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Kroger Catalinas Master List

Kroger Catalinas

A Catalina (Cat) is a reward you receive for purchasing participating items. It will print in the form of a coupon at checkout and you can use it like cash for your next shopping trip. For example, Buy (3) boxes of cereal to receive a $1 coupon good on your next order (OYNO). Read a more in-depth explanation of Kroger Catalinas HERE.

Kroger catalinas

You will typically find hanging tags under the participating item stating the requirements for generating a Catalina, or you’ll receive an advertisement for them in the form of a Catalina.

Here are the current Kroger Catalinas that I have compiled. Keep in mind that I have NOT tested all of these myself and vary by region, so please let me know if they do NOT work for you or if you find any others! Some of these may be regional.


Catalinas are not affiliated with Kroger stores…they are a separate company. If you do NOT receive a Catalina, here are a couple contact options:

Fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction

If you receive a catalina advertisement at checkout that is not on my list, could you please let me know? Leave a comment or contact me by email. Thanks!

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  1. I got a Catalina for buying 3 Kroger brand bagged snacks and got a 1.00 coupon valid 5/15-6/1
    Bought 2 Lysol toilet cleaners and got a 1.00
    Bought 2 packs of Huggies diapers and got a 5.00
    Bought 1 large package of Bounty paper towels and 1 large of Charmin toilet paper and got a 10.00 coupon
    bought 2 bottle of Kikkoman sauce and got a 2.00

  2. Will a Catalina generate at other stores that participate in program? Is the list only for Kroger?

  3. Karen Stepp says:

    I live in the New Albany Indiana area and the catalina did not print for the cheerios. I purchased 4 boxes and no catalina.

  4. Cheerios catalinas did not happen in Columbus Indiana

  5. i have not received catalinas in saginaw michigan for cheerios

  6. Beverly says:

    I wonder if some of the people not getting the Catalina’s because they are going to the next customer in line. I bought several Morningstar products and was suppose to get a Catalina for $4.00. When I finished checking out, I stood next to the register and looked through the ones I had gotten and it wasn’t in there. I then looked at the register and seen that it had just been printed out for the next customer. When I told the cashier I think that is my coupon, he pulled it out and looked at me funny. It was the Catalina that I was suppose to get. I guess I will have to make separate purchases to keep this from happening again.

  7. Chelsey says:

    There’s a catalina on two participating dove shampoo and conditioner. I received a $3 cat when I bought two conditioners.

  8. My Kroger store is out of the Bayer Aspirin does anyone know if this Catalina is printing at any other store?

  9. Angie Mickey says:

    Big K and Cheerios catalinas didn’t generate in Omaha, Ne.

  10. I tried the tide cat, and it did not print. I made my transaction 4 items, 2 tide and 2 6 packs pepsi bottles so I could qualify for the buy 4 save 4 deal running.

  11. does Cover Girl eyeshadow work for the OYNO coupon? thanks

  12. Hi! Great site. Just tried the Tide/Downy deal and no $5 cat. Smith’s force-printed it but no info other than that. So anxious to learn what will trigger this catalina. Thx for your hard work!

  13. Patti & Mary says:

    Does Anyone Have Coupon Inserts For Sale??? Live In The Marysville Port Huron Michigan Area …. Thank You !!!!

  14. Matthew says:

    Uploaded the ad there that I picked up from the Kroger (Indiana) at southport and bluff.

  15. Matthew says:

    The list is much larger than that, at my local kroger there is a print off list. It includes Pillsberry biscuits, cookies, yoplait frozen yogurt smoothie mixes, nature valley bars, fruit roll ups fruit by the foot, and many more. I’ll try to scan it and upload it for you to have tomorrow. Sadly, tomorrow is the last day for those cats =(

  16. WV Meagan says:

    With this catalina the coupons are for individual rolls but the deal is for the 6pk, will the coupons work on the packs?

