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Kroger Must Do Deals

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About Kroger Krazy

Kroger Krazy is a blog where I share coupon matchups, Kroger finds and general money saving deals in a very detail oriented manner. If you are looking for one concise location for all your Kroger needs, then look no further. Although coupons are not a new concept to money saving strategies, it’s how you maximize those coupons and other deals for the greatest impact to your budget!

I am here to do the heavy lifting, so to speak and guide you through the process. I’m all Kroger, all day!


About Katie of Kroger Krazy

My name is Katie and I’m a 30-something mother of a eight year old daughter, Kambell. She looks like her dad, but ACTS just like me. Lord help her.

Determined to provide for myself and my daughter, I looked for ways to save money. I have always used coupons but once I was introduced to how I could get things for free or actually make money shopping, I was hooked. I then took that knowlege and my attention to detail and created It is my second baby for sure. I am lucky to say that I LOVE what I do and I hope it shows.

Here are a few random facts about me!

  • I cannot live without red wine, bottled water, dark roast coffee and Coffee-Mate creamer. Don’t even ask me to try.
  • In addition to all of those lovely beverages, I also LOVE food. Quality vs. Quantity of course. I am a huge fan of “small plates” and a total carnivore. One caveat to this “quality” rule is hot dogs. I LOVE hot dogs. Don’t care what’s in them…they’re good. When I go to a professional game, it’s all I care about. Give me a hot dog and I will gladly sit through hours of watching whatever those guys are doing with that ball.
  • I am obsessed with hashtags (in everyday conversation, not just on Twitter) and drive my friends and family nutso. #overkill
  • Revolving doors and escalators make me nervous. I avoid them at all cost.
  • I am a girly girl who loves hair, makeup, mani/pedis and massages. In fact, when I get rich and famous I am going to have a personal hand masseuse that just follows me around all day. #JenniferLopezstyle
  • I am the grammar police. YOUR, YOU’RE, THEIR, THERE, THEY’RE.
  • I am one of 5 girls! Yes, bathroom time was valued. You can see my gorgeous sisters HERE.
  • I LOVE LOVE cats and so does my daughter. She has a cat obsession actually, which I of course enable. We have 4 cats in our house right now, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Except maybe one more.
  • I love funny. And find myself quite hilarious. :)
  • I try not to eat vegetables if at all possible.
  • I never ever look at the price of gas. If I need gas, the price isn’t going to change that. #justpumpit
  • I am passionate and a bit high strung.
  • I love meeting new people. I can be immediate best friends with almost anyone.
  • I am surprisingly a kickass parallel parker! Who knew!?
  • I’m only 5 feet tall, but make up for it by always wearing heels.
  • I love nerds. And try to surround myself with them at all times. Smart people just do it for me.
  • I love 90’s old school rap, but actually listen to just about everything.
  • If I’m in the car, I’m singing. I will even bust out the harmony when necessary.
  • I believe in complimenting people, building others up…not tearing them down because of YOUR insecurities. I teach that to my daughter each and every day before school. Give at least one person a compliment every day.
  • I have never started nor pushed a lawn mower, do not know how to turn on or operate a grill, have never shoveled snow, and am not exactly sure how to use a screw driver although the expression “righty tighty, lefty loosey” is playing in my mind right now. I’m sure I can figure it out.
  • My given name is Kathryn, but I’ve been called Katie my whole life. Maybe when I’m 90 I’ll be a distinguished Kathryn.

Feel free to email me with questions, comments, concerns, etc. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

You can also contact me via mail at

Coupon Katarina, LLC
PO Box 702
Sandusky OH 44871


So, this is LONG overdue. I have mentioned my “helper” a few times on the blog, but I wanted to actually introduce you to her because she is a HUGE part of the Kroger Krazy you know and love today.

Let’s be honest, the amount of work that running a blog like Kroger Krazy is literal insanity. I’m not saying that to boast, receive kudos or even sympathy…it’s just the truth. I’ve been doing this for 4 1/2 years and for the first couple of years I did it all on my own. I never slept. Those of you who know me or have been reading for awhile know that I LOVE my blog…it is my 2nd child and it’s my business. I rarely put my computer down. However, my blog has grown substantially and while the amount of daily posts we grind out everyday has not changed, the back end administrative workload has increased considerably. If I had to do this all on my own, I would be a crazy (crazier?) person.


I found Kendra when I advertised for help on my blog last year. She didn’t actually apply for the job, but she had been taking pictures for me just to “help out”. We had been emailing back and forth a lot and just clicked. Like immediate friends, to the point that we now insist we were separated at birth. I had a lot of other great applicants, but none that fit the position perfectly. I wanted Kendra. The problem was, she already had a job. And a fantastic one at that. She is a Title 1 teacher with an impressive list of credentials. She loves her job and I couldn’t ask her to give that up. Well, because she is so awesome, Kendra decided she could do both (with a lot of pressure and coaxing from me!). We are now coming up on our 1-year blogaversary and I can’t imagine my life without her.

She is kind, giving, honest, HILARIOUS and many many more adjectives that I could never have time to list. She is one of those people you meet and just want to thank her momma! (so, thank you Virginia!)


She is the most amazing VA (virtual assistant for my non-blog lingo speaking friends) who every single day goes over and beyond. I ask a lot of her and she works it out like a rockstar.

She is a SMARTY! She is my brain.


Kendra is always Team Katie and Team Kroger Krazy. She is loyal. I could not ask for more.


One of my favorite expressions is “Hustle your face off!” Kendra takes this to a new level. She is the one who runs out to Kroger at 10 pm because a new coupon pops up that she just HAS to match up. In fact, she is at Kroger SEVERAL times a day scouting out deals for us.

She is the one who tests deals (like Catalinas) to make sure they are legit.

She gives me credibility.

She is invaluable.


Thank you Kendra for taking AWESOME to a new level. Thank you for helping to make Kroger Krazy what it is today. You are a dream. One that I hope continues for a long long time.

And as I always tease her… Don’t EVER leave me.

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