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  1. No need to respond to this 🙂 I just wanted to thank you so much for putting this site together. It has CHANGED our families life. I have been using coupons, saving for over 6 years but never found you. The past several months have made a huge change for me. I love King Soopers and now can shop there exclusively for all my groceries because of you! Really, really love your site.

    I also really appreciate your nightly recap! That is SOOOO helpful!!! Definitely helps simplify the whole process.

    Keep up the amazing work!!!! I’m one of your biggest fans!

  2. christine says:

    the red gold catalina does not work in my area im the southern ohio portsmouth and it does not work here i think it ended on 10/11/17

  3. Thanks so much for all you do Kathy!!! I have a question, do you know if the Catalina for Huggies, the buy $30 on Huggies and get $10 catalina, is over? I saw here and some other places that is over until 10/21 but i made a qualifying purchase and i didn’t got it

  4. Hi Katie,
    My Kroger is having a buy one get one half off on beauty products, you know skin care and cosmetics. I was wondering can I use digital coupons with this BOGO deal?

  5. Hi Katie I have a question Can you use a coupon on a item that is free? I have always been taught no because it is coupon fraud. But there is a post on the page where a woman is arguing and saying you can do it. Please solve for me. Thank you

  6. Does anybody know if when I use clicklist and go pickup my groceries, when an employee brings you your receipt, if I bought something and a catalina is supposed to print out like $1 off on your next order, do they bring you the catalina printouts also?

  7. I just got an email from Kroger that said July 16 is National Ice Cream Day and they were selling Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream or Dairy Dessert (48 oz.) and Kroger Ice Cream Sandwiches (12 ct., select varieties) for $.99 with card on July 16 only.

  8. I have a question. On the page where it list regional deals, what does the circle with check mark and number mean under each box?

  9. Making my trip to Kroger’s now my card is loaded up with coupons and I have some paper coupons to boot. Without adding my coupons to balance the total is 70 dollars. I also have to go to walmart some items i can only buy there for my son who has autism and is very brand loyal. Lol b4 s1 suggests just adding the other brand to his brands pkg it don’t work done tried it lol. My total between both stores is around 140 dollars.

    • I did so bad i had my list and game plan. But i ended up spending 121 at one store and then 70 at the other. Feeling like complete failure

  10. You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a single transaction. The 5 uses in a transaction/purchase must be on separate items, meaning the offer cannot be used 5 times on the same individual item. You cannot use the same coupon in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days.
    Digital coupons and paper coupo
    ns may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.

    does that mean i can buy 5 oatmeals but they have to be 5 flavors like regular, brown sugar,blueberry, strawberry and apple.
    or does mean like this
    1 oatmeal, 1 bbq sauce, 1 taco shell, 1 pkg of hotdogs, 1 2 liter soda for a total of 5 items

  11. Andrea Wing says:

    Does anyone know what to do if your Kroger card is connected with another Kroger card. Not sure how it happened.

  12. Hi,
    I found your website is focused on coupons! And I am amazon seller with good feedback.
    Can you help me post coupons at your website?
    Our main products are Health & Personal Care and Home & Kitchen.
    How can I cooperate with you?

    Looking forward to your reply!

  13. Hi Katie:
    I was at my local Kroger yesterday & came across an awesome deal while shopping, I found the Dr. Scholl’s “DREAM WALK” comfort insoles on CLOSEOUT for $3.50 (these are over $12 elsewhere) & the good news is there is a $5.00 coupon on these… they were FREE!!!! Still doing the Happy Dance, & also the “DREAM WALK” Ball of Foot cushions were on CLOSEOUT as well for $4.68 & there is a $3.00 coupon for those. I felt like this was just too good of a deal to not share with other Kroger Coupon Shoppers! Thanks for your SITE Katie it’s the BEST & I use it everyday cause I just love to SAVE MONEY!!!

  14. Hi Katie, My name is Mariann Hammond and I was notified that I won the Carmel Popcorn Contest. It said to leave my name, address and phone number to claim my prize.
    Mariann Hammond
    1008 Cedarbrook Drive
    Villa Hills, KY 41017

  15. When I’m shopping out of town my kroger alternate id is often not accepted at other krogers much to my frustration. Any insight on why this might be? Been googling and have found no answers or related topics.

    • YES! You have to go in an select your store online. If you go to a different Kroger it will not accept your digital coupons or ID at all. Just happened to me about 10 minutes ago!

