FREE Croods DVD at Kroger!?

croods coupon

Not only can you score the Epic DVD for FREE at Kroger, but you may also be able to pick up The Croods for FREE as well!! These were full price at my store, but Brinna found it for only $4.99, so FREE after the $5 Croods coupon!! Take your coupon and be on the lookout for this price at your store too!!

Croods coupon

The Croods DVD – $4.99 
Use $5/1 Epic on DVD or Blu-ray printable
Final cost is FREE!

This movie is hilarious. I laughed OUT LOUD more times than I’d care to say. :)

(thanks Brinna!)

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  1. went to print the coupon for the epic and croods but the site would not let me . very sad was going to get the and watch them with my grand kids. but now there is no movie nite for christmas

    • stopped offering these coupons about a week ago. Many high-value coupons have limited availability – limited by time and/or by total number of people who’ve printed them.

      Kroger still has a bunch of other less-recent movies for less than $5 this month, no coupons needed, just go look in the holiday DVD bins.

  2. In the Detroit area, The Croods is marked $19.99 but scans $4.99. Boo-yah!! Most stores have a special giant holiday display with various movies. It took me four Krogers to find it, but to quote Borat, “Great success!”

  3. Did anyone find them in Louisville, Ky?

  4. My Kroger in Toledo rang the crocks at $19.99 and $5 off with card. Less coupon it was still $9.99. Got 2 and not sure if I will keep them

  5. Hi- which stores/region is this on sale exactly? They were $19.99-$29.99 at some of my local stores that I checked near Hebron/Heath Ohio. Is it the general consensus that they will be marked $19.99 but ring up differently?? I made a special trip for this deal yesterday and was greatly disappointed.

    • I picked one up at Lawrenceburg IN yesterday (also in Cincinnati region) it rang 19.99 til I put my card in then it adjusted to 4.99 so with coupon I got it for free!

  6. Thank you Katie for posting this deal! I went to the store and it rang up $19.99 with my card but the sign said $4.99 Black Friday so they had to give me that price! I was able to get 2!!! Great for gifts! The clerk said the $4.99 was a special price for Black Friday but since they didn’t take the sign down I was still able to get it! Yea!

  7. Croods ringing up for $14.99 in central Virginia.

  8. Look for the Green Holiday 2013 Stickers. Mine was marked 19.99 but rang up 4.99 w/card.

  9. At my Kroger the movie was $19.99 and it rang $19.99. It was not on sale.

  10. These we’re tagged $19.99 at my store but I didn’t think to try to scan one to see if they rang up different, bummer, I should have! I couldn’t find any of the Epic ones though…

  11. Could anyone who did find The Croods describe where it was, and in what kind of display? I checked all the DVD displays I could find at my Kroger today, unsuccessfully, and the employees had no idea if they had it at all.

    • I found it in the Christmas sale bin at one in Indianapolis!

    • You can find them on the DVD displays. I went to two stores. The smaller store had the display at the front entrance, but they didnt have the movie. I went to a larger store which had a DVD display near the pharmacy and I found the movie there. This is in MI.

  12. These were not tagged as on sale at my store, but they came up $4.99 for the Croods and $6.99 for Epic. Thanks for the tips! Free Christmas gifts for the kids!

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