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Kroger Simple Truth Products Are AWESOME!

2014 8:31 am

Kroger simple truth

As I mentioned in “My Week in Pictures“, last week I attended a Kroger Simple Truth event in Cincinnati where I learned so much about this line of organic and all natural products!

What is Simple Truth?

  • These foods provide a simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy solution to the challenge of simply better living. You’ll find Simple Truth™ and Simple Truth Organic™ items throughout the store during your everyday shopping trips. Clean, simple packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient statements take the chore out of selecting Organic, Free from 101 and some Natural foods.
  • Available exclusively at the Kroger® Co. Family of Stores, Simple Truth™ and Simple Truth Organic™ are honest, easy and affordable.
  • Simple Truth was first introduced at Kroger in 2012 and the line of products has continued to expand over the past year.
  • Products can be identified by the Green Circle on the packaging with the Simple Truth or Simple Truth Organic Label.

I am a super fan of the Simple Truth brand. I cannot say enough good things about these products. In fact, I did a whole video about it! ENJOY!


Kroger has so generously offered one lucky Kroger Krazy reader a $50 Kroger Gift card!!

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  1. Simple Truth bottled water– just awesome–love em!!!!

  2. I like many of the Simple Truth products! Raisins, chips, milk, etc. They are all very good!

  3. Amanda mock says:

    I have tried the simple brand and love it!

  4. Patsy Howell says:

    Our Kroger Marketplace opened today in Forney, Texas. Fantastic. Your blog has ben very helpful in organizing my shopping list and coupons are very helpful.

  5. I have not tried the Simple Truth brand yet.

  6. I have tried the Simple Truth products and have for the most part liked them. I really LOVED the popcorn-have tried the low sodium and the Kettle Corn flavors and was totally impressed-the only thing I have tried that I didn’t like was the flavored waters-to me, they tasted like tap water w/ a nasty flavored aftertaste…

  7. Havent tried them yet but im going to now

  8. megan drews says:

    The recent simple truth coupons helped me make my first simple truth product purchase of grounf beef. What a difference in taste…super yummy!

  9. Thank you for such a great giveaway and all your wonderful posts!!

  10. Holly Deuel says:

    I have not tried any of their products yet, but would like to.

  11. I regularly buy the Simple Truth organic milk for my kids and buy a few of their other products when I find a good deal. I have a few bags of quinoa in my cupboard right now, actually.

  12. I have tried them & loved them! But then I like most Kroger products — they have really good lines like Private Selection in addition to their “everyday” products.

  13. Great blog

  14. Sarah Walker says:

    Haven’t tried them yet but would love to!

  15. I have not yet tried these products!

  16. I love Simple Truth products. I regularly buy the whole milk, yogurt, salads, and broth. I also splurge on the meat/eggs sometimes, but I’m looking foward to sampling every item in the line. A whole milk, plain yogurt would be a nice addition.

  17. I love this site!!

  18. I have yet to try the products.. but with more and more coupons popping up, I see it in my near future!

  19. Jennifer Lawson says:

    I havent tried them yet…but plan to start switching them out with other items this week!

  20. I love this product. Has great wholesome ingredients.

  21. I’ve tried the Simple Truth brand. I like the idea of it, but the products I’ve tried so far weren’t anything special.

  22. Janice Wicker says:


  23. Kim Wilder says:

    Yes! We love the Simple Truth Almond Milk! My boys especially love the chocolate Simple Truth Almond Milk! New to your blog and loving it!

  24. I have not tried them yet, but I will soon! Looking forward to trying something new and using a coupon to save money!

  25. Love your blog!!

  26. I am so very new to couponing and I have never tried simple brand at all. And we are always up for something new. I have a family of six so anything goes a long way for us. I think I will try this Simple Brand.. It sounds simple lol

  27. Tori Marie says:

    I love Simple Truth products. It is part of the reason I do most of my shopping at Kroger.

  28. Have not got to try the Simple Truth yet, but now I will be! Never heard of it until now, Going to get some next time I go Krogering:)

    Love your blog!

  29. Love it keep the deals coming!

  30. We shop at Kroger just for the simple truth brand! Here where we live in IN there aren’t many other organic, healthy choices. Thank you for all the awesome info!!

  31. I have tried Simple Truth and look forward to trying more of their products.

  32. Love me some Simple Truth! 🙂

  33. Would love to win the $50 Kroger card, I live at Kroger, seriously..LOL!!

  34. Joannah Russell says:

    Just tried simple truth brand a few days ago for the first time and love!

