal Kroger shopper in the Raleigh, NC area. I went last week to purchase my regular grocery list and not only have they stopped doubling coupons, but they have also not gone down in prices at all. If anything, there were less items on sale than normal. I vowed that I will start doing my own price comparison shopping with Walmart and Lowes foods. I think that this was a bad move for Kroger.

  6. Well, Kroger has just absolutely lost 100% of my business as of May 12th. I frequent them often but I fortunately live in the Raleigh/Durham NC region and this week we are having TRIPLE coupons at Harris Teeter up to .99 and at the same time SUPER DOUBLES up to $2 at Lowes Foods all in the same week. SO, Its a no brainer where I will take my coupons. And BOTH of these stores DOUBLE up to $.99 EVERYDAY (unlike kroger .50) These 2 family owned grocery chains are spread throughout the mid-atlantic region so it seems as though Kroger would realize they will LOSE coupon using customers. Aside from the fuel perks theres no real reason for us here in mid-atlantic to go back. Shame on Kroger for hurting the families who are not economically advantaged areas also.

  7. I would not replace Kroger with Walmart, personally, but there is a lovely Meijer store(s) in Columbus. Great prices, clean, friendly customer service.

  8. Really really so you are all willing to go to the low price leader simply because kroger not doubling coupons . Enjoy the shopping experience.

  9. Lineth, I am so old school, I am not even on Facebook, so I wouldnt have a clue how to start a petition lol.

    If anyone else wants to start one though I would sign up and sign it! I live in Columbus,OH and Kroger is “THE” grocery store everyone here knows and goes to. The Columbus Zoo does special promotions with them also. So I really think they would get a huge backlash from customers if they stopped doubling.

  10. penny I think is a great idea is there any way you can find out how to start a petition, maybe a page on Facebook were people can sing it

  11. Has anyone considered a preemptive plan to contact the Columbus area Kroger headquarters and let them know how much business they will lost if they also adopt this no doubling policy?

    I think we need a petition. Anyone up to starting one? Seriously, I think it is a great idea.

    I depend on coupon doubling, and I will do most of my shopping at Meijer if they stop doubling.

  12. Just went to my local Kroger (Lynchburg, VA) and brought it up to the cashier, she had no idea and flipped out. She immediately called over the manager and the manager confirmed.


  13. I also agree with Lineth- I think the policy of only allowing “5 like coupons per transaction” started at my area stores BECAUSE of that show.

  14. Lineth – I agree!!! with EVERYTHING you said!

  15. I feel so bad for all of the families that depend on the double couponing to make ends meet and to feed their families (including myself). Fortunately for me, I have Kroger, Giant Eagle, Wal-mart, Meijers, and Target all in one area. When my Kroger changes their policy, I will not be shopping there due to having a lot of other stores in the same area to choose from. Currently 90% of my shopping is at Kroger, but will change to Giant Eagle when the change takes effect here in the Great Lakes Region. I have also decided to start canning my veggies and I am going to be looking into buying a cow and pig to deep freeze to save on my meat expenses. The great thing about that, I will be helping my local farmers. With all of the “couponers”, it was no surprise to see a change and possibly more to come. I guess I will just have to plan out my trips to the “T” and dedicate 1 full day to couponing and hit several stores to get all of my deals and to save money on my shopping trips.

  16. Didn’t anybody at Kroger get the JcPenney memo!?!? Don’t mess with your customer’s coupons–bad, bad, bad!!!

  17. Well I think we have to thank TLC for their extreme coupon show. I firmly believe this is a consequence of the abuse of this show and the idea that some people had that they will save so much money on the store clearing the shelves and using coupons in a improper way. But oh well as a couponer we have to find another way to save money and stick to our budget. I`m not a fan of walmart I think their costumer service is the worst. But is just my two cents in all of this

  18. My krogers here in Peoria, IL doesn’t double coupons either. At least that’s what they told me.

  19. Sad to hear…think that will do our krogers in , for they are opening a store tomorrow a couple blocks away that not only doubles.. but goes up to .99, and with krogers high prices here just don’t see them making it against wal-mart and the new store, none of the others have lasted …and I love kroger but bills have to be paid and I’m not going to pay their reg.prices when almost everyone else is a lot cheaper 🙁

  20. I’m in that little sliver of northeast Tennessee. I’m so disappointed. Katarina, I get on here every day and ALWAYS check for updates before I go to the store. Thank you for everything you do! I have consistently saved 50% on my Kroger grocery bills. I’m sure I will continue to shop there….there’s not much else here.

