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NEW Dove Hair Care Coupon = Kroger Moneymaker!!!

2013 4:48 pm


As of Saturday morning (7/13), the Catalina is NO LONGER PRINTING ON JUST ONE BOTTLE!!!

Holy Cats this coupon could NOT come at a better time!!ย Dove just released a $1 couponย that will turn this awesome Dove Catalina deal at Kroger into a moneymaker!! (thanks Lynn!)

Just go HERE and click where it says “Get $1 Coupon”, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled, then click the next coupon link. When you’re done printing your first copy, go back to the original link and print a second one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dove Catalinaย Dove Catalina

As you may already know we have a $3 Catalina generating on Dove Hair Care when you purchase 2. However, the Catalina is currently generating when you buy JUST 1 of them!!

Dove Catalina Kroger

6/23 – 8/7 |ย Dove Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products
Buy (2) = $3.00 OYNO (generating on JUST one!!!)

Updated Deal Scenario:
Buy (1) Dove Shampoo or Conditioner (12 oz) – $3.17 (Reg Price)

Use $1/1 Dove Hair Care (excludes trial/travel & Men+Care) printable
Pay $2.17, get back $3.00 OYNO (thru 8/7)
Final cost is FREE + $0.83 Moneymaker!!


  • As of 11 AM (EST), this is still working in ALL KROGER REGIONS, but can be pulled at any time.
  • This Catalina is printing as a MANUFACTURER Cat, which means these are limit 1 per transaction (this has been tested and it is for sure limit 1 per transaction).ย Be sure to purchase these ONE AT A TIME to ensure your Catalinas print on each item.
  • As always, Kroger Catalinas DO ROLL (99.9% of the time) so use the $3 Catalina you earned from this transaction to purchase another one (and so on). ๐Ÿ™‚
  • YES – this is working on the Dove Stylers and Dove+Men Care products, but these are higher priced at over $4 at my store so you’ll pay a bit more.

Read more about Kroger Catalinas.

(thanks Kendra & Lynn!)

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  1. Not working in LR Arkansas.

  2. No longer working in Memphis.

  3. Marianne says:

    This morning at the Newport, KY Kroger the catalina didn’t print after the first transaction so I put the second bottle on the second transaction but the catalina still didn’t print. Perhaps both bottles have to be on the same transaction? I was in a hurry and so I didn’t stop by the CS desk but will do that next week to see what is happening since the catalina deal is listed on the shelf tag. (though it’s $3.47 here).

  4. In Colorado worked on Friday, Saturday morning tried again, no Catalina, was fun while it lasted.

  5. In S. Oregon, not working on one….is catalina still working if you buy 2?

  6. Stopped working at my Kroger in Greencastle Indiana.

  7. It’s dead. Got the cat yesterday, today it didn’t print. The machine gave me the Campbell’s cat so I know it was working. All good things must come to an end ๐Ÿ™

  8. Tried at 7:00 Friday night and did not work in Findlay, OH. Did anyone else get it to work in Findlay recently?

  9. Just got back from Kroger in Toledo/Oregon, Ohio it is still working as of 1015pm tonight!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Had a wonderful cashier who told me to go ahead and go back and get more she didnt mind scanning each coupong one at a time..I walked out with 24 bottles ๐Ÿ™‚ (and I didnt clear the shelf) they had ALOT there.

  10. just came back from krogers and its still working around 8pm in Houston.

  11. went to the store in licoln park,MI..NOT working…mayba bc I went thru U-SCAN??

  12. We found a $1/1 Men’s Dove Hair Care tearpad at WAGS– the Dove Men’s is $3.99 at my store, so with the $3 Cat and the the $1/1 tearpad= FREE!

  13. flash2372 says:

    Is this working in Kentucky?

  14. Marquitta says:

    The “glitch” is still working in my Delta Region (Mississippi) @3:45pm central time

  15. I went back to the original store I bought them last night and got the catalina so it is working at one of my stores. I have a third store to try tonight.