  16. Heidi Wagner says:

    Just had the worst experience at the Chambers Rd. store in Columbus. I had 8 printable coupons from which looked fine (not faded or smudged). The scanner wouldn’t scan them and they refused to key them in. I know it was that particular lane, because this has happened before, but they refused anyway. They said it was their policy, which is ridiculous because I have shopped there 20 years. Very disappointed and won’t be back to that store. I made them remove all the items from my receipt.

  17. I clicked the deals in your weekly ad matchup list, but they aren’t adding to “my list,” so I can’t print anything. How do I get the items I click to add to my list?

  18. Our local Krogers no longer carry the Private Selection Oatmeal Pancake and French Crepe mixes – is there somewhere online where I can purchase these? All the sites I have found only allow you to make a “list” and not actually purchase these items.

  19. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all you and anyone else that helps with putting this page and all of the information together. You have really helped me save a lot of money. By all of these deals, I have tried many items (brands) I would not normally purchase. Today I spent $50 instead of $100. I recently have been receiving Kroger coupons from Kroger which have also helped. My sister follows your site as well and she has saved a lot of money and she is on a fixed income so it really helps her. Thank You so much!

  20. there are a lot of old coupons, dating back to Oct 2016 that are unusable, why have they not been deleted?

  21. Just a shout out Katie. I know you have no control over Kroger’s policies but wanted to let you and others know that the 10% discount we as senior citizens have enjoyed for years on Kroger brands has been discontinued as of 2/8/2017. Kroger never notified anyone about this policy change. Just out of respect for their loyal customers they should have sent at least an email, but nothing. When I called Customer Service the rep said the notice was on the front page of the ad for this week. Neither I or my husband could find it so I asked her if she could. After going over the ad she finally admitted it wasn’t there. She also told me Kroger was lowering their prices across the board as being the reason for discontinuing the discount. When I asked why I should keep shopping at Kroger she mentioned the free Friday download. Yes, they do occasionally offer an item that is higher in value than the $1 Protein bar that is usually offered. Anyway, just thought I would bring this everyone’s attention. Thanks for all you do.

    • Hi I recently found out that my local Kroger Marketplace is also doing away with Senior Day (my store offered only 5% discount on Wednesdays) plus double coupon however we haven’t had double coupon at our stores in several years. I have a friend that works in the clothing section of the store about this change that is going to happen on March 15 here in TN. I was looking over my receipt to see how much I saved on this trip to the grocery & it had the alert that this will be happening on 3/15/17. I am concerned if they will lower the prices as they say they will. And will it benefit me to continue shopping there. Time will tell !!

  22. tom streets says:

    I looking for,Skinner’s Vaporizing Salve. Looking in the Columbus, Ohio area of Krogers ads.
    Can you tell me if any of these stores carry this. Thank you so much…..

  23. Hi. I am having trouble getting started. How do I sign up to take advantage of these deals?

  24. I love your site, I’m so glad I found it. My question is about Kroger Best Customer Bonus/Coupons. I receive them and I live alone and don’t shop nearly as much as both my daughters with families do and they don’t receive them. I asked a few customer service reps in kroger and also called the toll free number and nobody knows how to get them. One rep implied they were random. Both my daughters have had their kroger cards for easily over 5 years. Do you know how they can finally start receiving them?

    • I don’t know if it was related but I recently had a bad experience and complained during my survey and shortly after that I received Kroger coupons and I have received them 3 times now and 1 time it also had recipes. My sister receives them as well but I to don’t know how to get them, by requesting or random. If you fill out surveys per week from the receipt you get 50 fuel points as well.

  25. Hello, note sure why this is happening. but the website doesn’t get updated to the latest date. mine is stuck on Nov 27. what do I click on to take me to the latest posts?

  26. I am trying to find where to sign in for the 4X fuel points with digital coupon. After about 30 minutes I cannot find it. HELP!!!

  27. Hello Katie I’m very thankful for your blog . Only one suggestion I really miss the Mondays section READERS DEALS. Please bring it back.

    Danay ( Cypress Tx)

  28. Has your website address changed. The last post I can pull up is 11/2/2016.
    Thank You

  29. My coupons won’t print any more! Please help I have tried everything

  30. When I log into your site, Oct. 20 last date showing. ???????????

  31. I have not received an update since Oct. 20. When I log into your site, this is the last date showing. ???????

  32. MidSouthKrazy says:

    Could you please make the “Meet katie” video be still? It is very jerky and shows up on the right side of many pages. Thank you for a helpful site.