    Viva Paper Towels (6 pk) | 5/20 – 6/16
    Buy (2) = $3.00 OYNO
    Buy (3) = $4.00 OYNO

    $0.50/2 Viva Paper Towels printable
    $1/6 Viva Paper Towels Big Rolls printable
    $1/2 Viva Paper Towels Big Rolls printable

  17. Thania J says:

    I got the Catalina $15 before coupons, remember Crest and Oral-B ProHealth.

  18. Samantha G. says:

    I just tried doing the Crest / Oral B catalina promotion yesterday (Buy $15 worth and get $4 on your next order catalina) and it did not work for me. I did not receive my $4 OYNO catalina. Does anyone know if it is REGULAR PRICE, SALE PRICE, or AFTER COUPONS that you have to spend $15 in order to get the $4 OYNO catalina? What should I do? Should I go back to Kroger and talk to customer service? Do I need to go back to the same Kroger store where I purchased my items? Or do I need to contact Catalina customer service about not receiving my Catalina coupon?

  19. Starting today there is a $2 cat when you buy 2 ziploc brand freezer bags, until 6/5/2013.

  20. Debbie Peterson says:

    Krogers is popping out a catalina on Tidy Cat cat litter as well. $2 or $2.50 (I forget which) when you buy litter. I’ve only gotten the 20lb, so I dont know if it’s spitting it out on the smaller ones, but for the 20lbs they are. =)

  21. Has anyone verified the Kitchen and Houseware Catalina yet? Would love to take advantage of that!!

  22. Mary Middleton says:

    I shop at a local Dillon’s store. I am out of the coupon game (though I used to have a “deals” website similar to this one). I bought (4) cans of Green Giant veggies that were on sale for $1.19 BOGO ($.59 each). It printed out a $2 cat. This made the veggies $.09/can!! Someone I know confirmed that this particular one is actually rolling also! I will be stocking up on green beans tomorrow!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Buyer Caution on the Keebler Catalina: I just tried the Keebler Townhouse catalina and purchased 4 “cracker” items of the appropriate size, it printed a $2.50 OYNO. I contacted the Cat. company and they said that the Pita Crackers, Keeblers newest item, did not qualify. I have responded with pictures and receipt as I feel that I purchased the correct items according to the catalina wording. We will see what happens….check on the screen what the cracker is listed as, the three item on the receipt are worded as “TH Cracker”, and the pita Crackers are worded “KB Cracker, even though they are a town house product. Not sure which ones will work and which ones will not….

  24. I purchased 2 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes, printer out of paper and ink so no Catalina. I emailed Catalina Marketing with my transaction number, the product purchased and the store location. I received my coupon within a few days by mail. I have received Catalinas for Scrubbing Bubbles, Reach and Cottonelle Tissue. THANKS A MILLION!!!

  25. I am from mid-Missouri and the Gerbes (an affiliate of Kroger) store here gave me a .75 catalina when I bought 4 cans of Dole Mandarin oranges (It was on Dole pineapple as well) and a $3.00 catalina for buying 4 Reach Total Care flosses yesterday…April 18, 2013.

    I am new at this…please tell me what it means when a catalina ‘rolls’??
    Just found your website and love it. Thanks so much for the priceless info! :)

  26. Stephanie says:

    Is there a maximum amount of $$ OYNO they will give you? Looking to stock up on these cleansers

  27. Catalina on JOhnson NOT WORKING!!!!!

  28. We bought 4 Reach floss at Kroger this week. No catalina :( Still, they were free.

  29. Hello,
    The Catalina deal on Johnson products….can you mix and match the 5 of those products and get the Catalinas or does it have to be 5 shout, 5 pledge and so on?

  30. “a function that allows you to see your zip codes and the applicable Catalina deals.”………….I just checked to make sure that the cat search was for my zip code and the Alexia offer was not listed, however, yesterday it printed.

  31. On 2/10/2012 I purchased 4 Alexia french fries on sale at Kroger in Humble,Texas. Used $2.50 off coupon. Received only one catalina for $1.00. Same shopping trip, purchased 4 Campbells to go soup (sign below product states that if you buy one get $1.00 OYNO). The catalina that printed from Campbells was $1.50 (for all 4 that were purchased). I called the store manager, she is checking on the issue for me. Have not heard back from her as of this post.