  16. MARIA C says:

    I just did this in an Indianapolis, IN Kroger (3:34 pm) and it is still printing one $3 catalina for 1 bottle. I had one bottle in one transaction and received the $3 catalina. Then I had a second bottle in a second transaction and received another $3 catalina. WHOOT!

  17. HEATHER says:

    still working in the Columbus area as of 12pm today

    • I am in IL and it did not work for me at 11pm last night :(…It was reported working earlier in the day. Central region must have caught on.

      • Alexis, I’m in central Illinois, and it worked for me all the way until 3am when I left the store. Did you double check your catalina machine? Hope it works out for you some how!

      • Catalinas are updated between 11pm and 1am. You might have tried it while it was updating which would cause it not to print. I did this deal around 8:30 tonight in Illinois and it worked perfect.

  18. Did not work in MO as of 11:45 this AM! Sad face!!

  19. This didn’t work for me in keller as of today.

  20. Still working in Northern IN as of 1:30PM

  21. Does anyone know if this is working in CO?

  22. michelle says:

    I have a question. The 1/1 coupon for the Dove Product states max. of 2 identical coupons allowed in the same shopping trip. Does this mean that I can only use 2 per transaction or does it mean total for that whole trop? I’m confused. I was going to do 6 transactions with 1 shampoo each and use 1 coupon at each transaction. I usually do the self help line. Can someone help me:)

  23. worked in cincinnati ohio last night

  24. worked in Bowling Green, OH last night — I did 4 transactions at u scan just after midnight (had to get my double gas points LOL) I might have done more but I noticed the cashier made a comment about not being able to do more transactions with coupons. I was only using the catalina, but since this store has turned into not being very coupon friendly I didnt want to push it.

  25. Worked in Raleigh, NC last night. I did 6 transactions at the Uscan with no problems at all.

  26. Michelle says:

    This worked like a dream in Keller, TX (DFW). Bought one, got a $3 catalina…kept making single bottle transactions…wonderful! Thank you so much. Wondering if it is still working today…

  27. cheryll says:

    will kroger correct this once they find out like walgreens does?

  28. Worked for me in Salt Lake City. 3.17 each. I made 61 cents per bottle.

  29. Working in Houston Texas

  30. It worked for me here in Dayton, Ohio. Bought 2 bottles but mine was 3.69 each. I will go back for more. Thank you, Katarina!

  31. Worked for me this evening in Vinton, Va (Roanoke area), mid Atlantic division. Catalina printed with purchase of 1. Because I am a very regular shopper at this store, I don’t have issues with most cashiers with multiple transactions. However, I do keep in mind the number of shoppers when I am there. If store is busy, I also utilize U scan.

  32. Its working in my Columbus area Kroger.

  33. Every time I have multiple transactions in the same shopping trip I tell the person working the customer service desk what I want to do. Every time I do this the person working at the service desk pops over to a register to help me with my transactions. I find this much easier than when I used to hog a checkout line and risk people behind me getting mad.

    • I like this idea! Thanks for sharing it, Jourdan. I have found that if I am polite and friendly, the cashiers (most times) are nice too! There are a few that act like they just ate 10 lemons – I avoid their lines.

    • Seems like my customer service desk always has a line a mile long……

  34. It worked perfectly in lexington, KY. I used eggs as a filler in 3 different transactins

  35. I would suggest using the U-scan check out lanes for this, then your not holding up a line or bothering a cashier at check out. Gonna try in Toledo, Ohio tomorrow.

    • Lee Anna says:

      thats what i do…

    • ticked lol i had a 3 dollar catalina leftover and wouldnt u know outta all my coupons i have i cant find it, was gonna use this to pay for the first shampoo, and keep going on with the other catalinas smh ๐Ÿ™

  36. I just did it at my local Kroger, which is called Gerbes/Dillions, in MO!!! It worked buying one shampoo at a time. I bought 2 and used the $3 catalinas for organic milk!!

  37. Sportmom3 says:

    Do you have to use a filler or do you get the .80 overage?

  38. Tiffany says:

    WORKING in NW OHIO ;o) Thanks Katrina!!!!

