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2014 11:13 am

Finish Mail In Rebate

If you happened to look through your 6/15 SS you should have found this awesome Mail-In-Rebate for Finish Quatum, Powerball/Gelpacs and/or Rinse Aid.  According to the rebate you can purchase ONE detergent and ONE rinse aid.  So to get the biggest bang for your buck, walk out of Kroger with TWO items 🙂  The rebate is valid on the smaller sizes so make sure you get the sizes indicated her and on the Mail-In-Rebate.

Rebate ends 7/12/14 and must be submitted by 8/23/14

Finish Dishwasher

Finish Rinse

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  1. I sent this rebate in over 10 weeks ago, which is longer than the 8 week processing time they need. Does anyone know a phone number I can call to inquire on the status? Nothing is listed on the rebate form and I can’t find one online for this rebate.

  2. I sent off this rebate about 2months ago can I send I another one?

  3. Brittany says:

    The printable is only for .75 cents off a Jet Dry and doesn’t include that actual Powerballs. Another website I read posted a deal a few days ago sort of like this but I let them know the .75 off is NOT on the Powerballs. Still would be a good deal on the Jet Dry itself.

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