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Cottonelle Flushable Wipes Catalina = $0.39 at Kroger (Reg $2.79)!!

2014 3:46 pm

Cotonelle Catalina

8/11 – 9/7 | Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths 1x or Larger
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes
We have a nice sale price on Cottonelle FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths but NOW we have a Catalina offer that makes this deal EVEN BETTER!!

Thanks Kevin!

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  1. I’m columbus based, but our price is higher and I checked with the manager about the catalina (and price) and after looking in their system, he said that there is no catalina for this product. Does this differ from store to store? He said if they are wrong, they will gladly fix it next time, but I wasn’t sure how to verify that it should produce a catalina?


  3. I just received an email from Kleenex Brand that had a $1/1 q for the flushable cleaning wipes.

  4. What does it mean.. coupon from ss?

  5. Does anyone know if this is only for the wipes with the containers, or will it work on the refill packs?

  6. Can I buy 2 and get the catalina, then use the catalina to buy 2 more will I get another catilina or can I only get it once?

  7. I visited Cottonelle’s website and “shared the savings” on Twitter and received an email for $2.00 off coupons (printable twice) redeemable when you buy 1 package of 12 rolls Cottonelle toilet paper AND 1 package of Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths. (Without sharing the savings, you can still get $1.50 of the same combination of items.) I haven’t tried this catalina deal either way yet, but am hoping this will work. I only have one 50 cent off Q for Cottonelle wipes. The wipes are $2.29 on sale in my Kroger stores, but I don’t believe that Cottonelle’s toilet paper is on sale yet, but there is still time(?). I think I’ll just add the catalina I received from the Palmolive and apply it towards this order and hopefully its a win-win??? Maybe y’all have a better suggestion?? 😉

  8. I believe it’s a tiered deal. Buy 2 get $2. Buy 3 or more, get $3.

  9. I bought four and only $3 Catalina came out? did I do something wrong?

  10. Worked for me today, ours are priced $2.19

  11. Just bought 2 @ $2.49 each outside Columbus, Ohio and no Catalina printed for me. Going to try and send them the info. so maybe I will be reimbursed.

    • Maybe just visit the service desk; perhaps they are aware of this?? I have issues getting catalinas to print for me EVEN ON ADVERTISED items, i.e., Ragu, M&M’s, et al. I imagine this one won’t print for me too and since it’s not advertised, I’m afraid I will run into static trying to work it out with the service desk, but they usually are really great about these things so we will see. Fingers crossed because this will be a great deal if it works out!!

  12. I bought these today and no catalina printed. Can I contact them about this?

  13. My catalina did not print. Can I contact them about this?

  14. I just purchased 2 cloths and the catalina printed out for me. My store in MidTN has them for $1.79 and they still double. This is a Great deal for those of us in MidTN. Thank you for letting us know about these great deals

  15. Is the Catalina offer work only when you buy the flushable cleansing cloths or on any 2 Catalina products like ? if anyone know this please let me know cause I have $2 coupons but if you buy the Cottonelle FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths with a pack of Cottonelle Toilet Paper

    • I have the same question, or at list I think that’s what you meant to ask. Will the catalina come out for any other Cottonelle products or is this offer only for the Cottonelle FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths?

  16. You can sign up for a $1.50 coupon or if you share the offer and someone also registers, it will be upgraded to $2.00. Register at

  17. I only see the Save $0.50 off of 1. I don’t see the $1 off of 2. Anyone else having this issue?

  18. Cathy Puckett says:

    Kroger in kpt,TN will not use coupons 5 times in a transaction

    • Is that new? I live in Johnson City and shop there occasionally but have not had any trouble using the 5 coupons.

  19. There is also a digital cp. to download to your card for $1/1.

  20. Cottonelle catalina for wipes runs thru 9/7.

  21. Do you know how long the Catalina offer is happening for? The Cottonelle is at that price for some time, but I wondered if I had longer than a week to deal with the offer (I’m headed on vacation soon!) thanks

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