  33. Hello Kate – it would be nice if you could post all Ibotta rebates under rebate app category or a way to populate search results related to ibotta. The search for ibotta on the site does not bring up the recent post. It goes back to last year.

  34. I do not see any new items on your page since the 22nd. May I ask what is wrong?

  35. Katie….I get notifications through text messages about all your deals and love it! But….for some reason, when I click on the link, it pulls a black screen. Do you know how to fix this?

  36. Just left Kroger and they are saying there has been a policy change on printable coupons. They would only take two printed coupons per transaction. Have you heard of them doing this elsewhere or did I miss an update?

  37. Selina Register says:

    On the Kroger 5 for $5 deal on the General Mills cereal, is the $1.50 downloadable coupon working for anyone else. It did not work for me.

    • It didn’t work because it’s an overage. I showed my downloaded coupon to Customer Service and they gave me the money back. I’ve also tried the 5x digital download coupons that still leaves me a balance to pay, works.

  38. Used Walgreens coupon 5.00 off 2 Almay products for free deodrant thought you might want to pass this on .

  39. Just found your site and am so excited to see all you’ve done with Kroger information! Thank you! Will be returning often.

  40. please stop with the popup ads. I used to come to this site once a day. now I cringe every time I visit. I obviously am not the only one. this has made your once great site unbearable. you’ve now lost another viewer. i’ll try back again in 6 months to see if you bother listening to your viewers. so sad where greed takes people

  41. Debbie M. says:

    I have a stupid question ! lol Can someone tell me how to keep items on “My List”? I’ll put an item on there and come back the next day to put something else on…and the first item is gone. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  42. From the mobile site on my phone, I can’t access my shopping list!! I’ve been clicking to create one, but now I think I’ve just wasted my time because I can’t get to the list I created. Help!!!

  43. I have been using your site for a year and have really enjoyed it. However, recently ads appear at the bottom from an advertiser that you are apparently partnering with called “Gum-Gum”. There is no way to opt out of the ads and they use cookies to track your followers. For this reason I have found another site to use for my Kroger deals.

  44. Nina Walls says:

    I no longer receive the new ad scan for the next week. The post used to come on Sunday, but I haven’t seen it in awhile.

    • Beth D. says:

      When I type in on my pc as I usually do, the page isn’t showing that anything has been updated since June 26, 2016. But when I access it from my smart phone, I don’t have this issue. Any idea why the page isn’t loading correctly or updating like it should?

  45. I recently stopped the texts coming across my phone for the sales on Krogerkrazy…would like to start them again but can not…any advice 🙂

    • Hi. Your site is freezing and wont let me scroll up or down. Pages taking forever to load, if they load at all. I also noticed theres ads popping up at the bottom..Not sure if this is why or not but thought I.d let you know.

  46. mara in michigan says:

    i really enjoy your site but recently having issues with it sending pop ups and freezing up and my friends use it also with same problems ty

  47. I’m new to site but I do have a coupon question. I used to get Kroger coupons in the mail. I would also be able to still use the digital coupons online. I moved and no longer receive the Kroger coupons by mail. I called a few months ago and spoke with someone about it. They told me I would be put back on the list and should receive the coupons within 4 weeks. I still have not got them. Any suggestions?

  48. I love getting you emails and deals. It has saved me a lot of money. thanks so much.
    I can’t see how to print out my list of digital coupons that i clicked on. Please help.

  49. I am an avid Kroger shopper even though we have a popular Public just as close. I just discovered that Kroger is CLOSING OUT Honest Fizz drinks. I have read labels of soft drinks for years and finally found a beverage with stevia instead of sugar. 0 Calories, 25mg sodium, Total carbohydrates 7gm, 0 sugars . Ingredients carbonated water, organic erythranol, organic lemon juice, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia. This drink is a no guilt drink.
    How can I contact Kroger and register my complaint.

