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Kroger FREE Friday Download | Hormel REV Wrap

2014 7:00 am

FREE Friday Download

It’s time for this week’s FREE Friday Download at Kroger!

Today (Friday, January 31st) ONLY download a digital coupon for one (1) FREE Hormel REV Single Wrap (3 oz)! You can find these with the pre-packaged lunch meats.

The coupon will be available ONE DAY ONLY, but you will have through 2/15/14 to redeem it as long as it’s loaded to your card.

FREE Friday Download

View the latest Free Friday Download HERE.

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  1. I can’t log in either 🙁

  2. It let me sign in but the site says it is having technical difficulties

  3. It’s not letting me sign in either and I also reset my password. Glad to hear it’s not just me. Hopefully they fix their website issue soon!

  4. I can’t sign in, either. I’ve even reset my password. So frustrating.

  5. It is not letting me log in this morning either.

  6. It’s just me o everyone can’t log in?

  7. I got these for .55 a while back for a Target. They aren’t the best tasting things ever (only my families opinion, of course) but are nice if you’re in a rush.

  8. I have the same problem with my store. No aquafina for me. But I have seen the rev wraps there, so hopefully, yours will have them too! Now that I’m packing my son’s lunch ( after a huge water contamination came about here in WV ) this freebie is going to be sooo nice!

  9. Recently my biggest problem with these Kroger freebies is that my store doesn’t carry about half of these items!

    The most recent example–their Aquafina water. The other day the customer service manager spent time with me looking for the Aquafina water (a freebie from a while back!) and she was informed the store doesn’t carry it.

    This looks like it may be a new item so may run into the same issue. Was wondering if any of your other readers have had a similar experience?

    • A while back when Katie posted info that Aquafina flavored water sold for $1 and there was a digital coupon for $1 off, I could not find the water at my regular Kroger. I was at another Kroger location and found it. Now this time when it was offered as a Kroger Friday freebie I was able to find it at my regular Kroger. I believe I have have seen the Rev at my regular Kroger.

    • I couldn’t find it, either. They said that it was due to high demand, but I couldn’t even find a place for it on the shelf. I got an email this morning that said that they had extended the offer until Feb. 28. I guess they realize that a lot of stores don’t have that product. Maybe they’ll get it to all the stores before the offer ends.

    • I’m finding that some of these deals aren’t in their usual spots…I found the Rev wraps today in their usual place (next to the Lunchables etc.) but I could only locate the Mountain Dew Kickstart on a free-standing endcap next to the cheese section (???), a week after the free offer was loaded. I wasn’t able to find any Aquafina water at all today, and this was at a pretty large store that’s always very well-stocked.

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