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FRESH Pork Coupon!!

2014 2:53 pm


Update:  There seems to be something wrong with this coupon for now. I did have one coupon print but took nearly 5 minutes for it to do so. I will keep my eye on this and update you as soon as it works CORRECTLY!!  Trust me, I want this coupon too!!

Here is an AWESOME Fresh Pork coupon that you will want to print ASAP because this may go SUPER FAST. Every time one of these coupons becomes available I use it on super small packs of pork chops and really score!

Pork Coupon

Now the next important question..what should I make for dinner?

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  1. I tried to go on the Pork Be Inspired website to see if it was available there, and my computer won’t let me go to the site. It is giving me a message that the website might be infected. Perhaps when they get this problem corrected, the coupon will be available again.

  2. I don’t even get the choice to clip a pork coupon……

  3. What is the link for coupon?

  4. Neither of mine printed either! Boo!

  5. what zip code is it under

  6. WEIRD! I take that back… it printed FINE when I selected Iams dog food and CB Old Country Store ham as my secondary coupons…. but when I went back for my second print, I selected Iams and Glad trash bags – and the pork did not print!

  7. Didn’t work for me either.

  8. Worked fine for me! I selected 2 other coupons to print at the same time so as not to waste paper – everything printed!

  9. Tried to print with this link and also went to It shows the coupon as printing on both sights, but nothing happens. Do not try to print this till someone says it is working.

  10. Nothing would print for me……:(

  11. Glad to know I am not the only one having this problem.

  12. Tried printing. Looked like it was printing but no pork coupon printed that I had selected.

  13. Tried printing, clicked on link, waited for coupons to print and nothing came out.

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