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Zantac Duo Fusion as low as FREE at Kroger!!

2016 9:00 am

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Zantac keeps releasing such great high value coupons and this NEW $6.00 Duo Fusion coupon will help make this product just $1.99! BUT…we have a $2.50 Ibotta Rebate to add to the mix so that means we will be getting one for free. This is normally something I don't buy but because I said the word FREE, you bet ya, that one is going in my cart.



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  1. OMG!!! This is an even sweeter deal…there is ALSO a mail in rebate on for up to $11 back on Duo Fusion. CHA CHING!!! All together now “MONEYMAKER!!!”

  2. I don’t see it on my ibotta.

  3. I have a Saving Star rebate for this as well. Save $4.00 off one. Check your Saving Star for even more of a money maker. Thanks Katie!

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