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LAST DAY for P&G Kroger Catalina | Pampers Diapers & Wipes as low as $0.98 for BOTH!!

2014 10:15 am

P&G catalina

Did I NEEEED all of these diapers and wipes? NOPERS. Was I going to be able to concentrate on anything else until I KNEW if this deal worked? Nuh-Uh. So, here it is. Read carefully because there is a LOT going on here. Let's start off with the easy deal because the 2nd scneario is NOT for the faint of heart. But first, let me tell you about all 3 of the Catalinas we have generating that overlap on Pampers.

p&G catalina1

P&G catalina

#1: We have a new P&G Catalina valid for 3 DAYS ONLY for a $5.00 OYNO Catalina when you buy $10 worth of participating items (Pampers Diapes are included). See full list of inclusions in the 2nd picture above.


#2: We have a Pampers Diapers Catalina for $10 OYNO when you buy (2) Pampers Diaper Super Packs.

P&G Catalina

P&G Catalina

#3: You MAY have received this “Invitation Only” Catalina generating for $3 everytime you spend $10 in a transaction (limit 5 overall, limit 1 per transaction).

6/28 – 6/30 | P&G Products
Buy $10 of participating P&G Products in a single transaction = $5.00 OYNO

6/22- 7/2 | Pampers Diapers Super or Giant Packs
Buy (2) Pampers Diaper Super Packs = $10.00 OYNO
Buy (2) Pampers Diapers Giant Packs = $15.00 OYNO

6/11 – 6/30 | P&G Products (INVITATION ONLY!)
Buy $10 of participating P&G Products in a single transaction = $3.00 OYNO
(limit 1 per transaction, but limit 5 overal in separate transactions)

P&G catalina

I first tested this on one pack of Jumbo Pack Diapers and one pack of Wipes and it worked like a charm! There were reports that your after coupon total could not dip below $10, but that was not the case for me. I also received the $3 invitation only catalina. I have scenarios for those of us who did and those who didn't. Either way, this deal is SWEET!!

For those who received the $3 Invitation Only Catalina:


For everyone else:

P&G catalina

If you want to get ALL THREE Catalinas, here is your deal scenario for that TRIPLE DIP using MAINSTREAM coupons, but keep your eye out for $5/1 Pampers Diapers BLINKIES that many are finding! That coupon would make this deal awesome!! Also, ALL of the Pampers Diapers in the super packs are generating the Catalinas. I just purchased the Baby Dry because those are the coupons available. Also, look for specially marked packages that include a coupon for a FREE pack of Pampers Wipes!!

P&G Catalina

* Now here is where it gets complicated. For some reason, for the invitation only Catalina…even though you EARNED (5) $3.00's because you reached $50 ($10, 5 times), it will only print one per transaction. HOWEVER, you WILL receive the other (4) Catalinas on your next (4) Kroger transactions. So, even if you buy a candy bar, that $3.00 OYNO will generate. That makes these super packs of diapers ONLY $8.49 each!!! (thanks for this update Elise)

As far as I know these are LIMIT 1 per transaction, so if you want more, be sure to separate your transactions!

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.

Now, who wants to invite me to their baby shower? 😀

(thanks Darla, amickey1, Jennifer, Christina, Melissa, Sarah, Elise, Michelle, Christina, Nicole, Karen, Royal, & everyone else who commented!)

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  1. Wendy escamilla says:
  2. I got the invite and tried to do the big box deal. I received the 10, 5, and 3 upon checkout. I went back to Kroger today for my next shopping trip, but no more 3 cats came out. I am bummed that it didnt roll for me like for all the rest of you.

  3. My Kroger has the wipes (soft side) for $1 so I got a pack of diapers and two wipes for $3.47 after the $5 catalina (I wasn’t one of the lucky $3 recipients). Still, a great deal. I’ve done it twice so far and may go back for one more go-round tonight.

  4. I have a question if i buy the diapers and wipes and use the coupons that will take me under the $10 mark so i wont get any catalinas? If thats so how is the deal being rolled im lost lol because then if i use the catalina on the next order ill be under $10 again 🙁

  5. Ok so if I do the 5 transactions and use the cats the other 4 times will the cats generate or do I have to pay the 10 for them to generate?

  6. Killed it today!! The $3 invite only catalina says limit 5 rewards but it kept going after 5. I got one as well as the $5 one for every transaction, and I did around 8 today.

  7. Did anyone tried Pantene Shampoo for $5 catalina? Did it worked?

  8. I purchased two big packs and received $10, $5, & $3 cats. I also received $3 cats over my next 4 transactions. I went back and purchased 1 jumbo pack and a pack of wipes and received $5 & $3 cats. I did this multiple times, but around the 8th time the $3 cat stopped generating and I would only get the $5, is there a limit to the $3 cat? I would like to purchase more today, please help.

