I was just browsing through some blog comments and one of them was, “WHAT STORES OFFER GIFT CARDS TO TRANSFER A PRESCRIPTION?”. I thought this would be a good reminder for all of us as a GREAT way to make easy money!

Here is a current list of printable coupons for prescription transfers, but many times you can find these same coupons within the ad itself. These all expire soon, but I will do my best to keep these updated with all of the current offers.

$10.00 Target Gift Card (sort by “pharmacy” on the left to access this quickly)

$10.00 Kmart Gift Card (exp 1/16)

$25.00 Rite Aid Gift Card (pdf) 

The only one of these I’ve used personally is the Rite Aid one. They actually allow you to transfer 2 prescriptions and earn $50.00!! You cannot use the gift card to pay for your prescription…just for your store purchases. I just used up the 2nd $25.00 gift card, so I will probably be heading out to Kmart next to get my $10.00!! Then, back to Rite-Aid of course!!

Do you know of any others? Please add it to the comments section!

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