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FREE Suave Lotion, Shampoo or Condtioner at Kroger!

2014 2:00 pm

suave free kroger

Grab your February All You Magazine, then turn to page 25 and snip this Suave coupon that has NO size restrictions!! Use it to score a bottle of lotion, shampoo or conditioner for FREE at Kroger!

suave free kroger

Get All You Plus a FREE Gift!

If you're unfamiliar with this magazine, let me familiarize you! All You is a must have to build your coupon stash up quickly! It is a monthly magazine that you can now even find at Kroger – or you can order a subscription. Each month features several great coupons plus money saving tips!

(thanks Diane!)

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  1. Alaina KY says:

    i have used many coupons to make items free, you just have to have other items in your cart that the overage would go towards paying. Also (I know it sounds bad) but find a cashier who doesn’t look like they want to argue (young, don’t care) and they will just push a magic button and make it go through.

  2. Just went to Kroger they will not adjust the suave lotion it was .99 cents,I gave her the $1.00 and she said “that would make it free and I would owe you a penny,we can’t do that….I think I may start going back to wal mart

  3. Tried to use with the sauve shampoo at Kroger in Bluewell, WV and it beeped and I was told that it had to be one shown on coupon. Didn’t want to argue so I just had them take off the shampoo. Tried to tell the cashier that it was overage, but she didn’t seem to understand.

  4. I used both of these coupons at Walmart & no beep. should be fine to use them anywhere since they have no size restrictions

  5. They will beep because the coupon exceeds the value of the item. But at kroger the cashiers are allowed to adjust the amount of the coupon to make the item FREE! You wont get overage but FREE is always GREAT!!! I worked at Kroger for almost 6 years until just here recently, I had to have surgery on my hand that has kept me from performing the required task that are required for me to work

  6. Just FYI: I had two of these and they beeped on both things I tried to buy (lotion and shampoo). Just throwing that out there for those who are beep-phobic.

    On another note, the coupons inside All You have gone so downhill. :/ I’m not renewing my sub after it expires. 🙁 I used to look so forward to it in my mailbox!

  7. I renew my all you subscription when my nieces sold mag subscriptions as a fundraiser. My sub doesn’t expire until 2016! And I never have paid full price for it. 🙂

  8. I go a subscription for a gift. !!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yes, correct. So, you pay $20 for every subscription; then you save 83¢ on each bottle.

  10. Correct!

  11. So, with this coupon from the magazine, you can only get one free product, unless you have more than one of the same magazines, correct?

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