I get super excited everytime I find a coupon for Coffee-Mate as I drink it ALL day! I don’t even like coffee…I just like the creamer! I stalk their website…waiting for a new coupon! Anyway, here’s a new link for $1.00/1 Coffee-Mate Creamer that will go great with the upcoming Walgreens sale!

Go here
Click on “Send a Cup of Confidence”
Fill out your info and a short note of encouragement (to a Dress for Success client)
(I just wrote: You look great! You know it…they know it!)
You can then print your coupon.
Go back up to “Send a Cup of Confidence” and you will be able to print your coupon again!
(I then entered my husband’s name and email on our other computer and printed 2 more!)

There are also coupons available on their main site here.
Sign in or register to print $1.50/2 and $1.00/1 Qs

There’s also a $1.00/2 Q from here (Target logo)

Now that you have all the coupons…Walgreens has the 16oz liquid on sale next week – Buy 1 at $2.49, get 1 FREE!
Here’s what you do:
Buy (2) Coffee-Mate Creamers – $2.49 (for both)
Use (2) $1.00 Qs
Final cost is $0.25 each!! sweet!!

I am SO stocking up! Who’s with me?

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December 3, 201111:31 pm

This post could not be more correct!!!

Coupon Katarina

January 28, 201012:05 pm

Hello! Email me at couponkatarina@yahoo.com and we can "talk"!


January 28, 201008:27 am

Hi Katarinawho host your site?I looking for a place to host mine and don't know where to start?Jill


January 24, 201008:09 am

Thank you for the information. I'm new at couponing but I feel like I am doing pretty good. I love the Cinnamon vanilla also but I also get hazelnurt and French vanilla. I cant live without it. :) Jill

Coupon Katarina

January 23, 201010:15 am

Some of the coupons on Target.com are Target store coupons and some are manufacturer coupons. You won't know until you print them. But, the creamer is a mfr coupon with a Target logo. All stores SHOULD accept them as they WILL be reimbursed, but you might get a crabby cashier...just point out that it IS a mfr Q and you should be fine. Enjoy! My favorite is the cinnamon vanilla...what's yours?


January 23, 201010:00 am

are the target coupons only for target?Jill again :)


January 23, 201009:46 am

Love the Creamer, Thanks for the post!!