  50. Kathy W says:

    Hello Katie and Kendra,

    Thank you for all you do for us Kroger shoppers. I really enjoy your help and website particularly the nightly roundup. I saw the info on the Lays ( worked perfectly in Cin’cy) and the Frito-Lay buy 3/ $1.77 less $1.00 5X digital coupon = .77/ bag. this did not work last night and I did download the eCoupon.. The receipt does not even show it was available. Maybe they can “turn OFF” an eCoupon at will. Perhaps Kroger corporate did that? Did you contact Kroger corporate to get some facts? If there are additional rules or conditions that come withusing the 5X digital coupons that are in the fine print, I and ALL of your readers would really appreciate you pointing them out. Thank you again.

  51. This is an amazing site!! My sister who lives in Columbus, Ohio told me about it. Do you know of any websites similar to this for people who live on the West Coast? We, unfortunately, do not have Krogers out here.

  52. Katarina,

    I found your site on accident but am SOOO happy I did! I love Kroger but was having difficulties saving as much as I used to since they discontinued doubling in my area. Thank you so much for spending the time so the rest of us can save $$!!!


  53. Melanie says:

    I just discovered your site today and it is the best I have seen for Kroger. You are doing a GREAT JOB !!! Thanks.

  54. Angel Orr says:

    Hi Katie,

    your site help me save a lots of money at Kroger since I discovered it on the beginning of this year…Thank you so much for all the deals posted!!! ;.)

  55. Berkley Kirstina says:

    Thank you so much for your site! Months ago I came across it when I was struggling to feed my family. I learned how to shop from you. I can now feed my child me and my fiancé for $35 a week. That’s including breakfast lunch and dinner. I now hold a program at my local library teaching others how to save and stop the worrying. If I could, I would hug you! I wish you knew how much your website has turned my life around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  56. Angela B says:

    I have a quick question…I was just at our Krogers here in Streator, Illinois and I tried to use the internet Green Giant veggie chips coupon for 50 cents off any 5 oz or larger bag. At the checkout the lady told me I couldn’t use the coupon because you cant use an internet coupon to get an item free…have you heard of this before? When I asked her about it I told her that I had used internet coupons in the past and never had any problems and when did this start….she said that it started a long time ago and I never should have been allowed to use them in the past.

    • Angela B, this is MISinformation and I would suggest taking it up with the manager. If that doesn’t work, try contacting corporate. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for the item…they still get reimbursed for the coupon.

  57. Kodachrome says:

    Hi I just have a general coupon question. I am wantinting to know if I can use the coupons generated by the catalina machine anywhere or do they have to be used at the store they came from? Thanks for your time.

  58. I just found your site this morning. I am looking for some place that works with our Smiths store. Once in a while it has great sales, that need to be noticed with coupons, but other wise it isn’t a place I care to shop at. Does your site deal with ads from them. I think I have heard that Utah has stores that are called Kroger, but I don’t know if they run the same ad’s as our Smiths. Or do you know of a web site that does work with Smith’s ad’s. Thanks. I’m in Idaho

  59. Hi Kat,
    Everything okay? I miss coming here everyday for an update….starting to get worried.

  60. I printed coupons from different sites so I could get multiples of the same thing and at the register I got stuck with a office person running the register and she wouldn’t take two of my coupons because she said they were same. she then took my coupons and threw them away! Can they do that?

  61. Just wanted to give a heads up that we just bought a Boy Scout coupon book for $5 and attached were 2 $5/$50 coupons for Kroger. Exp date was 5/31 and 7/31

    This was the Memphis area.

    Thanks for all your great information you share.

  62. Hey, I love the site and wanted to get my name on the email list and it is telling me that your not doing that any more. Is that true? If not can u get me on your emailing list?

    • Hi Tangie, I am in the process of changing email subscription services. I will sign you up with the new one. Just activate your subscription when you see the email. 🙂

  63. Please warn everyone in the Cincinnati region that today is the last day that Kroger will be doubling coupons.

  64. Hi,
    Just wondering what region of the country you’re in. I’m in Cincinnati, OH and I’ve had trouble with alot of the Catalina deals. Maybe they are not in my market? Thanks.

  65. Hi

    Just wondering with the new way Krogers is doing there digtal coupons if you load to your card you can not use paper one correct?


  66. So… am I just out of the loop here? Did I see something about Kroger will not be doubling coupons anymore? If so, is this all Kroger stores or just regional? When? If this is true it surely makes me an unhappy shopper 🙁

  67. sorry I ment Feb 10th

  68. Teresa Bledsoe says:

    just wondering if you had the ad for Fed 10th yet. A bunch of us at work are big Kroger nuts and we are plotting our next trips.
    Thank you

    • Hi Teresa, I did just receive the ad, but I was informed that I am not allowed to share it due to copyright laws. 🙁 I will have it posted first thing Sat morning.