  35. I have not tried the simple truth brand yet!

  36. I shall give this a try!

  37. I love Simple Truth Bacon!! I can’t wait to try other Simple Truth products and love the savings Kroger offers.

  38. Alicia Evans says:

    Love simple truth! Especially the white cheddar popcorn, yummy!!

  39. Love the simple truth brand

  40. I have not tried the Simple Truth brand, but plan on doing so soon. I just started shopping at Kroger.

  41. I bought the Simple Truth “Frosted Flakes” and “Cheerios” recently when they were on “manager’s special” for .79. What a gonga, and they were both great. Sampling more of their products now for BzzAgent – yay!


  43. Simple Truth is great. We do not have an organic food store where I live.

  44. No, I haven’t tried them yet.

  45. Katherine says:

    For our chicken , there’s no other brand but Simple Truth. 🙂

  46. I have tried the Simple Truth brand and like it. I love the lettuce!

  47. I have not tried these yet, but now I really want to 🙂

  48. I’ve tried a few but was looking yesterday at all the stuff they’ve added lately to our store. I’m so happy that my store has been remodeling and getting lots more variety.

  49. no I haven’t tried them yet

  50. I drink Simple Truth soy milk when the others aren’t on sale/no coupon.. I love it just the same 🙂

  51. caoiliahn omalley says:

    I Love Krogers! and simple truth products !

  52. Oops, I think I entered a deal comment first. Um, my husband has been enjoying the Simple Truth organic meats bison and grass fed beef. We also had a chicken (roasted at home not the pre-roasted at the store). It was really good.


  54. Kim Kenny says:

    The only Simple Truth product that I’ve tried so far is the chicken broth because my store had it on the Clearance aisle for 44 cents each.

  55. Love all the Simple Truth products!

  56. I ♥ ST. I really love that Kroger uses your purchases to send out coupons in the mail that suit your needs and shopping habits! The cereals are so low in sugar. Being a diabetic, it’s fantastic!!!

  57. DESIREE H says:

    Yes, this is all I buy now! I eat only organic and definitely feed my kids only organic foods.
    I love their cheerios version (Simple Truth) cereal for my twins to eat. They LOVE it! Just bought the Simple Truth chicken and pork yesterday. I used the Kroger e-coupons.
    Thank you for the chance!

  58. I have tried many simple truth items and have been happy with all of them. Kroger is my favorite grocery store, so I was really excited when they introduced the line.

  59. Thanks you for all you do!

  60. New to your blog and fb. Thought I’d give it a try!

  61. I have not tried them!

  62. Jennifer B. says:

    I have been committed to buying only organic milk for awhile now and the ST brand is just about always better priced than any other brand I have access to. I use alot of other ST products also. I just tried the popcorn (with the digital coupon!) and it was really good…my husband and I didn’t believe it was low sodium based on the taste. I just wish that Kroger would offer coupons on these products more often!

  63. I have tried the Simple Truth chicken and really liked it.

  64. I love simple truth brand!

  65. Naomi Boyd says:

    It’s great that they offer so many Simple Truth digital coupons!

  66. Love this site! Kroger rocks too!

  67. I’ve tried some Simple Truth tofu, and it is just as good as the expensive brand.

  68. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve tried a few Simple Truth items and I’ve really enjoyed them so far! It’s hard to find an inexpensive line of all natural food that isn’t crazy expensive or that tastes great.

  69. I Simply love Simple Truth..

  70. Mary McGovern says:

    I have never tried Simple Truth, but I ready to try now….

  71. I love Simple Truth!

  72. Kathie Craig says:

    I have not tried any of the Simple Truth products yet.

  73. My daughter is a big fan of the popcorn!

  74. I LOVE the Simple Truth brand! Affordable and great quality!

  75. Laura Powers says:

    Every new product I try from the Simple Truth line makes me love it more and more!! Tonight I bought their bacon, pork chops, and hot dogs! I will never eat a regular hot dog ever again!!

  76. I can’t wait to try the Simple Truth products!

  77. It’s great value for the money.

  78. I do like the Simple Truth Line. However, I can only afford it when I have coupons.

  79. Jennifer Rein says:

    It is so nice to see that they have a gluten free product. And I love your blog.

  80. Heidi Hull says:

    I’ve never tried this brand but would be happy to give it a try.

  81. I love the simple truth line! The veggie chips are super yummy!!

  82. Chrystal in BG Ohio says:

    LoVe SiMpLe Truth!! Love this web site this is my home screen!! Its the first thing I see when I log into my computer!! This way I dont miss a deal ;0)

  83. I haven’t tried the Simple Truth products yet, but I’m heading to Kroger now and will be picking some up! Love Krogers!!!

