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2 New Savings Tools! 52 Week Challenge & Savings Tracker!

2013 10:23 pm

Welp! It’s the last day of the year and that means tomorrow marks a fresh start for SAVINGS! Here are 2 great tools to help you reach your savings goals in 2014!

First up I have this nice little 52 Week Savings Challenge chart that will aid you in saving over $1300 in 2014! Print it out and hang it on the fridge!

Additionally, here is a fantastic tool to help you track your savings throughout the year! View the 2014 Savings Summary spreadsheet HERE.

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  1. Jennifer Nolan says:

    Do you have a 2015 spreadsheet available? BTW, you totally rock! Great website!

  2. Katie, can you explain how to download and save the spreadsheet? I have tried 3 times and still cannot get it. Thanks.

  3. Okay, maybe I’m missing something here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the “OOP” Column is supposed to be in the spreadsheet. Can anyone help? What do I enter here?

  4. There are some formula errors on the Summary page. Original Amount and Coupons and Discounts are wrong for sure. Maybe others.

  5. Thank you, Katie for the money challenge worksheet.

  6. Katie I have down loaded and still cant type in boxes. 🙁 I have delete 2x and re downloaded. nothing works. You might have to another video for us spreadsheet idiots. lol.

  7. I had heard about the 52 week money saving challenge. I was happy to find the worksheet for it hear on your site. Thank you so much for this as well as the tip for going backwards. Since I am still hurting for money for January I am going to use a different method. I am going to mix it up. If I am able to put more money towards it then I will mark off the amount I am able to pay that week. I just hope I don’t make it more difficult on my self doing it this way, but times are hard. 🙂

  8. When I open the spreadsheet it won’t let me type anything in the boxes? Anyone know why?

  9. Hello,

    Could someone tell me if Iam suppose to download the savings summary spreadsheet to my computer to use it? Thank you very much for this neat idea

    • Mary Ann, click the link and it should open as a google doc (may need to be singed into your google account). Then if you go to File >> Download >> there are several options to save it to your computer depending on what program you want to use.

  10. 3 ice cubes once a week placed on top of the dirt(same day every week), away from any drafts or heat sources, but in a setting of indirect light, so just make sure you open your blinds up(which I’m sure you do)… when it is daylight:)…. Not an expert, but this is what I have read about them:)

  11. yes , well all my plants tend to die also , do not have a green thumb, but heard if you put an asprin in the dirt it helps . worth a try , beautiful flower/plant.

  12. well I really like that saving tool , sounds like a good idea, and going to try that. thanks Katie , love your videos.

  13. So, even though I know nothing about orchids, can you tell me what goes in the “Cash Back Used” column on the spreadsheet? Obviously I need a “Savings Summary Spreadsheet for Dummies” lesson as well as an “Orchids for Dummies” lesson.

    • It’s okay, Orchid Dummy…I thought an Orchid was a whale…imagine my surprise when one was sitting on Katie’s counter.

    • I’m still confused about the Cash Back Used column. I thought perhaps it was the late hour and waiting up for my teens that was hindering my understanding when I originally looked at the spreadsheet. But, well, in the light of day, I’m still lost. I’m sure it must be something obvious.

      And I guess I’d need to know what the Cash Back Earned column means, too. Is it Catalina OYNO coupons? Something else?

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