  69. Cassandra says:

    What am I doing wrong? Tomorrow will be my first big coupon shopping day, I love the 10 for $10 sales. So I figured I would do a test today. I failed. I had loaded a $1 off International Ice Coffee onto my Kroger card. I thought I could use that coupon plus a printed coupon on the item. The cashier said that I could only use the coupon on my card. Seriously?! I thought I had this figured out 🙁

    As for tomorrow I have a few coupons for the Totino’s Pizza and Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. Now. The pizza- I have $1/4 on my card and a coupon for $1/5, can I use both of these? Which would make it 9 for $7?

    As for the Pillsbury- I have .40/2 on my card and coupons .60/3 + .40/2 + .30/2. So I can get 9 for $7.30? I hope I’m right, if not I’m seriously lost.

    I’m sure still confused on the stacking! Ahhhh!

  70. Hi Katie! I have seen on several sites today that Kroger stores in Ohio and northern Kentucky will no longer be doubling up to 50 cents. Do you know if we will be affected here in northern Ohio? Sure hoping not. Thanks!

  71. I wanted to know if you purchase enough products for several qualifying catalina’s for the same products will you get multiples for the same product?

  72. Thanks Katarina for putting this out there. I have had the opportunity to go to your facebook page and read all of the comments. OMG due they have a opinion one way or the other. I spoke with some of my girlfriends and they are of the opinion that you should be able to open it up and use it but after it scans.
    I was wondering what is your take on this?

  73. I have a coupon question. If you are buying and product and have not paid for it yet can you open the package and use the coupon for that product at the time of check out? I know you can’t if it say’s (on your next shopping order). Thanks just want to be clear as mud on this!

  74. Hi, I have a question about using ibotta. This is the first time I have used it and when I try to take a picture of the receipt is just comes out like a gray blur is there a trick to this? Not really sure why this is happening? Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

  75. Curious,

    If it says FREE when I purchase 10 of the kroger mega event such as the healthy choice meals you just posted- do I need to print out 10 coupons> Im new to this and trying to figure it all out. Thanks! loveee this site

  76. Are the Catalina dates different in each area or are they pretty much the same dates in every area? How can I find out when the Reach floss Catalina begins in my area (Little Rock, AR)

  77. Did you see the coupon for FREE Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee?

  78. I have seeing several coupons on your site like the cheezits etc. but I click to get them and I can not get it to print. Is there something else that I need to do. I see good coupons all the time and can not get them. Please help me I need to get what I can. Thanks

  79. i am new to this site i do not have a printer am i able to print only what i like?also
    i am having trouble becoming a member,please get back to me thanks

  80. I bought 10 Smart Ones meals yesterday (11/3/12) and received a 1.00 OYO…..that deal is still in effect for this week as well

  81. Rachel Grapes says:

    Melinda, I am in west Tennessee and am having the same problem finding matchips for Kroger Delta. I work full time and have a toddler and find it hard to have time to coupon without a site to give me matchups. 🙁

  82. I found your blog while searching for a blog that provides Kroger coupon matchups for the Delta Region (Mississippi). Our sales run Wednesday through Tuesday. Are you aware of any blogs that offer those matchups – i found a few blogs but it seems that the latest posts are very old. If I could find a place to preview the ad in advance of the sale, I could attempt to ad match my coupons. Any advice is much appreciated. You do great work on you blog – thanks!

  83. Hello there! I found your site like 3 days ago and I must say I saved a lot already reading your posts.I got the power bar bites??on sale at our smith’s store—which is a Kroger affiliate—for .53 cents WYB 10 I used 2 $1 MQs and paid $3.30,I got $3 Catalina too.Thanks so much for all your hardwork!

  84. hi…
    I want to ask you I saw the digital coupon from Kroger said that “FREE Glade® Expressions® Fragrance Mist Refill ” When you buy ONE (1) Glade® Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter,
    so if ….I have a coupon from Newspaper said : FREE Glade® Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter ” When you buy ONE (1) Glade® Expressions® Fragrance Mist Refill…
    Is it mean free or not??? I’m a newbies for this coupon.Thks alot for your help.