  84. I haven’t tried any yet but I’m really tempted to try them while all these great coupons are available!

  85. I have tried some products they are all good.

  86. I have not tried Simple Truth, but love the idea of non processed simple ingriedient organic foods! & the $50 Gift card paired with the $10 off would make a great start to trying these products!

  87. I have tried a couple of different Simple Truth products, and we enjoyed them. Would like to try others.

  88. i dont know that i have had simple truth items but i wouldnt NOT get them. ill look the next time i go shopping!

  89. I haven’t tried many Simple Truth products, but I would like to soon!

  90. April Tozlowski says:

    I’ve bought the Simple Truth organic salads as well as the organic carrots. Both are great products.

  91. I have not tried the Simple Truth brand but I have been seeing a lot of advertising about it and have thought about trying different items.

  92. I have tried a couple Simple Truth items and really enjoyed them.

  93. I love the Simple Truth line! They are so reasonably priced compared to other organic and natural products.

  94. I love these products. The bacon blew me away 🙂

  95. I haven’t tried the Simple Truth yet, but look forward to. 🙂

  96. Lauren Zufall says:

    Have not tried yet, but loaded the coupons!

  97. WENDY BAKER says:

    No I haven’t tried it yet. I use coupons & haven’t come across a great deal on it yet.

  98. Angelique Drummond says:

    I have tried a few products from the Simple Truth line and have really liked them and found them to be high quality, just like I’ve come to expect from Kroger.

  99. I have not tried it yet

  100. Awesome

  101. I love kroger krazy. Thanks for all you do.

  102. I have not been able to try any Simple Truth products.

  103. debbie campbell says:

    I have not tried Simple Truth yet, but it definitely sounds worth looking at. I will check it out the next time I am at Kroger, here in the Columbus area

  104. Mary Hodge says:

    It sounds like a really good deal. I’m trying to loose weight and eat healthier. This is definitely a healthier option. Thanks for informing us on the prices and its nice to know you have already tried them. 🙂

  105. I haven’t tried the Simple Truth brand yet but am excited to after your reviews and video!

  106. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I intend to!

  107. I haven’t tried them but would love to

  108. Charlotte B. says:

    No I haven’t tried them but would like to.

  109. I LOVE STO products. I have been buying them since they came out in 2012 and get so excited when they introduce new products! Cute video, BTW.

  110. I haven’t tried much simple truth products. I have tried their Greek yogurt cups tho and those were really good!. I am looking forward to trying other items

  111. I have not tried simple truth products yet BUT will soon!

  112. adriana Bedwell says:

    I love simple truth products. The prices are amazing and I know I’m getting the best products for my family.

  113. Simple truth is the best!

  114. Looking forward to trying Simple Truth!

  115. I love using your site for my Kroger matchups. I have yet to try the Simple Truth line but this gift card would give me a great opportunity to do that.

  116. I have tried it so far, but just the peanut butter and oatmeal. I look for them on sale or manager’s special!

  117. Dottie W. says:

    I’ve downloaded some of the Simple Truth salad coupons to my Kroger card, but haven’t gotten to buy them yet. The salad products look good!

  118. Love Simple Truth products! Everyone i have tried so far has been great.

  119. Marci Campbell says:

    I’ve never tried any of them, but I would love to.

  120. i use simple truth all the time. love the product

  121. Brenda Wahl says:

    i have tried some of the simply truth items and like them, the quality is good and love saving some $ over name brand product.

  122. Erica Skaggs says:

    I have tried and love simple truth. I’m glad Kroger gives us this option along with digital coupons.

  123. I haven’t tried simple truth yet but I love your website and will try it!

  124. Love your website!!

  125. Elaine X. says:

    No, I have not tried Kroger’s Simple Truth brand yet. However, I did load the coupons on my Plus card. I probably will try their ground turkey, since ground turkey is so hard to find at Kroger.

  126. I haven’t tried simple truth, but I have a trip coming up, and I plan to!

  127. I love Simple Truth products and so does my kids….We are big fans!!!

  128. I am also a huge fan of simple truth and love that there are people like you promoting their products!

  129. Thanks for all your blog advice! We’re trying Simple Truth chicken breasts tonight!

  130. Love kroger! love the new line!!

  131. Have only tried the simple truth popcorn. It was pretty good. Probably wouldn’t pay full price for it, though.

  132. Have only tried a few ST products, but they were okay. I’ll be buying chicken Wednesday and hope the quality is good.

