Remember the Old Navy Deal I told you about yesterday where you get 20% cash back on all your Old Navy purchases through Ebates?? Well, here’s another great idea to make use of that awesome discount…buy gift cards!! If you have ANY plans to shop at Old Navy in the next year, what a great way to get 20% right off the bat! Here’s what you do:

Login or Register with Ebates
Search Old Navy…you will be linked to their site
Search “Gift Card” in the search field
Choose the amount and proceed to checkout
Ebates will add 20% of your purchase price to your account!

PLUS, if you’re new to ebates, you’ll get a $5.00 signing bonus!

Ebates sends you a check quarterly, no matter what your balance.

Fo example, if you purchase $100 gift card. You will get $20 back (plus, $5 for newbies). You then can use that gift card in conjunction with any sale, clearance or coupon codes to get SUPER SWEET DEALS!!

They are only offering 20% cash back thru Feb 4th, so hurry! (normally it’s 4%)

(thanks, Heather!)

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