    • Natalin, since both of these are the same manufacturer coupon…technically no, you can’t do that. Most registers are now programmed to “beep” if you have a duplicate digital coupon loaded to your shopper’s card. The digital coupon will take preference over the paper coupon and you won’t be able to use the paper coupon.

  85. Jeanie Mullins says:

    I was wondering what NLA means?

    • Jeanie, it means No Longer Available. I will put that after a printable coupon that I have posted recently that is not available to print anymore, but that most of you should have printed when I originally posted. 🙂

  86. Katarina,

    Thank you so much for the information! I love your site.

  87. Just a question about the dial soap coupon. I thought when it said “and” you had to buy both. Would you have to buy a liquid or foaming soap “and” the bars to use the coupon? Thanks for clarifying 🙂

    • Amanda, while the wording on this coupon DOES suggest that with the use of the & symbol…several people have tested the coupon (including me) and the coupon is only coded for ONE product. I purchased ONE dial handsoap and the coupon went right through…no beeps. Hope that helps! 🙂

  88. I don’t have Kroger’s in Southern California but a Ralph’s which is owned by Kroger’s. Ralph’s does not double coupons or so I’m told is this your experience as well? Just curious. Thanks for a great blog, very informative and helpful. Sincerely Pauline

  89. King Soopers (Kroger) has the Mentos gum 15 pack as part of the mega deal a couple of weeks back there was a coupon for $1 off 3. this makes them 17 cents each if you do a mega deal.

  90. Marianne says:

    Are you only showing Kroger information now, when I started following you you had such a robust site and all I see anymore is Kroger which is ok but…

  91. Just want to let you know that I LOVE the change! Since I do most of my shopping at Kroger anyway, this is perfect. I check your site several times a day and find great deals that I otherwise wouldn’t know about. I don’t know how you do it all but thank you for all your hard work.

    • Thanks so much Sherry…glad you’re loving the Kroger theme. I am loving it too. Leaves me so much more time than I had before. 🙂

  92. I am having a problem finding the spectracide coupon any help would be great tytyty

  93. There Is A New .75/CoffeeMate Creamer Coupon On The CoffeeMate Webight, It’s On The Main Page As Well As The .55 & $1/2 Coupons When You Sign Up. I Was Able To Print ALL 3 & The Facebook Freebie From Earlier. This Should Make For Some Really Cheap CoffeeMate Pairing The BOGO & One Of The Manuf. Coupons Together!!!!!

  94. Victoria says:

    Hello. I’m just trying to figure out why your post don’t show up on my FB feed anymore :(. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  95. Lindsey says:

    Hi Katarina! I live in the Westerville, OH (Close to Columbus) area and all of my stores here double coupons up to 0.99 (Kroger and Meijer)! I know that in your ad match-ups, your math is for doubling up to 0.50, but I was wondering if you knew of anybody that has match-ups for up to 0.99? Thanks!

  96. I am looking for a coupon for Lipton Iced Tea in the bottles. I was wondering if you could help? I have seen them, but it always seems when you need it, you can’t find it. Lowes Foods have them on sale this coming week buy 2 get 3 free for the 12 pk. 16.9 oz bottles. Can you PLEASE help? Thanks so much. Love your website!!!!!

  97. Are you still posting the online WW meetings?

  98. when a coupon says its available via ss then is followed by a date, what does the ss stand for???

  99. Need some advice!
    When does the Sandusky Target do their toy department markdown?

  100. I’m in the market for some Grubex and Spring/Summer Fertilizer…are there ever coupons out there for that? If not, what’s the best time to buy lawn treatment products and where? Appreciate the comments!

  101. but just signed with you. i went to walgreens and found the mickey mouse light up shirts but they are 9.99 and you said i could get for .80 please tell me how im new at this and also from n.o. living here now thats

    • Debbie…you must have me confused with someone else…I did not post that deal. I saw it on a couple other blogs, and I’m sure it’s regional. Not all clearance deals are the same.

  102. Thanks so much!

  103. Just curious about the swidget. I don’t see it on your site anymore. It’s where I always checked to see if there was a swag code out. Do you no longer have it?

  104. I just wanted to take the time to say a big Thank You!!!! I am a homemaker and mother of 5 so couponing is a must in our house. Your website is a big help for me and I appreciate all the time you put into it! Merry Christmas!!