  133. love the brand .I was scared to try it but after I did i was hooked

  134. I have not tried Simple Truth, but I definitely could if I won a Kroger card! Love your blog and the deals!

  135. Kayla Robinson says:

    Love your blog! Entered the contest! Thanks so much!

  136. Not yet…but I’ve been eyeing the canned veggies!

  137. Chantel Bernstein says:

    We’ve been eating simple truth products since they came out and love them. I love that they are free of all the harsh ingredients and are very affordable.

  138. april yedinak says:

    I have not tried any of these products, yet. But I am interested and plan to pick some up soon.

  139. Your blog has helped me navigate Kroger and save tons! Because of you, my family eats well on a small budget.

  140. Thanks for all you do!

  141. I think your wonderful, I have tried the Simple Truth products, love them~ Wide variety, good quality. Thanks for all you do Katie!

  142. I haven’t tried. All their products. Yet but the ones I have, we do enjoy.

  143. I have not tried the simple truth products yet. I plan on trying them soon!

  144. We love many of the Simply Truth products, I buy their organic milk, salad mix and yogurt all the time.

  145. I have not ever tried their products (we raise our own meat and eggs). I would be willing to try their other products as long as their prices are comparable.

  146. I like to try their healthy products

  147. We are excited to try the products with the digital coupons

  148. We love the salads

  149. crystal miller says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks

  150. I have already thanked you for all of your work. It has been SO helpful to myself and my family. Being a new mommy is a great reason to save money! A gift card would reallllly come in handy too 😉 LOL

  151. I have not tried Simple Truth products yet.

  152. I have tried Simple Truth items and have liked every one so far!

  153. Have not yet tried Simple Truth, but NOW am soooo excited to do so – thanks!!

  154. Laurie c. says:

    I enjoy the Simple Truth products!

  155. Khaleelah says:

    I have tried the Simple Truth brand before and most recently had the Lemon Electrolyte Water. I have been drinking water with a bit of lemon juice for years. It was nce to find it in the Simple Truth brand so I can have it on the go and for $1 was even better.

  156. Nicole Love says:

    I love Simple Truth! Great value for organic food!

  157. I love Simple Truth! My junk food junkie husband even likes their healthy options.

  158. Camisha Maze says:

    I love organic stuff this is great

  159. Jen Lewis says:

    I like Simple Truth.

  160. Christy Barnhart says:

    Thanks for all your great tips and couponing help. Love your email updates and blog.

  161. I love Simple Truth brand! I always opt for it vs a regular brand! Makes me feel like I am doing something good for my family!

  162. Angela winkler says:

    I just purchased my first Simple Truth item from Kroger. I bought some coconut oil. I have not tried it yet, though.

  163. My wife and I love your site. We haven’t tried the Simple Truth brand yet, but we are trying to eat better and this should help keep our grocery bill low.

  164. Would love to try them!

  165. Absolutely wonderful giveaway!!

  166. KooKat is the best! I couldnt do what i do to save if it werent for all her hard work! Thank you again and again 🙂 Love the videos you’re doing now.

  167. Kelly Rettig says:

    I have tried the Simple Truth products and I like them and so does my family!

  168. Stephenie peer says:

    We buy simple truth products from forgers a lot . Heart disease run in my fiancé family so I’m am extremely cautious what he eats . Are only Income for a while was ssd but now he’s trying to work again but it’s wonderful on a budget to people able to afford healither product at a better price 🙂 hope we win the 50.00 dollar:) good luck to everyone

  169. Im a Bzzagent and received the Simple Truth campaign. Love everything ive tried so far.

  170. I have never tried Simple Truth products, but after encouraging comments, I’m looking forward to trying them!

  171. I have not yet tried these products but do plan to, btw your blog rocks thankyou!

  172. Jeri Lynne Lowry says:

    I have actually not tried these products yet, but I DID watch the new video and maybe this would be the way to go? I’ll have to try these, possibly starting with the popcorn 😉 Thank you for this gift card chance.

  173. Rosalee Lugo says:

    I have never tried Simple Truth.

  174. Very helpful information, has encouraged me to try some Kroger items I would not have tried without having savings. Thanks for the great information!