  9. Lindsey, I am in Knoxville. It didn’t work the first time because I didn’t reach the $10 with coupons. I tried it a second time, pack of diapers and wipes, only using the wipe coupon and I got the 5 and 3 cat. I returned my first transition.

  10. What is the “hitting $50” some are taking about? Is that when a $3 catalina comes out? Also how are some getting a $4 catalina?

  11. So if I do 5 transactions of 8.99 diapers & 1.99 wipes, will I get the $3 catalina for reaching $50 or it that only for those who got the invite?

    • You should get the $5 catalina no matter if what. The $3 catalina will only print if you got an invite. You would have gotten a print out from the catalina machine recently, if you got the invitation.

  12. I tried with Crest and dipped below $10 and didn’t get the Catalina.

  13. How do you get the invitation Catalina’s?

  14. this deal did not work for me at my Kroger in TN. just an FYI 🙁

    • I’m in Georgia, and I tried buying wipes and diapers at self checkout. I did not get the Cat. I then went to a regular line and got the Cat on multiple transactions. I did a return and rebuy at customer service.

  15. If I do the deals tomorrow (on the 30, which is the last day for the invitation Cat) and spend $50, I understand the other $3 rewards won’t print until my next 4 transactions – but is it ok if those transactions are after the expiration of June 30?

  16. will they let you do separate transactions and use the catalinas right away?

    • also when does this expire?

      • Today (June 30) is the last day for the $5 catalina. The catalinas are usually good for about 2 weeks. And Yes, you can use them on your next transaction, whether it is right away, or before the catalinas expire. 🙂

  17. Used a $1.50 and a $.50 off coupon on the Jumbo Baby Dry and the Pampers wipes. Did not receive the $5.00 OYNO at my Krogers, I guess because the after coupon price dropped down below $10. Louisiana Krogers
    If I had known that I would not have used the $.50 cents off coupon. Drats.

  18. Kelli fain says:

    You have to buy diapers and wipes, correct? Just need wipes and don’t have a coupon for diapers so was curious if I could buy $10.00 of wipes?

    • $10 in participating products, but I don’t think you could use 10 wipes coupons that are exactly the same.

  19. FYI, the free wipes coupon says “buy 1 diapers or pants and get 1 free wipes 72 ct or smaller”. So you do have to buy diapers to get the free wipes….but still a great deal!

  20. Hey everybody, where can I find the $5 blinkie?????

  21. I did this 15 times and received both the $5 cat and $3 cat on each transaction. I bought a combination of baby dry, swaddlers and easy up. Thank you very much Katie!!!

  22. This works on easy ups ($7.99) but you Have to buy two packs of wipes (1.99 each) in order to get the $5 b/c it won’t trigger at $9.98. i made the mistake of buying one easy up and only one pack of wipes and i only received the $3 invite only coupon. But customer service helped me by refunding the transaction and redoing it by adding in one more pack of wipes and adjusted for the coupons that i used (1.50 one easy up, .50 wipes, and $8 in catalinas) . After that both the $5 and $3 spit out. Paid $2.60 after tax for one easy up jumbo and two wipes.

  23. If I do the scenario with big boxes and I get the $3 cats over 5 transactions then how am I tracked? If I use my $3 cat to buy candy bars in another transaction will it roll and I will still get my other $3 cat since I was supposed to get it anyway? How long will I be tracked to get my other $3 cats, like do I have to hurry and do all my other tranactions back to back like in a certain timeframe? Sorry for all the questions but I am trying to understand and wrap my head around this before I head to store.

  24. Will this work on pampers swim pants too?

  25. Will this deal work on pampers swim pants too?

  26. valerie says:

    If I do the deal with diapers and wipes to get the $5 Catalina am I alble to use that towards my next transaction of diapers and wipes ? If so will I still receive another $5 Catalina? Thanks

  27. Where are yall getting the $5 blinkies?

  28. So if i do the 2 big boxes, do i get the (4) $3 OYNO on my next transactions that day or whenever?

  29. Kristine says:

    This scenario DOES NOT WORK at the King Soopers in Westminster, Colorado
    80th and Sheridan or 80th and Wadsworth.

    Buy (1) Pampers Jumbo Pack Baby Dry Diapers – $8.99 (thru 7/22)
    Buy (1) Pampers Baby Wipes (56-72 ct) – $1.99 (thru 7/13)
    Total: $10.98
    Use (1) $1.50/1 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers printable
    Or Search more Pampers coupons
    Pay $8.98, get back $5.00 OYNO (P&G weekend Catalina)
    Final cost is as low as $3.98 for both!

