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Kroger Must-Do Deals

2014 9:37 am

kroger must do deals

week of 1/26/14

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised! This list is updated every Wednesday, so come back later if you’re viewing this AFTER your sale is over.

  • Sale dates are based on a Sun-Sat sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have a couple more days to take advantage of the deals I have listed as ending on Saturday. UPDATE: My store has been using a Wed-Tues sale cycle on SOME of the unadvertised deals.

Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Event Items (prices reflect $0.50 per item savings assuming you purchase in multiples of 6 - mix and match) LAST week of sale dates run with your sale cycle

**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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  1. Where is the Cabo Fresh Guacamole? I couldn’t find it anywhere, and the staff pointed me in a few directions, but they didn’t know either.

  2. My list is not working either. It allows me to click on the different items but is not allowing me to print. 🙁

  3. So ready to start the savings!

  4. How do I go about contacting someone about the farmrich catalina? I bought five and a catalina didn’t print. I went to customer service and I was told that I had to buy six for one to print

  5. I did not have the lever $2.00 off coupon in my area….

  6. I didn’t see it here on the list. (and maybe I’m just missing it…) but the Finish Dishwasher tab’s are on the Mega sale here in Indiana. From 3.99 down to 3.49. Great with the $2.15 off coupon we had a few weeks ago. (1/12 SS i believe) 🙂

  7. amandacatalina says:

    My $4 Cabo Fresh Coupon didn’t scan and the manager wouldn’t take it…

  8. I have had a good experience with contacting Catalina Marketing directly. This catalina also did not print for me, but I took a picture of my receipt and filled out their electronic form. The last time I did this, they mailed me a catalina very quickly.

  9. I did this deal and the coupon did not print, I did talk to the manager and they gave me they coupon amount on a gift card that I could use later on. Might work out for you as well. Check with management.

  10. Regarding the Farm Rich Frozen Snacks: the coupon from the newspaper insert says in the fine print “do not double” so my Kroger did not double that one – just a heads up, so make sure you print the version. Also, I tried this deal twice at 2 different Krogers and the catalina did not print out either time.

  11. Why won’t my list work anymore? 🙁 I use this all of the time

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