  175. Melissa Rice says:

    I haven’t tried this new line of products at Kroger, mainly because I am not a big fan of change. Once I find a product I like, I usually stick with it. But, after reading a lot of the reviews posted on here, I think I might try them out! I suppose you can’t go wrong if they taste good, and the added bonus of being healthier! Now, if only I could win that $50 gift card to try them out!! 🙂

  176. Can’t wait to try Simple Truth products.

  177. I love simple truth and Kroger and ST products are awesome and great tasting.

  178. I tried their stew meat once. It tasted great and it felt better knowing you ate something that was better for you, and the animal it came from.

  179. tonya adkins says:

    I love these products healthy and yummy!!

  180. Wooo hooo for Simple Truth coupons!

  181. Haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve loaded all the coupons onto my card so that I can snag some deals on Monday!

  182. Loving ST items so far! Loving these coupons for them lately too!!

  183. I’ve tried a few items…so far so good!

  184. G'town Reader says:

    I have tried only a few Simple Truth products. One was a cereal that was quite tasty.

  185. Love your blog and all you do

  186. Been shopping Kroger (groceries and gas) since I moved to a location that had one in 2006! Great deals, great prices and great service = Big Fan! Thanks for all you do!

  187. I have and I love them! Bought the Greek yogurt and coconut milk this week for smoothies. Love that they are reasonably priced too! Dillons is my favorite store.

  188. I never knew I could afford to shop at Kroger on a tight budget, but your blog has actually helped my family start saving money! Thanks for all you do! xoxoxo

  189. YES I have tried the Simple Truth Products as soon as they hit the store. I just get frustrated because until this past week my store carried very few Simple Truth items..they really put out some new items..but as for the meat they are hidden literally behind other items, not marked on the shelf..basically hard to find if you can find them. Still the healthy foods selection is exactly why I go to Kroger so I am 100 percent behind them.

  190. I am so blessed to have you in my life (LOL) you have saved me so much money!!!! Xx Thank you for all you do!

  191. Kelly Barber says:

    We love Simple Truth… Buy them more than name brands and the just Kroger brand (which we also love ) SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!

  192. Melody Rippons says:

    Love all you do to help others, like me, save money. I haven’t tried Simple Truth as of yet, but I will try them soon thanks to you and the product information you’ve provided. 🙂

  193. Christine Wheeler says:

    I haven’t tried the Simple Truth products yet, but with all of the Kroger e-coupons and special deals, I know I will be trying them soon. Thanks for a great blog site!

  194. I bought some of the ST kettle popcorn since I had a digital coupon and my family loved it.

  195. Joyce Green says:

    So far all the Simple Truth products our family has tried have been winners! I can’t wait to try others in the Simple Truth line.

  196. Love your site

  197. Ursula Correll says:

    I have not tried Simple Truth products but I will. Thanks for the match ups!

  198. Carol Maness says:

    I have tried the bagged popcorn the salt flavor and the granola mixed berry cereal. I like the fact that Kroger is now offering better products for my Family.

  199. Nancy young says:

    I have tried it and I like it.

  200. No I have not tried Simply truth products but hope to soon

  201. I have tried some Simple Truth products and the cost and flavor is what makes me buy more.

  202. Rosa Escobedo says:

    This is the site to go if you really want to save big! I love this site!

  203. I have not tried this brand yet.. but I need to!

  204. Mary Kulwicki says:

    The Simple Truth chicken breast are amazing!

  205. Your site is great. I love saving at kroger!

  206. Thank you for posting the deals – I am a new fan….starting to learn a lot from your posts. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! We love Simple Truth products – try to buy as many as we can, so our son who has ADHD can eat as healthy as possible.

  207. Angie Martinez says:

    I love shopping Kroger, and you help me save money for my family. Thanks for the great give away!

  208. I love the Simple Truth lettuces. It’s the only thing we use in our salads.

  209. Lacey Tate says:

    Ive seen a lot of advertisements, but have yet to try them. With all the positive comments i think its time to do so!

  210. Holly Arnett says:

    Thank you for all you do !

  211. I haven’t tried the Simple Truth products yet, but will definitely be doing that after watching the video!


  213. Simple Truth = Simply amazing product!

  214. We have tried the popcorn, chocolate cookies, and the water so far and the only thing we haven’t liked is the water. The kids LOVE the popcorn so we’ll we buying it from now on! Thatnks for all the Kroger couponing help!

  215. Brenda Flanagan Jones says:

    Never tried it but I do want to!! And will

  216. Mary Ann Miller says:

    I just found the Simple Truth items in my local Kroger yesterday!

  217. Love it!

  218. I havent tried Simple Truth products but i cant wait to try them, they sound awesome

  219. I spool enjoy your site!! Thanks for all you do!!

  220. gina galeana says:

    The Simple Truth Popcorn is sooooo yummy! Very few calories and the perfect treat!