  30. how can i get the invite?

  31. So I haven’t shopped at Kroger in a couple weeks. Is it possible I would get the invite if I just went in and bought something? I guess there’s only one way to find out!

  32. Did it on the easy ups and worked, but easy ups were $7.99 so bought 2 wipes and 1 jumbo pack easy ups paid $10.84 after tax and got $5 oyno. I didn’t know if it would work with only 1 wipe as would be $0.03 short.

  33. I would like to know if it works with the easy ups. And I did buy pampers diapers and wipes and got the $5 and $3 back. How many times can I do this?

  34. I’m in Southern California and the diapers were not on sale. Pampers wipes were $2.49 and Size 2 Pampers sung and dry were 9.49. I use $1.50 off diapers and .50 off wipes coupons. I recieved a $5 Cat and a cat that looks like the invitation above. However mines says spend $10 and save $5.00.

  35. How many times can you do the $10 transaction to get the $5?

  36. how can i get an invitation?

  37. At my richmond, ky store (Louisville region), pampers wipes were on sale for $1 when I went yesterday. It didn’t say for how long. I’m hoping through the weekend to make this deal even better!

  38. Tabitha says:

    Did the big box scenario and combined with a $4 OYNO I got for some Gerber I ended up with $21 worth in ONYO coupons, plus I hit the $50 so I should be getting another $12 over time…thanks!!!!

  39. Kristin says:

    Eek! Wanted to share a deal for those of use who didn’t get the invitation only catalina! At one of my local stores (Giant/Martin’s) there are a BUNCH of awesome P&G blinkies! One of them is for $5 off when you buy diapers AND wipes 🙂 So, you can do the first scenario, pay $5.98 and get a $5 CAT 😀 😀 😀 😀

  40. Virginia says:

    I did the 8.99 baby dry pack and wipes. I had a coupon for $1.50 off the pack and a coupon for free wipes. Also had a $4 Catalina. Paid 4.26 and got the $5 Catalina. Should I be getting another? I’m confused with this deal. I did do it twice and got the $5 both times. I still have more coupons.

  41. For everyone asking about the invite you’ll know if you got it because it will have printed a special catalina for you at some point during the month of June. 🙂 It will look like catalina #3 pictured. If that didn’t print your Kroger card was not selected.

  42. Question. …….I did the transaction and got the $5 and $3 Catalina. …..Will it work if I go back to the store and buy it again?

  43. Ok so I was just at my nashville area Kroger and did not see the cat posted for the jumbo packs so is this cat for all Kroger regions? Also, how do we know if we got the invite?

  44. dolores says:

    How do you get the invite?

  45. Do all the cats roll?

  46. Becky groves says:

    It does work on easy ups as well.

  47. Ok boxes 24.99 blinkie is $5/1 box when you buy wipes too. So 2 boxes of diapers and 2 wipes is $53.96 (add your own taxes) used 2 blinkies $5/1 and the $3 and $5 Catalina from earlier total is $35.96 and got back $5, $10, and $3 and should get 4 more of the $3 Catalina so 5.96 for two boxes of diapers and two wipes

  48. Jenifer says:

    Also, where are you guys finding the blinkies please.

  49. Jenifer says:

    ok you guys have me confused as all heck. So if I buy just two super packs in one transaction ill get a $10, $5 and $3. then if I do 4 more separate transactions ill get a $3 for each one, no matter how much I spend?

    • Jenifer, Yes – IF you received the invitation only one…the $3 one – it is limit 1 per transaction, but since you EARNED it 5 times by spending $50, it will print with your receipt over the course of your next 4 transactions. I know it’s confusing and I’m not sure why they made it that way.

  50. Could you do a deal scenario for us on the GIANT boxes with the $15 Cat? Trying to wrap my head around it lol. Thanks!

  51. I did this…I bought the small pack and wipes….I used 1.50 diaper coupon, the .50 wipe coupon and a $2 Catalina from the Clorox. 😉 so I paid 6.95 and got the $5 and $3 Catalina. So got paid 1.05 lol going to use them to see about the big boxes now…I have the blinkie $5 off also have coupons for free wipes

  52. How do you know if you got the invite

  53. Does these roll?

  54. Do you think the Catalina would generate on Pampers Easy Ups?….

  55. For those who didn’t get invited, I think you forgot to link the coupon for the wipes as well. 🙂

  56. The $3 ones from the invite only roll for sure too. I didn’t try rolling the other ones yet.

  57. For the invite only catalina on the last scenario with the big boxes, you will actually get 5 $3 rewards that print in separate transactions (of anything) since you hit $50 ! I tried it and it worked! So that makes the big boxes hardly anything!

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