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Kroger Weekly Deals and Ad Scan

2014 5:22 pm

Kroger Coupons and Weekly Ad

Here is the weekly Kroger ad matchup along with coupon matchups for the week of 2/2/14

Super SaleWe have a brand new Super Sale where you will save big with digital coupons. These are special coupons that you will be able to use up to 5 times in one transaction. You will need to purchase all 5 in the same transaction. If you use less than 5, you lose them.  You cannot stack digital coupons with paper coupons and they do NOT double. The coupons will NOT be live until Sunday.

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All of my previous week’s ad matchups can be found HERE in the matchups category. Just scroll down to view whatever week’s sale you are working off.

My Kroger deals are based on the ad for Ohio (Great Lakes/Columbus Region), but I try to include regional price differences. The ad week starts on Monday for this region (but check your ad for sale dates). Check your local store for policy. Pricing varies by region, so check your ad for slight discrepancies. Math is based on FACE value of the coupon. I will also let you know your final cost if the coupon doubles. If an item is priced 10/$10, you do not have to purchase 10 items to receive the $1.00 each price unless otherwise noted (like when part of a mega sale). You can load SavingStar, Upromise, Shortcuts, Cellfire, Kroger Digital Coupons and P&G e-Saver onto your shopper’s card. Check out this post on digital coupons for everything you need to know about these. Search my Coupon Database for more coupons if you’re purchasing multiples or items not on sale!

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  1. Really Ma, that’s weird because I just double checked the Kroger coupon policy and it specifically says that you can’t use a manufacturers coupon with a digital coupon. Maybe I’m reading it wrong….

    • Melanie, you are correct. The digi and manufacture qs cannot be combined. The digital q’s ARE manufacture coupons, not Kroger (KS in state).

  2. I was able to combine manf. coupon with the digital as long as they are diferent in value, I used simply orange $1 off manf. and the $.60 digital. I will try the huggies for $2.00 each if it works tonight.
    Melanie, I hope Kroger does not do that, I will be forced to buy at Meijer, hate it so much!

  3. The ad I got in the paper mentions download coupons for Digiorno and Kelloggs but I cant find them. They also just changed the sale dates in my area. The new ad doesn’t start til tomorrow for me now instead of Sun.

  4. This “sale” sucks.
    Guess I will be shopping elsewhere if they go strictly digital. 🙁

  5. Are we still able to use the super sale coupons with Mfc? if not im not impressed with this sale either.

  6. can you combine manufacture coupons with the kroger digital coupons? if not, it is an awful sale this week!

  7. Just wondering if you’re ever going to do the ‘What’s Free At Kroger’ master list again. It’s not been updated since the beginning of November.

  8. The huggies coupon I ak seeing is $3/2.

  9. I am not seeing the $3/3 kellogg coupon to load to my kroger card 🙁

    • Me neither. In fact, there are several of the new Super Sale digital coupons she lists that I’m not seeing on the Gerbes/Kroger site. They must have hit their limits quickly. When I tried to log in to download the coupons last night, their website was down for several hours and I couldn’t log in until this morning. There must have been a mad rush to get the best ones.

    • When you go to the digital coupons, click on Promotions — that’s where I found the Kellogg’s $3/3 coupon. It was not under the regular breakfast coupon section, so check under Promotions.

  10. our ad is wed-tues… does anyone know of a website that will post the mega sale with the new coupons tomorrow??

    • has split it up by region. They aren’t as thorough as Katie, but it might help you in the future if sales overlap time frames again.

  11. Great deal on Iams dry cat food with the $2 coupon, even better if you have the senior discount.

  12. This past week was the BEST sale I have seen in a LONG time! I managed to fill my cupboards and freezer full of food. Looks like this next week will be a little slow for me. Thanks for ALL your help with these match-ups, sure does help A LOT!!

  13. Happymama says:

    Thanks for posting this early. I now know I have to hit up Kroger one more time for the Mega Sale.

  14. I was thinking the same thing. Going to go Sat and Sun before ad changes in my area to stockup some more. This ad is not very good at all.

  15. The only thing that looks good is the cheese to me.
    Darn it all.

  16. Wow, it looks like I’ll be taking a break from Kroger this week 🙁

    • me too 🙁

    • According to my ex husband who works at Kroger, this is how it is going to be from now on. There won’t be any “sales” so to speak, just digital downloads. Which I told him, is a bad move. But that is what they are going to do. According to him, Kroger is trying to move away from paper coupons all together and make us just do digitals. I know that is not going to fly well with us coupon junkies. Because if I’m right, you can’t combine manufacturers coupons with digitals….so won’t be such good deals anymore. I hope he is wrong, but he is in management and heard this in his last meeting. Blah!

      • I did a big stock up trip last week here in Lancaster, Ohio. The checkout person and I were talking about the coupons and the mega sale and just how many ways there are to save these days. He told me that they are expecting all paper coupons to go away in the next 5 years or so and that everything will be digital coupons so that “they can control the cost of items”…so yes, it does seem that is their plan.

      • im so happy happy and thankful that were we live we just got a BILO because a big competitor is what kroger needs, personaly i dont like kroger

  17. Eh.

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