  221. Love your blog!!!! I’ve never tried it but will now that I know it good. My goal is to lose 55lbs. So Wish me luck!!!! And you are AWSOME!!! LOL!!

  222. nicole brenay says:

    I am a big fan of The Simple Truth line. Since they came out about 30% of my groceries are ST. Each time I go to the store they have more great items to chose from.

  223. I just recently started using your blog and I LOVE it! I have tried the simple truth products but I have to say the protein bars are my favorite! 🙂

  224. I have saved more $ since I have been following you on fb

  225. Angie Foster says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but would love to win and try some!

  226. Love the ST soy milk!!!!

  227. Love it

  228. Amy Bauman says:

    I love your Blog and use your Kroger Matchups to get great deals. I haven’t tried many of the Simple Truth products yet but I do love their chicken breast. Thanks!!

  229. Amie Murphy says:

    I’ve been buying simple truth products for a little bit, I like the quality and the price!

  230. Pam Willman says:

    I love your blog’s 🙂

  231. Love Simple Truth products

  232. Stacey Paul says:

    I tried Simple Truth Organic for the first time by being a BzzAGent. It has totally changed my mind about organic food. It will definitely be a “regular” in our house.

  233. teresa harvey says:

    I have not tried before

  234. i haven’t tried the simple truth products yet. I look at them everytime I’m I go to Kroger but, now that I know the products are great I will probably buy a few next time I go.

  235. Mary Happymommy says:

    I haven’t tried it yet.

  236. sherry yaple says:

    I have found that most of the Kroger brand is comparable to the name brands. And the Simple truth brand is no different. Usually cheaper than the name brand and just as good!!

  237. Kristina Utz says:

    Love Kroger Krazy and can’t wait to start buying more Simple truth products! Thanks for all you do and this great info!

  238. I love the Simple Truth products. My family though is still being resistant so I’m slowly replacing products each grocery trip. Eventually they won’t have a choice.

  239. I haven’t tried Simple Truth products yet, but look forward to in the future.

  240. Nora Scott-Platt says:

    I have never tried any of the Simple Truth Brand. I am a Kroger shopper and I haven’t really thought about buying that brand.

  241. Shelly E. says:

    I LOVE the Simple Truth Organic milk!!!

  242. Would love to win and spend!

  243. samantha g. says:

    LOVE Kroger Krazy! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Katie!

  244. I haven’t tried the simple truth yet. It would be something I would be interested in if the “price” is right. Thanks Katie for all you!

  245. Hollie Jahnke says:

    I have not tried any of them yet.

  246. The white chedder is my favorite! Love the snacks and love this website. Thanks for all you do Katie!!

  247. Haven’t tried Simple Truth yet, but a gift card would help!

  248. Never really paid much attention to them but next time I go to Kroger I am definitely going to check it out.

  249. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but want to.

  250. I have tried them and they seem pretty good.

  251. These are awesome and the coupons really help out a lot.

  252. I love Simple Truth! And you make my life so much easier; thank you!

  253. I have not tried the Simple Truth brands, but if I find a good deal this week with the digital coupons I will.

  254. I love the simple truth brand! They always have coupons for chicken, beef, ground turkey, corn chips, eggs, and other items. I love getting meat that is grass fed and free range chicken. I think you can taste the difference and if you have a coupon it comes at a good price!

  255. I love the Simple Truth brand. Have used the beans for a long time, just recently discovered the Blueberry-Blackberry Enhanced Water and I love that stuff. Love, love, love it!!!!

  256. Anne Haun says:

    I have not tried them but plan to as I loaded a bunch of the coupons to my card.

  257. I’ve never tried it but i’m excited to!

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  259. I haven’t yet, but will soon.

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    I love your blog! I have tried the Simple Truth brand and so far, have been pretty satisfied with it.

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    I have not tried Simple truth yet, but would like to.

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    Thanks for the blog! I love it!

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  266. I have tried the ST meats because they had a few on Manager’s Special AND I had the downloadable coupons! I thought they were very good…At this time, I am more concerned with my limited budget and will get ST items if they are on sale, on manager’s special or if there is a coupon : )

  267. I have tried several Simple Truth products and have been pleasantly surprised at the quality! Good stuff!

  268. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will sometime.

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    Love your blog and fb page and your videos too!! Thank you for doing what you do for us 🙂 I have tried some of the Simple Truth products and love them so far. I follow you on fb and pinterest

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  271. Yes I have tried Simple Truth items. I will only buy them when I have a coupon or they are on a deal, but I do especially love the produce items and dairy. I like the soy milk best!

