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Sara Lee Snack Cakes Coupon + Kroger Sale!

2014 12:16 pm

Sara Lee

We have a Sara Lee Snacks coupon to pair with this great Kroger Sale.  You can pick up a box for only $1.50! I was given the opportunity to try the Butter Sunshine Cakes and have NOT been able to find them since!! I NEEEED. Well, this is probably for the best.

Sara Lee Coupon

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  1. Tabatha Peterson says:

    The Sara Lee donuts are really good and they are the right size for the coupons. They are only 1 dollar a bag at the Kroger’s in london ky after the coupons.

  2. We tried a few different ones and we thought they were delicious!!!

  3. rebecca giblin says:

    I meant brownie ones….

  4. rebecca giblin says:

    The new ones are ok I really like the cream cheese coffee cakes

  5. Sorry but I bought these and my family gave them a thumbs down. Not much flavor, filling and very dry. We had the ones similar to twinkies and chocolate cupcakes.

  6. I bought these for $1 a box after coupons in Kentucky on Saturday. They are great!

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