  32. All of the catalina deals seem to work fine in Flint MI… And my Kroger doubles up to and including $1!!!!!

  33. I really wish all the kroger deals were the same for all the krogers, but they are not. but this site has helped my family a great deal and I appreciate the time you take to help others. I would like to know how I find a krogers that triples the coupons in wva, my sister and myself may end up on a road trip if we could find one close enough.

  34. No Catalina for me either on the Bob Evans side dishes. Luckily my Kroger was super helpful and took it off my total at the Guest Services desk.

  35. no catalena for Bob Evens over spent $4.00 kroger staff not helpful

  36. Hope Westemmer says:

    I tried the Bob Evans catalina but didn’t receive my catalinas

  37. Michelle in Mississippi: I live in Central Mississippi, and our region doesn’t participate in many of the Catalina deals you see on the blogs. has a function that allows you to see your zip codes and the applicable Catalina deals. Hope that helps!

  38. Hi,

    I am very new at this. I went to my closest Kroger which is located in Warren, MI. I did the Dove Men Care Bodywash deal. The first transaction, I bought 2 of same kind Dove Men Care Bodywash and I did receive the $2 Catalinas. However, I tried it again with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th deal, none of them received Catalinas. The cashier told me that whatever the cash register prints out is what their store is offering. Like I said, I am new to this couponing and Catalina. Please let me know what I did wrong. Should I have received $2 for each transaction? Or, was this a 1 time deal of thing? Thanks ahead! (^_^)

  39. I came across this site after I googled trying to figure out the details on a catalina I got at Krogers Monday. I purchased 8 advil, 2 of each kind of the 20-24 ct that were 3.19 after the what a deal event. I received 2 catalinas each for 1 free 10 count vial of advil. I did this at 2 different Krogers, the 3rd Kroger I bout 4 total advil, 1 of each kind and didn’t get anything (maybe the catalina machine wasn’t working?) or I didn’t buy enough to trigger it? There are no tags and the catalina doesnt mention anything, any clue on how to find out what triggered it? Was it a certain kind or certain qty? Thanks for any help!

  40. FYI, on on trip I did not get my cat printed, should have been $10. The company has been easy to reach via email and I have already gotten one by mail with a note that the other is on the way. If you know you were right in the scenario, do not hesitate to contact them!!!

  41. lisa vinson says:

    your site is great…i work for Kroger and i have alot of my customers coming in doing seperate orders so they can get certain coupons from CAT. the only problem is does it not apply to Kroger employees? the reason i ask is i have never recieved a CAT coupon on any of my grocery purchaces and i have shopped with Kroger for 15yrs, but been employeed for 6mon. before i would get them but not now. KROGER in rome ga . and i shop every saturday or sunday

    • Raechel says:

      Lisa — I’ve worked for Kroger for 11 years and the coupons have always printed for me. I’m in Illinois in the Central Division but I can’t imagine the Atlanta Division being that much different.

  42. hey do you know if the kraft mayo catalina is also working on the kraft miracle whip?

  43. Thanks Joyce, I will update my deal scenario. The Del Monte Catalina is for canned fruit or vegetable. Apparently they don’t consider tomatoes either one. :)

  44. I did not receive a catalina for the Del Monte tomatoes at Krogers in the Cincinnati aea. Maybe tomatoes do not count as fruit and vegetables. When I asked, they said there was none for tomatoes.

  45. michelle says:

    well i live in central mississippi and i shop at kroger and yall i dont ever get a catalina for anything listed.I always ask about it and they always have the same answer ,[well it must be our machines] well i just dont buy that! I am getting ready to go shopping now and i will let yall know what happens.Hope the machines are fixed:)

  46. LORALOUISE says:


  47. Julia Thomason says:

    I tried the pantene catalina and it didn’t work… I bought a shampoo, conditioner and a hairspray… It printed a 1.75 coupon for my next styler purchase… I live in West Virginia so that may have been why? It was still a great deal though, I used my 3 dollar of coupon…

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