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Kroger Grocery Store Ad Scan and Matchups (NEW 2 Week Mega Event)

2014 12:32 pm

Kroger Ad Scan

Here is the Kroger Grocery Store ad scan along with coupon matchups for the week of 7/30/14.

We have a brand new Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event starting (2 week sale). No limits were advertised. There are of course WAY more items included in this sale than what is advertised this week, so stay tuned for a full inclusions list with pricing and coupon matchups. We will be scouting out ALL of the deals on WEDNESDAY when the sale begins, so you won’t have that list until later that day.

Buy 5 Save 5

Pricing below reflects $1.00 per item savings, assuming you have purchased 5 participating (mix & match) items.




All of my previous week’s ad matchups can be found HERE in the matchups category. Just scroll down to view whatever week’s sale you are working off.

My Kroger deals are based on the ad for Ohio (Great Lakes/Columbus Region), but I try to include regional price differences. The ad week starts on Monday for this region (but check your ad for sale dates).

Check your local store for policy. Pricing varies by region, so check your ad for slight discrepancies. Math is based on FACE value of the coupon. If an item is priced 10/$10, you do not have to purchase 10 items to receive the $1.00 each price unless otherwise noted (like when part of a mega sale). You can load SavingStar, Upromise, Shortcuts, Cellfire, Kroger Digital Coupons and P&G e-Saver onto your shopper’s card. Check out this post on digital coupons for everything you need to know about these. Search my Coupon Database for more coupons if you’re purchasing multiples or items not on sale!

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


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  1. Are the Ball Park hot dogs on sale or the Oscar Mayer? the post says Ball Parks but lists an Oscar Mayer coupon so I just wanted clarification. Thanks!

  2. Red Baron multiserve pizzas 3/$10 and there is a digital q for buy 3 get 1 free exp 8/4 making them 4/$10.

  3. THANK YOU ! The amount of time you put into helping so many is incredible. I have been able to donate so much more due to the information you provide. You are a blessing not only to those who read your posts, but so many who receive items donated. Thank you again

  4. Nicole S says:

    I’m new to this website (and love it!). I have a question. I live near the Elkhart, Indiana Kroger. Our sales start on Thursday. Does anyone know if this Mega Event will start here on Thursday or does it still start tomorrow? Or will we not have it at all? I’m not sure how to find out. I looked at the weekly ad on the Kroger site but of course the mega sale isn’t in that ad. Any help would be sooo appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    • The Mega Sale should start on Thursday for you Nicole. My sale cycle starts on Thursday too, I live in NW Ohio. This is kind of a leg up for us, because tomorrow they will find out sizing, pricing, unadvertised etc…and we will have the advantage to get the game plan together before Thursday. Katie and Kendra are awesome at this and save me a TON of money! Ready to get my stockpile back up and drown myself in cheese and baby wipes LOL

      • Nicole S says:

        Awesome ,thank you so much! I’m with you there. Can’t WAIT for the cheese and baby wipes 🙂 lol

  5. Melanie321 says:

    It might off been a confusion so ppl- get over it. Changing topic… Kraft cheese 8oz will be for $2.49 but if you buy 5 it will automatically deduct $5 + 1.50 coupons. You can buy 5 and get these for FREE! I’m super excited since the kids love these!;)

  6. What is up with all this nonsense? To many , she is very helpful. Remember the old saying ppl- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t. A lot of use her site for learning and deals, great ones at that.

  7. Anne – would you rather there be no site as good as Katie’s? Bc she doesn’t have to do any of this. Quit complaining and take a trip to Kroger. It won’t kill you.

    • M, I did not ever mean to sound mean or rude. I love all what Kendra & Katie do, as this is my favorite site. My post was in response to Hope’s post. Elissa commented on not finding the “Pamper’s” deal listed in the ad. “Hope” stated that she (Katie) never said anything like that….”this was the first post”. I was aware of the post the day it came out and new that that her response was incorrect. We are all human. We all make mistakes. When someone is curious on a certain post and is told it never existed, it makes our friends on this site even more confused. No meaness or upset meant towards anyone I assure you. Couponing is fun and a learning experience. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, I honestly meant well, perhaps I just did’nt word it correctly. I’m sorry again.

  8. Anne, you are very unrealistic in your expectations of others. Rather than attack someone who’s just trying to be helpful, how about focusing on the good she does? She has to deal with weeding thru information, too. In this game of couponing, some weeks you win. Some you lose. That’s all part of it. Play nice.

  9. seems to me that there has been a whole said here about nothing. I do not enjoy reading all of this thinking that I am going to find out something that I do need to know.

  10. David Lotze says:

    Gratful as well to Katie for all her hard work…it has saved our family many hundreds of dollars in the last year

  11. WE ARE ALL LUCKY to have Katie post ANYTHING at all, she works SO hard on this blog, her website, and Kroger Krazies. If this is a huge sale, you know she will be working her little tail off. We appreciate everything you do Katie. And MOST of all we need to be NICE to EVERYONE on this site. People have different opinions, perceive things different ways. We are lucky to have a blog such as this one, she does ALL the work for us. Personally looking forward to this stuff, my stockpile has dwindled and it’s a good time to stock back up.

  12. Melanie321 says:

    Elissa, the coupon for the herbal essence it’s in the new p&g 7/27.

  13. Michelle says:

    I’m not seeing the $.50/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks coupon. Has anybody else had any luck finding it?

  14. Melanie321 says:

    Pamper wipes will also be included. .99 after buying 5 so after coupon, you’ll just pay .49cents. Herbal essences will also be on the mega sale and there is a $3/2 coupon. Not so sure on this one but I’m thinking it will be 1.99 a bottle and after coupon .49cents.

  15. Catherine says:

    They are on full list. I just checked .

  16. Catherine says:

    No she did , there is a whole post about it ? Huggies and pamper wipes

  17. Elissa Jones says:

    So are Pampers NOT part of the mega event? I thought you mentioned they were…?

    • Someone else said they were in a comment on another post but she never said they were. This is the first list about the mega event she has posted.

      • Yes, Hope…..She absolutely did…it was mentioned in a specific post several days ago actually. She stated in the “Pampers post” to make sure you printed the coupons as she was looking over the inclusions list for the next Mega event….the whole purpose for her post.

    • Also this is not the full list, only part of what is included. With deals like the pampers they usually won’t advertise that because that is one of the things a lot of people go after and will be gone quickly so it tends to be more of an unadvertised deal. Someone else said it was included so your best bet would just to be to get to the store the day the mega sale starts as early as possible that way if they they aren’t all gone because there is 3 krogers around me and each one sold out within a day last time

      • The point of “Pampers ” posts….Mothers of small babies don’t go running to Kroger based on…”Hmmmm….let’s see.” There are certain sales that advertise this, along with certain websites that make this information available ahead of time, such as Katie’s. Some people shop/coupon based on facts made ahead of time. When a couponing website provides a “heads up” post…people are open ears….when something such as “Pampers” are in that kind of “heads up”, they are ALL ears! Get Real, Hope!!!!!

        • In other words, Hope….I feel a follow up on something that was made something to look forward to should be mentioned….seems as though Katie said she was looking at the Mega deals which encouraged her to place the post!!!

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