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Kellogg’s and Kashi Cereal Catalina, FREE Milk Promo and Kroger Scenarios!

2014 11:06 am

kelloggs catalina

We have an outstanding deal going on this week with Kellogg's and Kashi cereal. Right now when you buy 3 participating products, you receive one FREE gallon of Kroger Milk. On top of the free milk, there is also a Catalina going on that will help you to score even more!  Please note that ALL Kellogg's cereals qualify for the Catalina offer but not all qualify for the free milk so I wanted to make sure to highlight the FREE milk Promo.  You can mix and match any combinations.  Please note, Kashi does NOT qualify for free milk promotion.

The FREE Milk promo runs for 2 WEEKS and coincides with your sale cycle.

kelloggs catalina

3/3 – 3/30 | Kellogg's and/or Kashi Cereals ( 8.7 oz+, Mix or Match)
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO

kelloggs catalina

kashi catalina

Kashi is also included in the Catalina but doesn't qualify for the free milk. Here is a scenario for you if you eat this brand of cereal.

(thanks Asargent, Tammy, Alaina, Carrie and Christy!)

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  1. I was just at my Kroger and saw there was a ton of Kashi cereal marked down to 99 cents. Will this still work with the catalina? If so, I’m going back tomorrow with lots of coupons! 4 boxes would cost me $2 and I would get a $3 catalina!

  2. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know if Krave or Special K part of the buy 3 get free Milk?

  3. Brandee says:

    I bought three apple jack used the $1/3 and was able to get my free almond milk. I didn’t see the sign on any of the silk products though.

  4. Brandee says:

    My flyer said excludes organic as well but when I was in there today there was a free milk sign under the blue diamond almond milk. I am going tomorrow to try it and hope it works. I originally wasn’t planning on doing this offer since we only drink almond milk.

  5. In my ad it states excludes organic milk…

  6. Does anyone have a list of all free milks included? Like, what about half gallon soymilks or something?

  7. Angela Gregory says:

    Hey everyone! I am not sure if it is still going on or not but there was a deal recently where if you purchase two boxes of Kellogg’s cereal (10oz or more boxes) then you get a FREE Kellogg’s bowl! They were in a display in our cereal isle here! So if it is still going on, that would be $1 per box of cereal, FREE gallon of milk, AND a FREE bowl for kids!! 🙂

  8. Kimberly says:

    Is the milk automatically deducted when you buy the selected boxes?

  9. Gwen – you should do them in two transactions because it normally will only print one Catalina per order. Unless, this site says otherwise. You should also get two free milk. You can use your first Catalina to pay for your second order, and you will get another Catalina on that order. Hope that make sense.

  10. Chris-you can use your Catalina to pay for one item or more than one item. You can use coupons and then pay with your Catalina. It is almost like cash. I have not used a Catalina on an item with lesser value so I am not sure. But, I do know that you cannot get any cash back. Normally, you can roll your Catalina to save even more. HTH!

  11. and does that qualify for two gallons of mild free?

  12. so if I buy 6 cereals in one order will I then get two catalinas for 2.00 off next order?

  13. Yes you can earn .50 on Ibotta for the milk

  14. Nicole A says:

    I bought 2 eggo waffles and 2 kelloggs cereals and got a 2 oyno and a 1 onyno

  15. Can save more since the ibotta milk offer is back!

    • theresa says:

      That was my question, also. I think the answer is “yes” since the milk will still show up on the receipt just like a regular purchase.

  16. On your next order Brittany 🙂

  17. I’m new to this page and was wondering what OYNO means

  18. Hey so I did get the $2 oyno Catalina. However it printed kinda funky, so can you help me understand restrictions on this coupon? Is it one Catalina per item? Can you use it on an item of lesser value? Can it be used with another coupon for one item? Thanks! You make my life awesome! I’ve saved 100 bucks on groceries in the past two weeks thanks to you. Do you take donations for your site?

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