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Stacy’s Bake Shop Bakery Crisps Coupon!!

2014 1:09 pm


So…I was munching on a Stacy's Bake Shop snack when I got an email from Ellery telling me about this coupon.  I didn't have any coupons when I bought this yesterday so trust me when I say I am printing my coupon and then getting two more boxes of the Vanilla Pound Cake flavored Bakery Crisps.  These are $3.99 at Kroger right now but 2 for this price..I think so!  These can be found in deli section of your store.


I will save you the picture of me munching on one of these as I am writing up this post.

Thanks Ellery!

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  1. I just printed 2 off Chrome and 2 off IE 🙂

  2. Exp. 06/30/2014 🙂

  3. What is the expiration date on coupon?

  4. My kroger would not take coupon, said wasn’t in their system. Same for Trop50 coupon. Going to try a different Kroger later this week.

  5. This may have reset! I printed last night. This morning, thinking this was one of the coupons I had trouble with yesterday, went to try to print it. IT WORKED! From the same computer, same browser. Just sayin’.

  6. This may be the only time I wish I still had class once a week in Findlay. Johnstown has them 2/$7. So $3.50 a box.

  7. At the Kroger in findlay these are on sale for $1!

  8. Those sounds delicious!! For some reason I was unable to get to the coupon on Chrome on my computer, but Internet Explorer worked just fine — just fyi in case you have Chrome and don’t see where you can print the coupon, try IE.

  9. Hi, do walmart stores carry stacy’s bake shop? thanks

  10. When they had the free kroger download I added a piece of mozzarella to the garlic ones and then a slice of tomato, topped with parm. Delicious!

  11. The Banana Nut Bread it great!

  12. I got the green box when they did they free Friday download and I think I did eat the whole box at one time! These are fantastic!!

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