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*SMOKING HOT* 4 YoCrunch Kellogg’s Cereal Bowls for $1 + FREE Milk!!

2014 9:41 am

YoCrunch Kellogg's Cereal Bowls

Holy Cats I could NOT type this deal up fast enough!!! As I mentioned in this week's Kroger ad matchup, starting TODAY (for most of us) we have a FREE milk promo happening at Kroger THIS WEEK ONLY when you purchase 4 participating items. One of the awesome unadvertised inclusions we found this morning is the YoCrunch Kellogg's Cereal cups for ONLY $1.00!! Plus score a FREE gallon of milk or a half gallon of Simple Truth milk when you buy 4! And what makes this deal even HOTTER is that we have a $0.75/1 coupon from the August 10th Smartsource insert that will make this whole transaction ONLY $1.00, so dig those coupons out!!! BOOM!

YoCrunch Kellogg's Cereal Bowls

Deal Scenario:

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  1. Worked today at my Troy, MO store. I did 3 transactions! All were $1.00 with tax! Woo Whoo!

  2. What newspaper did your coupon come in?

  3. This just worked for me in arkansas. No problemo. However there was only a handful of yogurts left on the shelf. In my opinion, it’s a good deal even without the coupons. Thanks!

  4. Got this deal last night! Thanks for sharing. The yo crunch wasn’t listed in the ad, but it was tagged in the store. My first time trying and they are delicious! Glad I saw them before the coupon expired.

  5. bummer….that coupon’s not in my SS

  6. This was clearly marked and worked perfectly at Dillon’s(Kroger company) in Kansas.

  7. For those whose store is cutting it off tag our storechas that yogurt in a pic of this sale on milk case door

    • Thanks for that tip! I did this deal twice first thing this morning and it worked great, then I went back this afternoon and they had clipped the tags off and the milk didn’t come off automatically. They did take the price off but it is so frustrating when this happens!

  8. Free milk was cut off from the bottom of the 10/$10 tagged price at my store so a no go outside of Columbus, Ohio. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  9. Is there a limit on this deal ? Or is it a miracle that’s it’s unlimited??

  10. I checked my Kroger and not all Kroger’s carry this item yet 🙁

  11. My store in MI does not carry these. They had ones with granola on top but they weren’t marked. Bummer!

  12. This deal just worked for me here in Virginia. Priced at $1.00 each and generated the free milk!!!! 🙂 They will probably pull this item from the sale soon, but it is great while it lasts!!!!

  13. This coupon was distributed weird. I bought 4 papers on 8/10 and only one of them had the coupon in it.

  14. Ok I checked the ad and it says Kellogg Cereal is 4/$10 and you can get a free gallon of milk…I don’t see a sale for the yogurt or a coupon…where do I find this at?

  15. I have the SS from 8/10 but I am not seeing this coupon in it

  16. I rushed out last time for the M&M’s deal that was a bummer once I reached my store because the pricing was so different. I will hold off on this one because to many of these deals that are posted like this end up not being activated at my store or they pull them. Nothing against this blog but I have just learned from previous experience.

  17. Does this work for Fred Meyer? I know its basically the same as kroger… I am also wondering about the almond milk.

  18. What is Smartsource?

  19. i thought you could only use 3 identical coupons per transaction. (Maybe that’s a pet store rule)

  20. Is soymilk part of the free milk promo?

  21. Is there a limit to how many of these deals you can do per transaction? This is a great deal even without the coupon!

    • I agree… Our milk runs about $4 anyway. So basically free yogurt/cereal with milk purchase. And with a toddler we go through a lot of milk.

  22. Andrew F. says:

    Who wants to take bets on how long this lasts? I’m thinking this is going to be another one of the those labeling “mistakes” we occasionally see with 10/$10 items labeled as being included in Mega Events. There’s no way Kroger intended for $4 worth of product to trigger free milk.

    If it does last, the shelves will be emptied of these YoCrunch products until next week.

    • Andrew – go to and enter the zip code for your area.
      Now, pull up YOUR weekly sales ad. This FREE Milk Promo is part of the sale this week. Usually, the Free Milk Promo will either be for buying (4) participating Kellogg’s Products or General Mills Products.

      This week it’s FREE (1) Gal. of milk or (1/2) Gal. Organic Milk WYB (4) participating products. Hope that helps clarifiy.

      • Andrew F. says:

        I’m not questioning how the Free Milk promo; I get how it works. My point is that the ad clearly states Kellogg’s Cereals 11-18.2 oz, Nutri-Grain or Fiber Plus Bars 5-8 ct. No mention of YoCrunch being included. If you look at Katie’s full inclusion list, everything is priced 4/$10, except the YoCrunch. It sticks out like a sore thumb. This will not last long, either by Kroger pulling it from the inclusion list or simply not being able to re-stock the shelves due to the outrageous demand this pricing will create for these products. Get it while you can.

        • There are included, although this particular item availability may vary by store.

          Buy (4) YoCrunch Kellogg’s Cereal Bowls (4.7 oz) – $1.00 ea
          Use (4) .75/1 YoCrunch & Kellogg’s Yogurt & Cereal Cups, SS 8/10 SS (exp 10/10)
          (makes it 25¢ each plus Free Milk)

  23. I noticed you got Almondmilk. Are milk alternatives really included in this??? We are all allergic to dairy and this would be an amazing deal for us!

  24. Is there an online $.75/1 coupon available? I did not get the SS, but would LOVE to take advantage of this deal.

  25. Are any other varieties of yocrunch included in that sale?

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