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Shrink App: Save Money on Grocery Items (Many Healthy Items)!!

2015 11:41 am


As of November 2016, this is no longer an operating app.

Are you ready for another money saving app? If so, make sure you get your hands on Shrink. Shrink is a free app that pays you cash when you purchase from your shopping list in grocery store but also rewards you when you buy them again or you when you invite your friend to purchase these items. If you purchase items more than once or many times, you can unlock loyalty rewards like additional cash back or get free items!

Shrink is similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 and mobiSave. Get paid on exclusive offers that are good anywhere! Saving money on groceries has never been easier.


  • Shrink works on iPhones, iPads or another apple device such as an iPod.  If you click the link HERE, you can add your phone number and a text will be sent to you to download the app.
  • If you sign up you can use referral code: KrogerKrazy
  • Browse through Shrink’s offers and click the “add” link to claim the offers and add them to your shopping list.
  • When you have purchased your items, take a picture of your receipt using the app
  • When you have reached $20, you can redeem and get money via Paypal





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  1. I know I previously said Shrink was a dead ripoff app, it just took several weeks for me to get my money from it.

  2. marie millerr says:

    i just signed up for it but i have a question. It ask for a referral /promo codes for each thing unlock how do you get those and do i need them to use it.?

  3. I’m not finding Shrink in the app store. How do I get it for an iPad? I don’t have a cell phone to use a phone # to get a text. Thanks.

    • I was originally on my desktop computer when I first tried accessing the app. When I tried on my iPad I was able to get the app. without any problem.

      • I looked in the app store also from my iPad and couldn’t find it. I don’t have any other Apple devices. Is it called something besides just “Shrink”?

  4. I love this app! Love to see Shrink here. I’ve saved more than $50 in two months using it.

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