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Kroger “Win Your Shopping List” $50 Instant Win!

2013 12:18 pm

win your shopping list

The oh so awesome “Win Your Shopping List” giveaweay is BACK! You have the chance to win $50 toward your next shopping trip just from building your shopping list for the Buy 5, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event online. If you’ve been around for a bit you should be an old pro at this one. Kroger Krazy readers are usually big winners for this promo too! 😉

win your shopping list

  • Go HERE and select your store
  • Click “Build Your List to Win”
  • Add as many items to your list as you choose
    (the items you choose have NOTHING to do with the results)
  • Click “Submit List” to see if you won 50 big ones!!
  • Check back each day through January 15th with a new chance to win when you build your list

win your shopping list

No win for me today, but let us know if you are a BIG Winner and don’t forget to keep trying every day through January 15th.

win your shopping list



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  1. The site won’t load for me.

  2. Meredith B says:

    I won the $50 as well!!! I am sooo excited. It loaded just fine for me so maybe the error is corrected.

  3. Joelle Fulton says:

    Mary can you post the email you contacted them with?

  4. Same thing happened to me just now!! I am so upset! I never win anything and just my luck!

  5. Same thing here, I wrote them and they said that they were going to contact the digital department and get back to me. Just to be safe, I saved a screenshot of my win page so I would have backup on my side.:)

  6. I won and it wouldn’t let me load it either!! Did I miss something?

  7. I won the $50 but it wouldn’t let me load it to my card. Rats!

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