  272. I have tried the simple truthiness and tortilla chips and I enjoyed the. I would love to try more products. Thanks for he giveaway

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    I have tried Simple Truth products and have been happy with them. I am so happy that they are expanding this line of healthy products!

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    i haven’t tried Simple Truth products yet but I have downloaded the coupons and intend to try them soon!

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    I have tried a few of the Simple Truth products. Mostly produce. I am currently in the Simple Truth Bzz Campaign, so we are munching on popcorn and granola cereal and tried some fruit flavored water as well! 🙂

  288. I’ve never tried a ST product that we didn’t like! 🙂

  289. Just found you on FB.. happy to be here!!!

  290. I’ve never tried Simple Truth products, but they’ve been advertised like crazy lately. I do plan on giving them a try since they’re suppose to be so healthy and taste great. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information.

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    I have not tried the simple truth products yet but with the coupons they loaded to my card i will for real try them now

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  294. Question for the digital coupons is it one time use?

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    I did load the digital coupons to my Kroger card though.

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  319. The simple truth popcorn in the white cheddar flavor is really good.

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    I have never try them but i will now . i always wanted to eat me healthier but its expensive to do so

  323. Mandy Stucke says:

    I have not tried these products yet.

  324. I LOVE these products, not only is Simple Truth products good for you, they actually taste GREAT! The cereal has so much granola in it unlike other top brands. Their gluten free animal crackers are very tasty. My kids enjoy the cookies, and popcorn(which is very good and fresh). These products are worth well above the prices.

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  354. The Simple Truth line is a hit in my house. It makes eating simple affordable, easy and yummy!

  355. You are so funny! “It hurts real bad” LOL Anyways I buy the Simple Truth veggie chips ALL the time, they are addicting. Yay for giveaways!

  356. Whoo Hoo!

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    We are trying to eat better this new year. I have small kids now and I realize everyday the importance of trying to do better w/ what we eat. We love our Kroger and have tried a few of the Simple Truth products…everything we’ve tried from that line we have loved! We are excited to see their products expanding in our store and to try more of their goodness soon! 🙂 Thanks for this video and awesome giveaway!

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  373. I love the simple truth brand! The chips are really good and I like the milk as well. Anxious to try the other products you mentioned in the video, sounds like some good deals this week!

  374. Yes, we have tried STO and love it, its a bit cheaper then brand named organic items

  375. love the simple truth products! have you tried their popcorn? white cheddar… delicious!

  376. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I have not tried these products yet

  377. I haven’t tried the Simple Truth Brand. I would love to start adding more wholesome snacks and foods to our diet. So glad I watched your video. I went and added my the digital coupons right after.

  378. Haven’t tried this brand yet, but would love too soon!

  379. I have tried the Simple Truth products. I love that the fresh herbs and salad greens seem to last longer than any other brand I have tried. I especially love that they are natural and organic products that are actually affordable.

  380. Thank you for the giveaway! I haven’t tried the Simple Truth products yet, but I have been wanting to!

  381. I love ST products! I was so happy when they were introduced and Kroger started carrying more of these, natural and more responsibly produced foods.

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    I love Simple Truth items, my favorite is the unsweetened almond milk 🙂

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  388. I love their cereals, organic vegatables , n my kids love the white chedder popcorn!!!!

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    I have only tried the Simple Truth Honey Almond Flax cereal and its darn good and an awesome balance of fiber and nutrients

  390. I have tried this line. I especially like their steak, chicken, and pork.

  391. Ashley strayhorn says:

    I’ve been trying to really pay attention to whats in my food lately. So I’ve been buying a lot of organic/natural foods and simple truth is mostly what I buy. Its almost always much cheaper than the competition. And its delicious. I love it!

  392. Have never tried them, but they look really healthy. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card.

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  394. Jennifer Petitti says:

    I love the simple truth flavored electrolyte water!!!

  395. I love simple truth too but sometimes they are more expensive!

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  397. Lesley Moss says:

    Great video can’t wait to try simple Truth! Thank you so much for this opportunity and all you do for my family and I! You are fabulous!!

  398. We tried the kettle corn popcorn and it was delicious! Love the options they are offering.

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  400. Have not tried it yet but have my coupons cut! Thanks for all your hard work.



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  404. I have not tried very many, but after seeing how affordable they can be, I am going to try some more of them. Thank you!

