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*RARE* Tyson FRESH Chicken Coupon!!

2013 1:47 pm

Tyson Chicken coupon

Hurry to print this RARE Tyson Fresh Chicken coupon!! Meat coupons are few and far between, so print it while you can!

(thanks Frugal and Coupon Crazy!)

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  3. im in Arkansas and it said it on mine… sad about it… 1.00 is a good savings on chicken..

  4. I just printed them and it says nothing about NC.

  5. Heather, Thanks for the answer that I really already knew. I hopped over to your blog and read a little. Then I saved it to my favorites. I think I will enjoy reading it!

  6. Guess I will toss it. Ha, wish I had known before I printed it. I waste a lot of ink with coupons I never get to use. Pretty often, I can’t even find the product in any of my stores. Good luck, all! My Kroger just stopped doubling. I am pretty sad about that.

  7. So is it ok to use it or not? Mine says North Carolina too at the bottom of the page.

  8. Stephanie S. says:

    I printed two and both have “This coupon is only redeemable in the state of North Carolina” printed on them. 🙁

  9. I’m in Euharlee, GA and my coupon didn’t have anything about North Carolina.
    Thanks so much for the coupon….it will be nice to save on chicken.

  10. Candice says:

    Mine says only redeemable in the state of North Carolina as well, but it at the bottom of the page. Maybe it will still work since it is not stated on the coupon itself.??

  11. I just printed 2 and mine says nothing about N Carolina. It just says save $1 on one package of Tyson fresh chicken. I even read the fine print and it doesn’t say anything about N Carolina either. I’m in AZ and printed from Safari browser.

    • its says the same on mine. i only printed this coupon and after the coupon was printed there’s a print of “This coupon is only redeemable in the state of north carolina. its not in the coupon itself so i guess we can use it still.

      • Ok, now I see it. Thanks for pointing that out to me Rachel. We usually get the simple truth organic or natural chicken so I wasn’t sure I’d use this coupon anyway.

  12. This happened the last time it came out. I don’t think I’ll print it since I’m not likely to visit North Carolina anytime soon 🙂

  13. This is printing with wording that it’s only redeemable in NC at the bottom. Strange that it’s not on the coupon itself.

  14. My coupon printed only North Carolina also.

  15. Hi this coupon is for North Carolina stores only so I’m afraid it won’t be qualified in Ohio stores

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