UPDATE: After reading the comments (and the fine print), apparently the 20% off is not valid on sale prices (boo!). Sorry guys!! The Motrin is a sale price, so this would not be included. Not sure if the prices for the other items are sale prices or not. Thanks to the readers who took the time to check these out for us!!
Note to self: slow down…read the fine print.

Starting today and running through Saturday, you can take an extra 20% off Over The Counter Medications at Rite-Aid!!

Here are a few deals from this week that will be 20% sweeter!!

Motrin PM (20ct) – $2.99 = $2.00 SCR (limit 1) – now just $2.39
Use $1.00 Q from 1/3 RP or from here
Pay $1.99, get back $2.00 SCR
Final cost is FREE – now $0.61 profit!

Claritin (15-20ct) – $18.99 = $2.00 SCR (limit 1) – now $15.19!
Use $3.00 Q from here (20ct)
Pay $15.99, get back $2.00 SCR
Final cost is $13.99now $10.19!

Miralax Powder (30dose) – 2/$34.00 = $9.00 SCR (limit 1)- now 2/$27.20!
Use $5/$25.00 Q from
here or here
Plus, use (2) $4.00 Qs from 2/7 SS
Pay $21.00, get back $9.00 SCR
Final cost is $6.00 each – now $2.60 each!

Prilosec OTC (28ct) – $18.99 = $5.00 SCR (limit 1) – now $15.19!
Use $3.00 Q from 1/17 or 2/7 PG
Pay $15.99, get back $5.00 SCR
Final cost is $10.99now $7.19!

Prevacid 24hr (42ct) – $27.99now $22.39!
Use $5/$25 Rite Aid Q from here or here – Use $5/$20 Rite-Aid Video Values Bonus Q
Plus, use $2.00 in-ad Q
Plus, use $10.00 Q from Rite Aid Video Values
Plus, use $4.00 Q from here
Final cost is $6.99now $1.39 WOW!!

Go here to see ALL of this week’s coupon matchups!!

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February 18, 201009:15 pm

The email states that "$10 minimum purchase required."


February 18, 201005:38 pm

FYI - A number of these deals will not work. I did the Motrin today - but $2.99 is a sale price, so no extra discount. Alos, the Prevacid you cannot use the $10 VVQ with another MQ because the VVQ when printed is clearly a manufacturer's coupon (different from any other VVQ that I ever printed) and says it cannot be combined with any other coupon. It's still a great deal, but the price is $28.99 - 20%, then $5/20, $2 in-ad, and $10 mq.