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Possible Total Purchase Kroger Coupon!?

2013 10:20 am

kroger coupon

Check your emails to see if you received a total purchase coupon from Kroger! Not everyone is getting it, but MANY of you are! It is NOT sharable…just exclusive to you if you get it.

Here are just a few of the comments I am getting:

  • “$7/70 Kroger!” (pictured above) ~ Lacey
  • “Just a heads up that I had a ‘$7 off any order $70 or more” digital coupon available to load in my Customer Best Exclusives digital coupons. Maybe others (or everyone) got one, too.” ~ Diana
  • “Check your email. I got a Kroger email today that let me load a $7.00 off $70.00 purchase coupon to my card. Wasn’t sure if this was an individual offer or if it was available to everyone?” ~ Jessica
  • I got another $5/$50 yesterday and someone else got a $6/$60.” ~ Heather

Check your Kroger emails and let us know if and what you receive as well!! 😀

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  1. I’m in the Atlanta division and I’m wondering if those of you who received something are in any particular area/region or if these offers are chain wide?


    thank u

  3. Could someone explain when the $7 would come off??? For example after all mega event items are deducted. I know it is before my coupons are scanned. Thanks!!

    • I had the $5/$50 ecoupon the other day, and it deducted based on pre-MegaSale prices. I wasn’t expecting that, but was super excited when it did!

  4. I had a 5/50 coupon!

  5. I got a $5 off $50. After discounts means their sale prices, not after coupons, right??

  6. I never get any mailings or emails from Kroger! And I’m opted in to everything. Guess I’m going to have to call customer service because it sounds like I’m missing out!

  7. I realized I never get emails from Kroger so I decided to investigate. I went to, logged in, clicked on My Account, then Account Settings, then Email Preferences. Sure enough, I was not opted in to anythinhg. I selected all of the options and hopefully I will get future emails like these.

    • Thank you so much Wendi, I was having the same problem and I wrote to them and they simply said to check if my email was right and it was. They did not solve my problem, but you did! Thanks again!!

  8. Nothing so far on my account.

  9. I got $5/$50 purchase. Love it!

  10. How do you get to the “my Customer Best Exclusives digital coupons” page?

  11. I hope I get one of those! I had an email yesterday for “Buy any Expressions from Hallmark holiday boxed cards, get one FREE” best customer exclusive.

  12. Jaime Metcald says:

    I also received a $5/$50…very pleased!!

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