  405. Tried them. Love them. Finding they are really well-priced when compared to national brands too!

  406. I have tried the cereals. They are great

  407. I love the Simple Truth products and they also provide very nice digital coupons!

  408. Awesome!!! Thanks!

  409. I love the Simple Truth packaged salads and spinach and I always buy the Simple Truth ground turkey.

  410. I love Simple Truth! The popcorn and the organic chicken broth are two of my favorites.

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    I’ve tried Simple Truth products and like them! I would buy it more often if they continue to offer coupons for it 🙂 Thanks!

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  414. Don’t think I’ve tried them yet, but have loaded several digital coupons for them 🙂

  415. OH! we love simple truth. From coffee, cereal and frozen dinners.

  416. I haven’t tried Simple Truth yet, but after seeing how affordable it can be with the coupons, I might give it a try.

  417. Oops, I did click the thinger with the topic of what to write, but I have yet to try the Simple Truth Brand.

  418. I bought ST chicken only because there was a coupon. Otherwise it seems more expensive.

  419. I have tried several of the Simple Truth products and have been pleased with all of them!

  420. Been buying the Simple Truth eggs for a whike and am ab absolute fan! The agave nectar is great also!

  421. Christina cadden says:

    New to site. Lots of good information for beginners.

  422. Simple Truth is ok when there is a coupon deal. But wish there were more GF items.

  423. Livivua Chandler says:

    I have not tried it yet

  424. I have used many of the Simple Truth products and have liked the ones I have tried!!

  425. Can’t wait to try some of these products!

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    I used the simple truth soy milk for my son and now using all dimple truth products… love love them!

  427. Deana Stephens says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but I definitely will be trying some this week.

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  430. I have not yet tried these products, but plan to do so soon.

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  432. I have tried the simple truth line and I love it! I’m glad that they are helping us live healthy at an affordable price!

  433. Had the pleasure of trying some of the simple truth products and they were great! Especially loved the white cheddar popcorn!!

  434. I’ve only been following your blog for a week, but I’ve saved bunches. Thanks for your hard work!

  435. Have not tried this line yet but will after downloading coupons

  436. I love this blog and how it made my Kroger grocery shopping trips made easy and more affordable! Keep it up!

  437. sara wood says:

    I have not tried the brand but I have seen it in stores and wondered if it was good. thank you for sharing!

  438. Not yet but will definitely try.

  439. I’m excited to try more simple truth products! Thanks for the video Katie! 🙂

  440. Kevin Gravelle says:

    I’ve tried the organic brand lettuce/greens a few times, and it was very good.

  441. I have been buying the eggs and the chicken just about weekly for awhile now and plan to try more products this week with the digital coupons!

  442. Love simple truth products. ♥

  443. I love the Simple Truth products, especially the meat. I like to know what’s in what I eat.

  444. I have not tried it yet, But am looking forward to it!

  445. I have not tried these products.

  446. Tank yopu for all your help

  447. I have tried the simple truth products, My daughter likes the cheerios better then the regular one

  448. We buy several of the Simple Truth products, but love the fresh meat and we never run out of the milk chocolate almond milk its so good!

  449. I have liked the Simple Truth products that we have tried so far. This morning I put ST organic popcorn (from a BzzKit) in my daughter’s lunch. Last night I used ST organic potatoes in the stew I made (potatoes are on the dirty dozen list, so I recently committed to only buying them organic.)

  450. I’ve tried simple truth broth and it was good and reasonable price — i’m glad they have reasonable priced organic options available

  451. I’m actually doing a bzzagent bzzkit about simple truth right now. So far so good ( except the water. It tastes like dish soap)

  452. I check your site everyday, thank you for all you do. I use mostly Simple
    Truth products they are less pricey than other organics.

  453. Great Blog. It has helped me save thousands of dollars over the years.

  454. i haven’t tried them yet. I’m more concerned about budget right now than fancier foods.

  455. Litsa Jackson says:

    I buy the Simple Truth products from Kroger! We have been pleased with them! This week we tried the “Cheerios” version in Simple Truth—much better for my 5.5 year old!

  456. cindy abidi says:

    We are moving to clean eating. And although we already used several simple truth products, we will be using more and more. I can’t wait and i can already see a difference!

  457. I have tried the simple truth brand and I really enjoy it has good quality ingredients at a great price.

  458. My mom tried the popcorn along with my daughter and the whole bag disappeared in minutes lol. I loved the flavored water.

  459. My kids love Simple Truth products!

  460. Love your blog and I love sime truth energy bars, especially the peanut butter one!!!!

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