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Come Join The Kroger Krazies on Facebook (new group!)

2015 12:48 pm

kroger krazies group

I wanted to invite everyone to join the new Facebook Group I created JUST FOR US*! If you are a Kroger (or any Kroger affiliate store) shopper, like to share deal ideas, connect with like-minded people…then this group is for you!

I am calling it Kroger Krazies Couponing – and hopefully all of it’s members will be just that – Krazy for talking about Kroger deals, finds, scores and more! This group is not meant to take the place of my website in any way. And it is not to discourage you from submitting Kroger deals to me, and those deals will still be included in my weekly “Reader Deals” post.

Did you find a deal at Kroger that you want to share with others? Did a cashier give you a hard time on a coupon and you just need to vent? Do you have a super awesome shopping haul that you just NEED to brag about? By all means, join us, tell your friends and share, share, share!! You can even post your pictures!!

You want in?

Just head on over to The Kroger Krazies Facebook Group Page and click the Join Group button and I will manually approve you.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you were a member of my previous Facebook Group, please move to this one. The former group is currently no longer active and will be deleted soon.

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  1. Rebecca Vanderlinden says:

    I would like to join

  2. I would like to join group please it says closed ?

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