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Pampers Wipes ONLY $0.49 with Kroger Mega Sale!

2014 6:42 am


YAY!  We FINALLY have a Pampers wipes coupon to go with the Kroger Mega Sale.  For all you that just lost your doubles last night in the Columbus region know that I'm dealing with this sadness too but we can still rock $0.49 wipes AND I am happy with that!


= FREE if coupon doubles!

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  1. When does this sale ends?

  2. Our Kroger stopped doubling months ago and I was so sad. But, I still find I can get awesome deals with the great Kroger sales and also using ibotta and 51. When things change we have to rethink our money saving stategies, like businesses do. BUT ABOVE ALL, BE HONEST and abide by store and couponing rules. When you do things that are not allowed you give all couponers a bad name. And often the local store is the loser. If a fraudulent coupon gets by the store it almost will certainly not get by the clearing House and your store will not be reimbursed. Let’s all save fairly and have fun!

  3. Angelina says:

    It is for people like “Nancy” why all the couponers have a hard time in stores

  4. Excuse my ignorance, but how can I use this coupon to get the wipes for $0.49? The coupon says limit one coupon per purchase. The coupon is only good for one pack. To get the wipes for $0.99 you have to buy 4. Seems to me that I will get one pack for $0.49 and the others at $0.99? HELP!

    • Couponing Sonja says:

      In order to buy 4 pks, you will need to print 4 coupons. That means you need two computers so you can print 2 coupons on each device.

      If you don’t have but one computer, you can print out 2 coupons, purchase 2 of the wipes and purchase 2 more items which are on the 4 for 4 list. Hope that helps.

    • ashley says:


      One per purchase means that you can only use one coupon per container of wipes – but can buy/use multiple coupons in your transaction. The only time you can only use 1 coupon on the buy four save four plan would be if the coupon states only one coupon per transaction. Ex. the wholly guac. coupon states this so you can only use on one tub of guac and the other three tubs of guac. would be full sale price or you would have to mix/match with other participating items. Hope that helped!

  5. Can you print coupons again from the same pc the next day? Or is it coupons per pc period?

  6. I have attempted several times to install my printer to print coupons and it will not allow me to. Any ideas?

  7. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think any Wayne county Kroger stores double coupons anymore.

  8. How are you supposed to get more then 2 packs for 49 cents when only allows 2 prints a day of the same coupon?

    • ASHLEY GAYHART says:

      More than one computer.

      • Download the app to your ipad, iphone, ipod and you can print 2 more on each of those if you have a wireless printer

    • just recopy the coupon after you print it out hun.i do it all the time and it works just fine at my kroger

      • That is against the law and considered to be coupon fraud and if you get caught you could go to jail, be fined and banned from printing coupons again. Just a head’s up

      • Couponing Sonja says:

        Tina is correct.. .it’s against the law! I know a lady who has been going into Kroger’s doing this and they now are about to turn her in. In fact..I have educated one of the cashiers at Kroger on how to tell when they are copied/fraudulent coupons. For one thing, if you print two out and look at the barcode on the top, you’ll see the numbers change. So there is NO way to cheat by copying. In time, you will get caught if you do this.

  9. Love pampers

  10. Happymama says:

    Living in in Columbus, and actually waving “bye-bye” to our last double coupons at Kroger last night with my kids…somehow I knew this would happen LOL. I’m just glad some regions are still going to be able to score free wipes 🙂 It’s still a good price.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Do all Michigan stores double? I’m across the state line in Toledo, Ohio might be worth making a trip there once in awhile

  12. Dianna says:

    What kroger stores are still doubling coupons?

  13. I love this coupons. Thanks kroger

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