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{NEW VIDEO} Yoplait Catalina + Kroger Deal Scenarios!

2014 9:19 am

We have a new Yoplait Catalina generating at Kroger right now.  Below you will find a deal scenario based on what I purchased.  Choose whatever Yoplait Yogurts you like and your family eats.

8/11 – 9/7 | Yoplait Yogurt
Spend $10.00 = $2.00 OYNO

Yoplait Catalina

Deal Scenarios:

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  1. Going to Kroger today & wanted to do this deal, but looks like cat not printing. Does anyone know if working now? TIA

  2. Bought 10 Greek yogurts 1$. Used a 2$ off of 10 Greek yoplait. And no catalina. Houston, Tx

  3. At my store the yoplait Yogurt 6 oz cups were 10/$5. So I got 21. It was total 10.50. I used 4 of the .50 of 5 cups and the friday free cup. So i Paid $8. No Cat printed. It this a local cat only?

  4. I got 11 of the greek and 1 regular for a total of $11.60 and no catalina.. super sad in cols ohio.

  5. Will this work on the gogurts? It sounds like that may be a hiccup based on above posts and I never have luck returning food items 🙁 but great if I can stock up on lunch box items!

  6. I Didn’t Get Catalina Either.

  7. I didn’t get a catalina either and I had over $10 worth of yoplait as
    well. I shopped at Kroger in TN.

  8. There are also a couple digital cpns. for the Yoplait Greek ones. I had $1/5 or $2/10.

    Hope that helps!

  9. I bought 10 yogurts and a pack of gogurts. Total 10.99 before coupons. And I did not get catalina…. Any suggestions?
    I shop at Smith’s in Utah.

  10. i bought 10$ worth of this stuff last night and didnt get a catalina…i also used the super sale q for the 5.6 oz ones. 10/10 2$/? idr how many it was off of. but it still didnt print out…in texas.

  11. Alma Lopez says:

    Ok I am a little confused, you use the catalina right after it prints at the store or at a later time or does it automaticly take off the discount? TIA for your input.

    • Alma, the catalina prints AFTER you pay so you don’t use it on that transaction but you can use it on your next if you want to grab more.

  12. Hm… A catalina / free Friday / Savingstar / coupon stack. That doesn’t happen often. 🙂 Nice.

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