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*RARE* Coca-Cola Coupon!

2014 9:51 am

Coca-Cola Coupon

We have a new Coca-Cola coupon available to load up this morning!! I will just be honest and say that I have no idea how much these SIXERS (6 pk, 12 oz cans) are at Kroger (what? she doesn’t have the price of every item memorized? slacker!). I recommend just loading it to your card before it disappears and I will update if I see a sale. 🙂

Coca-Cola Coupon

$1/1 Coca-Cola Sixer (6 pk, 12 oz cans) Kroger Digital (exp 3/22) – LIMIT ONE

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  1. These were located in the deli beside the donatos pizza cooler at my store… Don’t remember price on them… But just an FYI in case they are not with all the regular pop they may be in that area at your store as well.

  2. I got mine too! Sort the coupons by most recent. It showed up at the top of the list for me.

  3. got mine! Thanks!

  4. GONE….

  5. I also do not find the Coca Cola coupon available at this time. Hmm…. But thanks for posting info.!

  6. I can not find the coca cola coupon..still available?

  7. 3.09 here in WV. So, really, it’s not a great deal since there are so many chances to buy the 12 can ones for 2.99. What chaps my hide is that Diet Rite has gotten more expensive and it’s cheaper to buy the 2 big brands on sale. The soda drinkers in my house are Diet Rite only drinkers and only cans. 😛

  8. They’re $2.69 here in Frankfort, ky too. That’s more than we usually pay for the 12 packs.

  9. You guys are awesome!! Thanks for all the price checks!! 🙂

  10. Kayla are you on any of the coupon sites here in Louisville? I live in Louisville as well.

  11. These are priced at $2.99 (before the $1.00 digital) in my Kroger store. I’m in Cookeville, TN. They were on an end cap near the chips. 🙂

  12. Same here outside Columbus, Ohio. Went early this morning and they were $2.69 minus the $1 digital coupon. My store had these on an endcap only, not with all the other regular coke products.

  13. At my Kroger in Louisville, Kentucky they were $2.69, so with the coupon they were $1.69.

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