  39. Works in Central Indiana.

  40. Abigail says:

    I just went to Kroger in West Virginia. Didn’t see the coupon post, but it worked fine! Each bottle ended up costing me 36 cents after tax. Thank you for the heads up on this one, as this is something I buy often!

  41. It worked for me at my store it was 3.49 with tax was 3.70 and got a 3.00 Cat.
    St Clair, Mi. Thanks so much!!!

  42. Has anyone tried it in Richmond, VA/Mid-Atlantic Region? Wanted to check before going this weekend. Thank you so much. It is helpful to know and if the Cat works in my region.

    • Christine says:

      It is working in Virginia Beach, VA (mid-atlantic) And you only have to buy one to get the catalina and it rolls too. Price in my area is 2.98 for the shampoo and conditioner.

  43. Airboss says:

    Thanks for the great tip! Worked at the Kroger in Frisco, TX just like you posted. I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into this site!

  44. Lee Anna says:

    i just went to my lapeer, mi kroger store and the deal is indeed working.. and rolling catalinas… did 8 total transactions/.. and helped a non couponer get the same deal. and now shes gunna start couponing.. and using this website from my suggestion….

    • I’m curious, how do you do 8 transaction? I usually only do 2 because I’m afraid my cashier would not be happy about it.

    • When you all do multiple transactions – do you have the same cashier do them back to back. (i.e. ring up 1st transaction, pay for it, get catalina, ring up 2nd transaction, pay for it, get catalina, etc, etc…..)??? until you are done.

      Or do you do transaction #1, pay for it, get catalina. Then go back to isle – get item #2, get back in line, pay for it, get catalina, then repeat, etc…..

      If option #1, are most cashiers cooperative of that? And also other shoppers in line behind you. Just curious. I hate holding people up and causing delays, etc., as I usually do option #2 above.

      • Lee Anna says:

        i use dif u scans.. never been told to not do it,.. and the cashiers all know me quite well… if thiers a long line. i will finish the transaction that im on and go back in the uscan line…. nd wait till another uscan is avaliable…..

  45. Working in Memphis.

  46. Maybe everyone that posts if it works or not can also post their location, so we can find out if this is a highly regional catalina like the Cheerios one.

  47. @dana If the deal doesn’t work for me then it’s probably its the area your in isn’t participating. I’ve seen a few deals everyone else has but for some reason my area doesn’t. Doesn’t make sense. When it happens I just let it be. Nothing they can do. I tried this deal and it worked for me.

  48. Just tried this without coupons as this post wasn’t up before going to the store. I asked to pay for them in separate transactions. No catalina after the this first bottle. So I said something to the cashier. He said his printer wasn’t working and asked what I was thinking the Q would be. Then he rang up the 2nd bottle and gave me the $3 off that, but of course no cat printed with that transaction. I didn’t want to push it because the deal obviously is not working as it is posted and what leg would I have to stand on in arguing. What would you guys have done?

    • This was in Colorado at King Soopers. The cashier did say that the printer wasn’t working, so there’s a chance maybe it does actually work here. They had the $3 off two posted on the shelf, so who knows!? I will probably print the coupons and try to do two together like the sign says so that way I can for sure get the Cat.

      • Heather says:

        Before you cash out, always ask your cashier to check their printer and look for a green light. Although, we don’t always get some of the good deals at King Soopers.

  49. Is this Dove catalina regional? I went to my local Kroger store (Smith’s) but didn’t see the sale tag showing the catalina Q offer. I didn’t want to chance it so I didn’t but anything. Thanks.

  50. Michele, I had to disable my popup blocker.

  51. Michele says:

    Can’t get the coupon to print. It goes to a “thank you” page, but it never sends it to the printer. Printer status is fine….

  52. Bought two and only received one catalina. I’m in Colorado springs

    • Kelly, if you read through the post it explains that these are limit 1 reward per transaction. In order to receive multiple Catalinas, you’ll need to purchase them 1 at a time. Separate transactions.

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