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50K Facebook Fans Giveaway and New Video! Win a $200 Kroger Gift Card!!

2014 5:03 pm


This Giveaway has Ended. Congratulations LARRY E.!!!

I am so excited and humbled to announce that the other day I reached (and exceeded) 50,000 Facebook “likes”. I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have shared the Kroger Krazy Facebook page and posts with friends and family. I would not have this level of success without you. I seriously LOVE what I do and consider myself lucky to be able to do this every day with a smile. To show my appreciation for your support, I have teamed up with Kroger to offer a giveaway!


Kroger has so generously offered one lucky Kroger Krazy reader a $200 Kroger Gift card!! To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It’s super easy, so don’t let it intimidate you! All options are just that – options (no mandatory entries). That means you can pick and choose the entry methods you like and skip those you don’t. Of course I would love for you to “follow me”, but if you just want to leave a comment for your entry (be sure to check that one on the Rafflecopter), then that’s all you need to do. All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway. If you would also enjoy seeing updates from the Kroger Facebook Page, be sure to follow them as well.

IMPORTANT: Please leave a BLOG COMMENT for entry, do NOT use the “Submit a Deal” form found at the bottom of this page. That just comes to my email. 🙂

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Gift card provided by Kroger. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. Thank you! Just found your site!

  2. You have helped me so much! I’ve saved so much $$ and can feed my family so much better! Thank you for what you do 🙂

  3. I love Kroger Krazy was told about this from a girl at work and I have also spread the word.
    Thank you for all you do

  4. Love Kroger Krazy it sure help takes the chaos out of couponing!

  5. Thank you for this great giveaway!! I have been a fan of your Facebook page and have received your emails for a few years now and love all the amazing deals you share with us!

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  7. Thanks for always committing your times to posting all these deals!!

  8. Camisha Maze says:

    I hope I win! I share yor deals on my Facebook page Divas Swapping Deals all the time

  9. LOVE your blog!!!! You helped helped save my family several hundred dollars just last year!!! Thank you fir all you do!

  10. Jenniffer Yates says:

    Love going to your page and finding deals through your links.

  11. Thank you for dedicating your time tp help others. It means so much!

  12. Sandra Rainey says:

    This is awesome! Good luck to everyone!

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  14. I love Kroger its my all time favorite store I would go there once a day if I could.

  15. I love Following Bargins to Bounty , and after being recommended to your page by a friend Paula Marrow I have also recommended your wonderful page to my Friends , Please keep the the great job and hard work you do on this page and I have a family in Mind I could donate that gift card to if I win It : ) .. in the meantime keep those Great Deals comming to us

  16. shelby goodbergamo says:

    love your Blog-and all the work you do for us! thank you!

  17. Just started couponing. Love your page

  18. Appreciate all you do for all of us!

  19. I have been following the best I can. I would love to win this to help out with my current financial situation. It would be a great help to my family. Thanks for the chance at this.

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  21. Love site and live love Kroger!!!!

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  23. Michelle Lerma says:

    Kroger is my go to store and I love your site for helping me save even more! thanks for all that you do!

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  31. Kristina neff says:

    Thank you so much! My family and I love this sure. I look forward to ur updates 🙂 u help me save time and money on the things my family and I need and use. We appreciate all the tips and helpful information.

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    I follow you on Facebook. New to couponing, but you site makes it so easy to save money. Thanks a million for teaching me to stockpile (0:

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  49. I have never really shopped at Kroger because I could not figure out how to get a good deal. Since I have been following you on fb I have been working the Kroger deals like crazy. I have been big into Walmart CVS and Tom Thumb/Randalls. now I am all about Kroger. love it.

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    My sister in law referred me to you in December and your site is one of the only ones I frequent!! Love what you do!

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