  21. Khaleelah says:

    Couponing has really helped me and I’ve been able to help others as well through my deals. I even have routed my family & friends here Katarina. I am feeling for those areas where the doubling has stopped. I really hope Kroger takes into consideration the impact this will have on their shoppers as I can see many will choose other stores.

  22. I agree with LauraD143, as I live below her. The prices on produce have went down in our area but the majority of the “lower prices” are on Kroger brand items. It’s really a bummer during the mega sales as that’s when you can really see a difference as far as how much it’ll cost you. I try to rely on internet coupons as they are generally higher in value, especially on General Mills products. Times are tough and it’s so sad to see these corporations put profit ahead of customers.

  23. A lot of people in my particular area rely on SNAP (food stamps) to support their families. Doubling coupons helps those folks stretch what little support they are receiving. This is unfortunate and will most certainly be a blow (however small) to the economy here. I’ve been hearing more and more about Food Lion lately so it looks like I may be shopping there very shortly.

  24. They haven’t done this where I live, but I find myself using less insert coupons and more ecoupons and facebook/printable coupons. The newspapers are sold out as soon as the dollar store is open and there is no way I’m going to wait in line for 30 minutes Sunday morning, so I just get my delivered copy and any that my friends give me. Even if I have insert coupons, the shelves are cleared unless I can get to the store in the first few hours of a new sale. Trying to use insert coupons has been crazy lately so I prefer digital and facebook coupon deals because there are limits so there is no shelf clearing.

  25. I think they are grossly underestimating how much people still love paper coupons and depend on the doubling.

    As far as electronic coupons are concerned, half the time they do not even come off my bill and I have to go to customer serivce, show them it is loaded to my card, and get my money back. HUGE HASSLE.

    Old school is better when it comes to coupons IMHO- Paper!

  26. Well this is really disappointing news

  27. LauraD143 says:

    I’m in the Cinci region (Dayton, OH to be exact) and unfortunately where I saw the most price reductions was on Kroger brands and in the ethnic food section. Now, having said that, their weekly deals on produce have been much better. And the mega sale prices seem to be the same. Meijer still doubles two like coupons per transaction here and their prices are at or below Kroger on things I buy regularly so now Meijer is my main store and I just buy items at Kroger that are a better deal than at Meijer that week. Used to be flipped.

    I’d be curious what others are seeing in regular price reductions in the stores that have stopped doubling.

  28. This blows!! I love, love love Kroger and even more becasue they double. I will have to see how much lower to offset this change before I stop shopping there and go to Martin’s.

  29. Just as an FYI…Kroger’s stopped doubling in the Cincinnati region at the beginning of March.

  30. Jennifer says:

    I hate when stores start tampering with their coupon policy. Our Meijer was on the list to discontinue using coupons and the store was FLOODED with calls, emails and posts on their Facebook page. In the end, they decided not to stop doubling because we have several grocery stores in the area that still double. If enough people contact them, using respect and being polite but firm, their persistence may pay off. Good luck to you all!

  31. Jennifer kibodeaux says:

    I live in a little town called Sulphur, Louisiana so far our Kroger is still doubling and tripling coupons. I feel so bad for the areas that have stopped cause this is. Are hard times we are living in and coupons have helped my family to the point of making it or not! And I know other family’s are in the same position!

  32. This is a tough one. I love, love, love my Kroger! The cashiers and management are fantastic, and I’ve FINALLY figured out how to coupon there successfully. I’ve never price-matched before, and I’m not a huge fan of Walmart. We have Farm Fresh that doubles and sometimes triples their coupons, but their prices are typically higher. Ugh…what to do, what to do…. 🙁

  33. Well this is disappointing! I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to shop.

  34. It is no surprise that this has happened. I really believe in time paper coupons will be a thing of the past since you can load coupons to your saving’s card. My Kroger lowered prices drastically sometime ago. No matter what happens, I will under no circumstances shop at Wal-Mart.

  35. There will be a lot of people stop shopping at Kroger and just ad match at Walmart! I have always shopped at Kroger because they double coupons. If it stops here I guess I’ll just be shopping Walmart to make it a one stop shopping day!

  36. I feel so bad for my hometown in northeast Tenn where the Mid-Atlantic region kroger customers will have to make their own adjustments!!! I’ve been helping my family shop at kroger with coupons to save money so now they’ll have to do it in a different way!! They may would rather shop at Ingles where it’s the only store in Tenn and NC that doubles coupons so Ingles may will be busy for a while for those who want to take advantage of double coupons. I love ingles’ bogo deals that you can use 2 coupons and they do save lots of money so I’m feeling for yall!!!

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