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No Kroger Free Friday Download This Week

2013 10:34 pm

kroger free friday download

I was just NOT going to talk about the Kroger FREE Friday Download this week because there ISN’T one, but since I’ve had this question asked about 25 times TODAY alone – I kid you not…(don’t mess with your Friday freebies!) I thought it best to address here on the blog.

No Free Friday Download this week!! 🙁

FREE Friday Download

I did notice that the website said come back on 9/13, so unless they change it, it looks like this freebie awesome-ness will continue at Kroger.

Might I suggest you let Kroger know how much you love this promo and maybe they will keep it up?

View the latest Free Friday Download HERE.

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    great job love the free fridays


    lillie love the free fridays greart job

  3. I would rather they doubled coupons instead of a free item (that often is out of stock) since they do not offer a substitute item.

    I now look for the freebie FIRST and leave if it is not available.

    In TX, H.E.B. often is cheaper and they require NO card. Example: wine at Kroger $12.99; same wine at H.E.B. $10.97. Frozen entree at Kroger $3.99; same item at H.E.B. $2.97.

  4. Next week is Emerald breakfast on the go!

  5. Keep the freebies coming! Love it!!!!

  6. What a disappointment. No Friday Free offer. Look forward to it each week. Shooting yourself in the foot if you stop it. People come in for the freebie and always do more shopping. Don’t send more people to Wal-Mart by stopping this like Meijer did.

  7. There is one next week. I work at Kroger and saw it on the sales plan. Can’t remember what it was, though…something to do with candy, maybe?

  8. I have had past issue where I try looking for the coupon at mid night and the next morning for a few hours its still not there but half way thru the day it is.

  9. I love the free Friday promotion. Got a snickers coupon with the new kick off game hopefully it will return next friday

  10. paul and elaine says:

    Too bad…no Friday Free Download coupon. It was such a fun treat to see what we were going to try next. Hope it continues!!

  11. I was wondering too m My 3rd week and they were out of last weeks freebie thanks Kroger please dont stop free friday I go out of my way because of this

  12. The increased revenue from no longer doubling in many regions probably gives them the money to do the free Friday downloads 🙂

  13. Love the free download, hope they continue. Thanks for the update!

  14. Bummer! I’d been wondering too…. but it’s been really nice! 🙂 The chips, salsa, and pop came in handy for a party here lately!

  15. Also blah to me having a female avatar when I am a guy lol

  16. Kind of sucks but hey I am happy they have been doing this promotion kind of nice to try new stuff without wondering why did I spend that money heh. Honestly I am going to email them and express my gratitude for this promotion and I wouldn’t get mad at Kroger because they don’t have to offer us freebies but it is nice they are!

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