  105. i LOVE your page!!! i check it everyday!!! =] but now that uve changed it, i cant seem to get to the photo deals or anything =[

  106. New Kroger Cataina 8/9/10 -9/5/10
    Buy any Nature Valley Granola Bars (6.7 ozor larger) or any flavor/variety of Fiber One Chewy Bars.

    Buy (3) & get $1.50
    Buy (4) & get $2.50
    Buy (5) & get 3.50

  107. Hi Katarina, thank you so much for your information;D I am from Oak Harbor and very new to the coupon world. Could you give me a brief description of all the abreviations that you use on your site? Thank you so much…some for exampe I see alot of. Q PR R etc….

  108. Hi Katarina, Just got an email from My Free Samples, and they have a coupon for free Snikiddy Snacks..and you can print as many as you like.! Go to And go to the foods link. I just printed off about six. I would sent you email thru the above link, but my computer won’t allow it. Don’t know why. Barb

  109. I found a great deal on beer. Now, I don’t know if this is just the gas station I go to, or if it is a manufacturer’s thing,. But I think it’s worth looking into, even if you only drink on occassion, like myself. The local gas station had Labatt’s ICE 1 pint 8oz. cans for 1.10. each. I figured out that there are two twelve oz. cans in one of those large cans, and it equals out to $6.60 a twelve pack if the cans were actually divided in two.(6 cans equals a twelve pack, in other words.) And it is good tasting beer. I haven’t seen ANY beer for under seven bucks a twelve pack, anywhere. Just thought it might be worth mentioning. Check your local gas stations.

  110. Hi Amy!

    I have had MANY issue with Walmart taking internet printables. They told me they were only accepting coupons printed from and that the coupon had to have the tiny wording all the way around the perimeter…okaaaaay………

    I contacted the district manager and she had no idea they were doing this. She was going to look into it and call me back. Of course, I never received a phone call. The last time I went in, they accepted ALL of my internet printables (after a quick huddle with the customer service managers on floor). I assumed the issue had been taken care of, at least in Fremont. I would give them another try…they seemed to have lightened up a bit.

  111. Hi Katarina
    I shop the Fremont WalMart but have avoided it for the last month because of an unpleasant shopping trip with internet coupons. All my coupons come from company sites or the I spent a lot of time in line and they finally accepted some of my coupons. I asked to see the stack that were sent back to them. I know that at least two of them were from company sites because I had printed them as well. Curious to know if you have had a similar experience and if you know what their current stand is on accepting these coupons. The last I heard was it depended on which manager was there at the time. Thanks!

  112. Katarina, What do you mean by SS 6/6. I am trying to get colgate from cs for free but I am not able to find the coupons.. Please let me know… I tried to see smart source but I cant find it now.. I even was loooking for coupons on 6/6.. i never saw the colgate coupon..

    • Hi Meena. 6/6 SS means the coupon comes from the Smartsource insert in the June 6th newspaper. If you don’t see it, you may have not received it in your paper. Coupons are VERY regional…we all don’t get the same ones each week.

  113. My son wants an Ipod touch for his birthday. What would be the cheapest route to get one? Going through ebates or something like that?


    • Hello Pam! Well, I’m not big on techie stuff so I recommend that you research the best deal online, but before you order anything make sure you then research the best cash back offer – Ebates or ShopAtHome.

  114. Patrick Nortoni says:

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    All of our processes use the most ethical “”white hat”” Search Engine Optimization techniques that will not get your website banned or penalized.
    Please reply and I would be happy to send you a proposal.

  115. Jody Everhart says:

    Hi Katrina, For some reason I cannot email you, anyway just wanted to let you know that there is a free sample of Pantene shampoo AND conditioner for vocalpoint members. Love your bolg!

  116. Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD) says:

    Option 2 – buy a gift certificate

    But if that’s too many certificates for you, follow Leonidas’ suggestion: Always buy it as a $25 gift coupon. You can convert it to a restaurant of your choice when you decide to eat out. This is how I stock up during the 80% off deals.

  117. Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD) says:

    You’re right about the 12 month Club deal – I’d like to add that I bought it because right now most of the KC area participating restaurants are sold out of the $25 certificates,
    and by the time the first of each month rolls around that 80% code has already disappeared. So you can use this
    12 month deal to lock in the 80% discount and be able to use it to buy your favorite restaurant’s coupons once they’re restocked!

    Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt on SD)

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